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Amol Kolhe Biography, Wife, Speech, Age, Height, Caste, Photos

amol kolhe Marathi actor photo
Name Amol Kolhe : अमोल कोल्हे

Also Known as / Real Name Dr. Amol Kolhe / Dr Amol Kolhe

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 18th October 1980. As of 2024, he is around 44 years old.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Dr. Amol Kolhe first gained fame for playing the role of Raja Shiv Chhatrapati in the historical biopic show ‘Raja ShivChattrapati’ on Star Pravah channel.

Early Career and Education :

Born in Narayangaon, Amol shifted to Pune, after 8th Standard along with his brother. Apte Prashala was his school in Pune and he studied there till 12th Standard.

Later, he shifted to Mumbai to pursue Doctor (medicine) studies at GS College. It was in this period when he started acted in small nataks and met his mentor Subal Sarkar for the Natak Apurva.

Dr. Kohle lived in a hostel in his younger days and adores those days of his life. In his young life, he was great academically and secured a rank in Merit in both SSC and HSC examinations. He was also a Maharashtra Talent Search (MTS) and National Talent Search (NTS) Scholar. Later too, he had a distinction in each year of his University studies.

His height is around 5 feet 10 inches.

Life Outside Work :

Dr. Amol loves gymming and is well versed in horse-riding and biking since he was a teenager. The strong fitness and other skills helped him for the role of Raja Shiv Chatrapati and Shambhuraje.
Amol is a great orator along with great speech delivery. For many years, he was associated with the political party ShivSena, thus kickstarting his political career.

After many years of being associated with Shivsena, Dr. Kolhe joined Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) for the Lok Sabha elections of 2019. He won from the Shirur parliamentary seat.

Marital Status / Wedding & Marriage / Wife Married to Dr. Ashwini Kolhe. Ashwini is also a doctor & Assistant Professor. The couple also has a daughter Aadya Kolhe. Aadya Kolhe started work as a child artist in the serial Chatrapati Sambhaji. Other members of Amol’s family include his parents & an elder brother.

TV Serials & Shows Acted
  • Wonders of Maharashtra
  • Weekend Mejwani
  • Aamchi shakha Kuthehi nahi
  • Sanga uttar saanga – Host
  • Veer Shivaji – Hindi
  • Olakh
  • Ya Gojirwanya Gharat
  • Adhuri Ek Kahani
Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Rama Madhav (2014)
  • Are Avaaj Konacha (2013)
  • Rannbhoomi (2013)
  • Saheb (2012)
  • Raja Shivchattrapati (2012)
  • Raj Mata Jijau (2011)
  • Rangkarmi (2013)
  • On Duty 24 Taas
Natak / Plays Acted
  • Bhagwa – NrutNatya
  • Maha Natak Shivputra Shambhuraje
  • Proposal
  • Sattadhish
Most Memorable Role As Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Star Pravah Serial Raja Shiv Chhatrapati

38 thoughts on “Amol Kolhe Biography, Wife, Speech, Age, Height, Caste, Photos”

  1. Marathi mansala Garv vhava ashi Malika aahe Chatrapati Sambhaji Raje…aani tumhi tumchya kankhar banyane tyat Pran otlat…khupch sundar

  2. @kolhe_Amol
    Hello Amol Sir,
    Loksabha election sathi tumhala lakh lakh Shubhecha.
    Wagholi madhe ek sabha please ghya. Tumhala aiknyachi sandhi milel. Vote tar asehi amhi tumhalach karu pan pratyaksh tumhala baghun aamcha aanand dwigunit hoil.
    – Gokul Shirore

  3. Kuldeep Suryawanshi

    Amol sir aapan kharach khup mothe Kam karat aahat ya matitil lokana Chatrapati Sambhaji Raje mahiti Karun dilet
    Aapan shambhu raje yanchi ji vyaktirekha sakaralit ti pahun Aata MI sambhaji raje yanchya varil books vachayacha Chang bandhalay…..
    Aapanas vinanati konati books prefer karavit he Sangave…

  4. Mr. Shitalkumar J. Patil

    Amol Sir, though by profession you are Dr., really you are great actor. Literally you have engraved Chatrapati Sambhajiraje & his admirable great virtues & ethical practices on the hearts of all Maharashtrians. Personally I salute your devotion. All the best for all your future endevours.

  5. खुप सुंदर कोल्हेसर. मानाचा मुजरा तुम्हाला आणि तुमच्या कार्याला. हर हर महादेव.

  6. really, this serial gave much inspiration to us…before this we don’t know this much about sambhaji raje…Amol sir thaks a lot for this serial…Keep it up sir…

  7. Dear Amol Sir,

    I am fan of your acting and your TV serial
    “Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji”. I use to see on Internet daily basis without fail because I am not in India. Thanks for this wonderful creation which clarifies the doubts and wrong perception of people in our society.
    I would say its great inspiration and motivation for us.
    I would like to watch again this serial and also interested to read more on this topic of “Sambhaji Raje”, If you don’t mind request you please share the list of references on this please.

  8. Dr Giridhar Dhawle

    Dr Amol Kolhe sir Congratulation

    you have been doing grate job in Jaje sambhaji your acting give inspiration to all section of society and people look at real raje sambhaji and all success and credit goes to your handwork and painfull efforts. a tailant, scholar, medical professional taking this grate opportunity to perform very important role for maratha Grate king

  9. खूप छान सर. प्रेरणादायी काम आहे तुमचे really…

  10. Gopal Shesherao Surwase

    अमोल sir आता १ बातमी फिरत आहे काही समाजकंटक लोक आपली मालिका बंद पाडण्याचा प्रयत्न करत आहेत ही बातमी खरी आहे का? जर असे आसेल तर जीव गेला हरकत नाही. मावळा म्हणून आनंदाने मरण पत्करू पण मालिका बंद आजिबात खपणार नाही…sir आपले पाय धुऊन जरी पाणी पेले ना तरी आपले उपकार फिटणार नाहीत. माझ्याकडे पैसे तरी नाहीत पण जीव देऊ शकतो सर. पण मालिका बंद ह अजिबात विचार सुद्धा करू नका आजुन आमच्यात राजेंचे रक्त सळसळत आहे. आतातरी माझ्या राजेंचा खराखुरा इतिहास समोर येण्याची हीच वेळ आहे पण पुन्हा तेच…नका हो हा छळ करू नाहीतर आम्ही कधीही बघणार नाही. आजही आपण मोगल साम्राज्यात राहायचे का आम्ही काय समजावे. आजच्या कल्युगतील संभाजी आपणच आहात. तुम्ही तर सांगा हो खर काय ते please पाया पडतो. सर पण नका हो अस करू. लई काही बोलायचे आहे पण नको. आता येवढेच आपण खूप दूर दृष्टी चे आहेत. बास

    1. Kuldeep Suryawanshi

      Mi suravase saranchya vicharanshi purna sahamat aahe…..Amol sir aapan kharach khup mothe Kam karat aahat ya matitil lokana Chatrapati Sambhaji Raje mahiti Karun dilet…

  11. Ur personality exudes wiseness and sharpness. Honesty and sincerity is writ large on your face sir.God bless u

  12. We all know history of Shivaji Maharaj but Dr. Amol Kolhe has such an instrumental role in revealing the true history of Chatrapati Sambhaji Raje who is an unsung hero in the history of Maharashtra and deserves the same or even more respect.

    Hats off and a big thanks and salute to Dr. Amol Kolhe for his work

  13. Hello Sir, I am anjali. Mi tumchi serial roj pahte khup apratim bhumika karta tumhi. Shiwaji mharaj as naw ekal ki dolyan samor ekch chehra yeto dr. Amol sir kharach as watat hech shiwaji mharaj aahet ekdam perfect preson. Manacha mujra sir Tumchya yaa apratim bhumike sathi

  14. खुप शब्द लिहिणे कठिन आहे, कारण नाटक बघितले तुम्ही संभाजी राजाच्या भूमिकेत ज्या क्षणी औरंगजेब सोबत सम्भाषण करता अक्षरक्ष शम्भू राजे जिवंत आहे असे वाटते बघताना माझ्या डोळ्यात अश्रु आले

  15. बऱ्याच कमी लोकांना संभाजी महाराजाच्या उत्तम गुणांची कणखरपणा ची माहिती आहे. डॉक्टर अमोल कोल्हे यांनी संभाजी राजांच्या भूमिकेत जिवंतपणा आणून महाराष्ट्राला देशाच्या घडणीत महाराष्ट्राचा किती मोठा वाटा होता व मराठ्यांचे अवर्णनीय शौर्य दाखवले आहे. हॅट्स ऑफ टू डॉक्टर अमोल कोल्हे

  16. Dr. Amol Kolhe…sashtang…namaskar…Vinanti…vishesh…
    Mi…ek Marathi YUVA…Tejasvi Jadhav. Aaplya ” Shivchhatrapati” aani “Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji” ya bhoomikani aamchya kutumbiyanchi…sarvanchi Mane helavun taklit. Etkya apratim prakare tumhi…tumchi aitihasik bhoomika vathavata…ki vatate…sakshat Raje prakat jhalet.
    Mahatvache mhanje…parva 13 July, 2018 cha Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji episode pahun aamhi sarv bechain jhalo hoto. Toch what’s app la Prakash Mulik yani tumchyashi sadhlela dilkhulas audio aala. Hayase vatale. Karan Ramdas Swami navachya vyaktimage…mi aajparyant kahi positive aikale tar…te phakt Manache Shlok. Baki ase aikivat aahe ki…Thosar lagnamandapatun palun gelela palputa aahe mhane??? Baghu…mala tyavishayi shodh ghyaychay…tyache kahi turalak purave…uplabdh aahet.
    Aso, tumcha…P. Mulik yanchyashi jhalela samvad aamha marathyana santushti denara aahe. Aapan kelela gruhtyag ( vikri)…yaas manacha muajra…Aapnas kahi Marathyanchya itihasa…sambandhi shanka vicharen punha…pudhchya veli.
    Tumhi asech karyarat raha…Khara itihas ughad karnyacha…nava itihas tumhi ghadvatay. Aamchya shubhechha…thorlyanche aashirvad aani Bharbharun Prem sadaiv aaplya pathishi aahe…aani…rahil. Aapnas Pranam…manacha mujara…Jai Shivray!!!

  17. Pallavi Yogesh Deshmukh

    Namaskar Dr Amol Kolhe, aamchya drawing room madhe tumcha mottha poster aahe ” raja shiva Chhatrapati “” cha, tumhi khup rubabdar dista, aamchya sathi tumhich Shivaji maharaj.tumchi shambhu mahaRajanchi suddha bhumika aapratim zaliye “”shambhuraje ” madhe. Mi tumhala bhetun Abhinandan kela aahe tyacha. Keep up good work. We love you.

  18. Vijaya Shankar Kalase

    Hello, I am vijaya (Kadam ) Kalase. I like your acting in raja ch. Shivaji maharaja you know who I am. forget but you look nice

  19. Tumchyakde pahile ki aamhala sakshat chtrptinche smran hote…You are doing gr8 work keep it up…We appreciate your effort for this role jay shivray

  20. Mr. Amolsir,
    Bpan Pratek character uttam kele ahe. amchi icha ahe ki apan Gopal Ganesh agarkarancHi Bhoomika chan Karal asa vatat ahe.mala asa vatat ahe ki apan ya charactercha vichar jarur karal.

    Thanking you

  21. Nice move in theatre acts till today and Shivaji role well played in serial with good looks and many more

  22. sir kharach Mala abhiman ahe ki ya Maharashtrachya matit shiv chatrapati chya vicharacha manus ek mahan vyakti janmala ali
    me tumcha khup modha fan ahe Sir, I like it your great work nice sir mala tumhala ekda bhetnyachi ichha ahe sir tumhala bhelya bagar jar me ya jagatun nighun gelo tar me maze jivan asafal samjej I Meet you sir tace care jay shivray tumvhya karyala salam v yash yeo hich ishwar charni Prarthana karto aplach
    kulesh Jambutkar
    at post Sirli Tq Basmat Dist Hingoli

  23. Awale Shankar. Punjab

    Dr. Amol sheb jai hind. Mi Marathi military man Shankar awale sadhya punjab madhay ahe. Tumachi acting far sundar ahe. Khas karun raje Ch. Shivaji maharaj hi seral mala maja mulga prstamesh bayko Pratima yana far far aavadali. Jai Maharashtra. Jai hind.

  24. Dr Amol Kolhe tumchi acting n personality khup chan aahe tumch navin natak sambhaji raje khup chan aahe

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