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Nilesh Sable Wife, Profile, Mimicry, Biography, Age, Height

nilesh sable Chala Hawa Yeu Dya
Name Nilesh Sable | निलेश साबळे

Also Known as / Real Name Doctor (Dr.) Nilesh Sable

Date of Birth / Birthday / How old / Age 30th June 1986. As of 2024, he is around 38 years old.

Marital Status / Wedding & Marriage / Wife HIS WIFE NAME IS / MARRIED TO Gauri Sable.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Dr. Nilesh Sable is originally from Kolhapur but now lives in Mumbai. Having a solid education background as an MS Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, he kickstarted his career when he was awarded Zee Marathi’s ‘Maharashtracha Superstar’ in 2005.

Family :

His family included his father, who was an official working with the Maharashtra Education Department. So, Nilesh had to change a lot of schools in his childhood, as his father received work-related transfers.

Career : Profession, Salary and Net Worth

He worked in a few Marathi comedy serials like Maharashtrache Superstar, Fu Bai Fu, before finding fame and name with the hit talk show ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’ on Zee Marathi. In the show, he conducts interviews of famous Marathi personalities, promotes the latest Marathi nataks and movies, combined with small comic acts on this show.

He has an impeccable comedy sense and has excellent mimicry skills. His impersonation of Nikhil Wagle, the TV anchor, is hilarious. His height is around 5 feet 6 inches.

TV Serials & Shows Acted
  • Chala Hawa Yeu Dya – Director / Anchor / Host
  • Fu Bai Fu
  • Home Minister
  • Many Marathi Award Shows – Anchor
Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Navra Mazha Bhavra (2015)
  • Ek Mohar Abol
  • Buddhibal

71 thoughts on “Nilesh Sable Wife, Profile, Mimicry, Biography, Age, Height”

  1. Hii Nilesh Sable sir
    Mi apla khup fan ahe sir mala tumchi serial khup avadte sir tashi mala hi acting chi avad ahe sir Sagar Karande sir jase vivid abhinetyache avaj acting kartat Tase sir malahi vivid abhinetyache avaj acting karta yete
    So sir please mazyasathi yek roll asel tar please kalava sir please mihi manapasun acting Karen sir Sagar Karande sir yanchyasobat mihi acting Karen sir changli please
    Thanks, I waiting for your reply sir please mala yek sandhi milavi sir please

  2. Sir,

    Mi Tushar Jadhav apli serial mala khup avadte sir serial madil Sagar Karande sir acting must kartat sir tyanni nana patekar Amitabh Bachchan dada kondke
    Ramdas athavle yanche hubehub avaj kadtat te sarve avaj acting sir mihi karto sir mala please mazybacting baghun mala hi aplya serial made ghyavi please sir

  3. Laxman Teli Kodoli Tal,. Panhala Kolhapur

    Malahi Kavita lihaycha chand ahe, mi
    Majya kahi Kavita recorded sudhha ahet.
    Bhau Kadam chya varati pan Kavita likhit ahe.

  4. Laxman Teli Kodoli Tal,. Panhala Kolhapur

    Tumchi chala hava yeudya chi sampurn team chan kam karate, pan Shreya bugade chi over acting asate tila kahich jamat nahi tichya aivaji vishaka subedar yana ghya chan kam kartat

  5. Dhanaji G Ghorpade

    Saheb aapnas aamhi Jo email karato kivha patra pathavato te aapnas bhetathe kivha nahi te zar aapan aplya prg madhe aamchi nave bol la tar bar hoel. Manje amhala vatel Ki amchi patra aapna paryant pohchtat.

  6. Dhanaji G Ghorpade

    Very good anchor and comedian “vah Vah kya bath he” is very good line. I am Dhanaji G Ghorpade Ex Army from Satara but now shuttle Ahmedabad Gujarat. Work in western Railway.

  7. Chala hava yeu dya is overrated. They always need support of words like Chu…Gaa…To make people laugh. Their skits are too boring. Its just hindi actors need promotions in Maharashtra. Marathi commedy doesn’t need additions of vulgure and double meaning words. Movies of 90s were much better when Ashok saraf laxmiknt Berde never took support of vulgarity and cheap words. But sense of humour of Bhau Kadam and Nilesh himself is very very good. Bharat ganeshpure irritates.

  8. Shailesh Kisan Shirsath

    Hi…Dr. Nilesh Sir,
    my self Shailesh Shirsath my son was suffering from thalassemia Major…But now he is cured from thal.major after successful treatment of Bone Marrow Transplatation at CMC Vellore (Tamilnadu). Now we have formed VEDANT THALASSEMIA SOCIETY in Jalgaon (Maharashtra)
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  9. aprtimmmmmm ya plikde shabdch nahi…tumchya acting sathi dr. Nilesh sir…tumhi kontya college la kela dramatic complete

  10. तुमच्या मुळे हसायला शिकलो आम्ही…कौतुक जेवढ करु तेवढ कमीच आहे?? अस वाटत की रोज असावा हा शो?

  11. नमस्कार…
    Nilesh Sable sir…

    Sir, tumhi Doctor asun suddha…aplya kalagunana vav det kalakaar zalat…tumcha ya karyala sallamm…
    .tumcha z Marathi vril Chala Hava Yeu Dya ha karykarm…khup chan…asto…me nehmi bghto…tumcha saglya timch…abhinandan…
    mala ya gosticha abhiman vattoy ki tumhi KOLHAPURKAR ahat…because also I am from KOLHAPUR…jagat bharri amhi Kolhapuri…
    mg kadhi yetay Kolhapurla??

  12. Nilesh Sir,
    Namaste hame aapka Chala Hawa Yeu Dya programm bahut acha lagta hai.
    Insan dukh / pareshani bhulkar khilkhilakar hansta hai.
    Hum yeh janana chahte hai ki Solapur me yeh program kab hoga.
    Jaldi Solapur mein padhare, Apka tatha team ka swagat rahega.
    Program ki date TV per announce kare.
    Jayadidi. & Ravi

  13. Sir. Me Nehami chala hava yeou dya bagat asto. Mala hi sir tumchya show madhe kam karaycha ahe plz….ek chance dya sir…Sona karel me tyacha…Khop iccha ahe sir tumchya show madhe kam karaychi. Me Prakash satpute…9867462678…Mob no ahe. Sir…Plz give me one chance sir…plzzz.

    1. Rohit Ramchandra Kumbhar

      Hi Sir, I have seen all episodes. Your team is very funny. on that basis, I have a one point on which we can create an episode. The point is very interesting.

  14. Nilesh dada I have a story its very good I have finicial crises plz contact me n do some faver for me plZ

  15. Dear Nilesh Sir

    I am doing mimcary and acting but not getting chance to explore myself, pl support if you can test me. I had videos, pl share your email ID or what’sapp number.

  16. सर…२१ तारखेला धुळे येथे "चला हवा येऊ द्या" ची टिम येत असल्याचे समजले, कृपया कार्यक्रमस्थळी प्रवेशासाठी काय करावे लागेल

  17. Rajashri Prakash Kale

    Sir, my husband is doing comedy I know he is very good in comedy but there is no idea how to star his career in this field sir can you meet us plz…….In your show you introduce very much persons so can I get chance for my husband bharat…..Plz sir…..A warm request to you.
    Thank you sir.

  18. Sir,
    Aapla ” Chala Hawa Yeu Dya ” ha programm aamhi nehmich pahato. Ya show chya madhyamatun aapan je karya karata te apratimch.
    Pandharpur madhil Ek nawin film director ne Maharashtra madhye sadhya aasalya Bhishan Dushkala aadharit PAJAR ha picture tayar kela aahe. Ya madhye local kalakar aasun ha picture sudha Eilzabeth Ekadasi sarakha milestone picture hou sakto. Tevha aamhi aapnaas aashi vinati karto ki aaplya Chala Hawa Yeu Dya karyakaramachyaa madhyamae jantesi susawand karnyachi sandhi milavi. Ya sobat Divya Marathi 07.05.2016 chya newspaper madhil batmi jodat aahe.
    विश्वनाथ रोडे
    अनिल केगा
    Sir, pl consider our reques kindly & give opportunity in your programm
    Thanks & Regards
    Jagdish Jojare – 9028579217 Dipak Wadkar – 8625952882

  19. Sir, plz give me your phone no. We, are planning to invite you as chief guest for the Annual Function. Shevgaon English Medium School Shevgaon

  20. Nilesh dada mala tumchya sarv team la bhetauch aahe tumcha programme mala khup avdato me kadhich karykram chukvat nhi mala tumhala anibtumchya team la bhetaych ani me 20 jan 2016 la me khas tumchya temchya bhetisathi Mumbaitun yenar aahe mala entry milel na Shahuklela 9921057344

  21. Hawa tar aahech…..Chala Paus ieu dya……
    Dr. Nilesh…topmost Marathi anchor, actor, writer, etc.
    Congratulations to you and your entire team. Kankavlila ieun gelat, next time, Sawantwadila ieun chala.

  22. Nilesh Da Namaskar
    Mala Tumchi Siriyal Chala Hava yeu Dya Hi Khup Khup Aavadte
    Mazasathi KaHi Roll Asel Tar Nakki Sanga
    Mala Hi Acting Karayla Aavdte

  23. Sandhya Vilas Khare

    Nilesh mi tuza peksha 1 year ne mothi ahe mhanun are kare kartey mi sangmaner chi ahe plz tuzasobat ek selfi pahije …please

  24. I have urgent work with Dr Nilesh Sable.
    Kindly arrange.
    How to meet dr.
    my cell no. is 09822822906
    I am from Nashik
    Plz treat it urgent

  25. Hi…Nilesh sir
    Maine ek new Marathi movie ki story likhi hain. Story poor farmers and village par depend karti hain. ( story me maine farmers and family ke life me jo kuch problem aate hain vo real type halat dikhane ka prayas kiya hain) main ek new writer hu. aur aapse bohat kuch aasha karta hu mujhe kisika saport nahi hain.main chahta hu ke is story ki movie bane par me akela kuch nahi kar sakta? Aap ek baar meri story sun /dekh lijiye agar aap ki team se ya aapse mujhe koi help ho sakti hain toh plz mujhe help kijiye.mera no 7058124648

  26. Ek Sandesh khara navara mhanaje kay he sangnara plz kadhitari tumchya Chala Hava Yeu Dya madhye nakki vachun dakhava. 1)Ek mulagi fakt aplyasathi tich ghar, aai baba, tichi bhavand, tich angan sagal sodun yete yachi janiv asanara vyakti mhanaje navara.
    2)Jase maze aai baba tuze ahet tasech tuzehi aai baba maze ahet asa vishwas denara jodidar mhanaje navara.
    3)Tu mazi bayako asanyaadhi konachi tari mulgi, konachi bahin ani saglyat mahatwach ek swatantra stri ahes yachi janiv thevnara vyakti mhanaje navara.
    4) ya ayushyat maz pratyek swapn swatach samjun ptyachya purtatesathi ti nehmi sath detech pan ya saglyat baykoch hi kahi swapn asu shakat he samju shaknara to dildar mhanje navara.

    5)jast kahi nako ast tila dolyatal dukh vachu shaknara jodidar fakt hava asto he aplya krutitun dakhavnara to asto navara.
    6) kadhi naraj ti astana premane javal gheun "mi ahe na" asa vishwas denara priyakar mhanaje navara.
    7) baykola bayko peksha mulgi samjun adharachi khushi denara ashtpailu manus mhanaje navara.
    Strila navin ghari jatana saptpadi aste…mag ya varil 7 goshti navryane palayala kkahich harkat nahi. As mala vatat.
    Plz Nilesh sir mala khup avad ahe ase vichar lihaychi. Plz avadli tar nakki vacha. From-Mrs. Pooja s. Gavali. Kolhapur.

  27. Dinesh Laxman Pavade

    Dr. Nilesh Sable Saheb yana majha Namaskar,

    Mi Dinesh Laxman Pawade Mulgaon Muukam Post. Bota, Sangamner. Dist. Ahmednagar.
    Ata Mi Isha Netralay Kalyan yethe driver mhanun Karyarat ahe…TumHi Chala Hawa Yeu Dya serioul dware sarvanchya Vyatha Mandata Tyachpramne Driver Chya Sudha Vyatha Mandavi ToHi Ek Manus Ahe. Hi Vinanti.
    Majha Caontact No. 9819619484.

  28. Vishal Ramesh Jagtap

    Nilesh Da Namaskar
    Mala Tumchi Siriyal Chala Hava yeu Dya Hi Khup Khup Aavadte
    Mazasathi KaHi Roll Asel Tar Nakki Sanga
    Mala Hi Acting Karayla Aavdte

  29. Hi!

    This message is for Dr Nilesh Sable,

    Dr Nilesh Sable, you used to start your show ‘Chala Hawa Yevu Dya” with —- “Maharashtracha Avadata Karyakram – Chala Hawa Yevu Dya”.

    But let me suggest, this program is viewed & appreciated by Maharastriyan community lives in MP & other states of the country.
    So instead of using the above sentence please try to use – “Samagra MaratHi Bhashikancha avadata karyakram – Chala Hawa Yevu Dya”.

    A suggestion.

    Thanks & regards,
    Bhushan Bhopatkar

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