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Shweta Pendse Wiki, Age, Husband, Bio, Married, Family

shweta pendse
Name Shweta Pendse : श्वेता पेंडसे

Birthdate / Date of Birth / Age 8th September 1983. As of 2024, she is around 41 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Personal Profile :

Originally from Nagpur, Shweta Pendse’s education includes a degree in BioTechnology. She was also a teacher for some time before she started receiving acting offers.

Professional Life :

Shweta has acted in over 20 plays and close to 10 one-person plays, in a career span of close to 15 years. She has also received three silver medals by Ministry of Cultural Affairs for acting. Toh me Navech was her debut natak, where she acted along with Dilip Prabhavalkar. She has done a couple of TV shows including Asa Sasaar Surekh Bai (Role of Vibha) and Jayostute.

A trained Kathak dancer, she has performed in a performance with Anoop Jalotha as well. Additionally, she has also directed a few plays on her own such as Eka Pavsali Sandhyakal and Ekach Putra Havay. The play directed by Shveta called Majhiya Mana won 26 awards, including the Rajya Natya Spardha.

Her other hobbies include dashion Jewellery Design, wildlife photography, debating and anchoring as well. In 2016, she wrote a movie named Bardo & in 2018, she started a natak named ‘A Perfect Murder’.

TV Serials / Shows Acted Natak / Plays Acted
  • Toh me Navech
  • The other side of Midnight
  • Majhya Mana
  • Rupak
  • Majha Gharatil Mati
  • Tarpan
  • Aadhar kasa shodhava
  • Panchi Aise Aate Hain
  • A Perfect Murder
Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Jai Jai Kaar
Marital Status / Husband / Marriage / Boyfriend No confirmed information is available.

18 thoughts on “Shweta Pendse Wiki, Age, Husband, Bio, Married, Family”

  1. Prakash Devrao Maghade

    श्वेता मैडम मी झी स्टूडियोसाठी एक म्यूजिकल synopsis तयार केले आहे. मल्ला आपल्या मार्गदर्शनाची आवश्यकता आहे. कृपया मदत व्हावी. प्लीज
    पत्ता : मु. द्वारा, महालक्ष्मी झेराँक्स, गुरुनानक नगर, गोधनी रोड, उमरसरा
    ता. जी. यवतमाळ ४४५ ००१ (महाराष्ट्र)

  2. ॐ नमः कामाक्षी देवी श्वेता पेंडसे नारी मे वशं कुरू कुरू स्वाहा

  3. Hi Shweta, I am Post Graduate in commerce with experience in Finance industry and I am looking out for a spouse like you. I just can’t live without you and my last wish is I want to die in your lap. Please I want to convince you that I will keep you Happy ever. Even Bollywood Actress are nothing in front of you. I want to marry you and I would like to tell please quit television industry. Have faith in me I will earn money for you by Hard work.

  4. I love you Shweta Pendse. My Heart beats for you. I liked your villainous role in अस्सा सासर सुरेख बाई. Now my aunt is making Mahabharat where you are भानुमति and I am दुर्योधन.

  5. ॐ नमः कामाक्षी देवी श्वेता पेंडसे नारी में वशं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा। Ambareesh Kotian and Shweta Pendse is couples for 7 births.

  6. I want to marry Shweta Pendse can you please help me. She’s gorgeous and I want to be her child’s father We will settle abroad.

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