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Carolyn Gracie QVC, Wiki, Married Husband, Bio, Net worth, Age, Surgery

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Personal Information Summary
Name Carolyn Gracie
Date of Birth / Birthday / How old is Carolyn Gracie / Age / DOB As of 2022, she is around 63 years old. In a 2015 blog post which Carolyn had made right after her breast cancer battle, she had specified her age as 56.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner Married. See below for relationship details.
Did Carolyn Gracie have cancer? Yes. She had breast cancer and a double mastectomy for the treatment.
Children / No. of Kids 1
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Carolyn Gracie is an American radio announcer and TV host who has been working in the industry since the early 1980s. She is most popular as a presenter on QVC, one of the largest home shopping networks.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • When was Carolyn Gracie born? : Carolyn Gracie was born on September 20th, 1958, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to parents John (father) and Margaret Gracie (mother). She grew up in Carmel, Indiana.
  • She had five siblings: three sisters – Jennifer Bogut, Betsy Marant, and Suzanne Gracie- and two brothers, John Jr., and J. Matthew.
  • In 2007, Carolyn lost her younger brother Matt, who had cancer when he was 45. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor.
  • Following her graduation from high school, Carolyn attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, from 1976 to 1980. She achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication.
  • Currently, she resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Carolyn has several dogs, including Maisie and Monty. She also has a 21-year old cat and many other pets, including bunnies and birds. She calls herself a ‘menagerie minder’ and ‘zookeeper’.

Marriage and Children :

  • Carolyn got married to her husband Mike on June 25, 1988. They were dating since 1984, after first meeting at a radio station where they both used to work. She was a DJ & he was a producer. Mike also often uses the stage name ‘Eric Edwards’.
  • Naturewise, Carolyn and Mike are quite the opposite – he is shy and reserved, whereas she is social and gregarious.
  • Besides her work in voiceover and music production, Mike is also a Vietnam Air Force Veteran and a winner of the Bronze Star.
  • Through her marriage to Mike, Carolyn became the stepmother of Erin Hayworth. She is also a step-grandmother to Erin’s two sons, Cameron and Alex.
  • Alex studied at the Delaware Valley University, while Cam attended the Bishop Shanahan High School.

Carolyn Gracie Salary, Net worth and Career :

  • Following her graduation from college, Carolyn initially worked in the radio industry.
    She was a radio personality and announcer from 1981 to 2004, working in Los Angeles from 1986 to 2004.
  • When she moved to Los Angeles, she had worked for 18 years, doing both morning and afternoon drives at stations like KOST, KBIG, and K-LITE.
  • Carolyn’s past jobs include being a Program Director & Radio Announcer at “WXUS-FM” in Indiana. She has also worked at “WZPL” and “WNAP” networks as a drivetime DJ.
  • Since 1981, Carolyn has been a voiceover and voice imaging artist. In 1996, she became the co-owner and co-founder of Edwards/Gracie Voiceover, a voice imaging company working with radio, television, and film.
  • Carolyn joined QVC as a program host in January 2005 (QVC: “Quality Value Convenience” is an American broadcast television network specializing in televised home shopping).
  • Gracie has also presented ED on Air Collection (Ellen Degeneres’ product line) on QVC. She has also been invited to Ellen’s show and considers her a friend.
  • She regularly writes on QVC’s blog. Most of her posts are related to pet adoption, but occasionally about gardening, food, or clothes.

Interesting Facts and Trivia :

  • Since June 1997, Carolyn has been a docent for the Los Angeles Zoo.
  • Over the years, she has hosted numerous charity events like the “Los Angeles Leukemia Telethon.”
  • Carolyn is a staunch defender of animal rights and a big supporter of animal organizations, especially pet rescue ones. She spends a lot of her free time volunteering with animal rescues.
  • Some of the awards she has received are the “Women in Business Award” given by the California State Legislature because of her work as a broadcaster in pet rescue organizations and the “Wild Hearts Angel Award.”
  • Carolyn adores gardening. She enjoys playing golf but considers herself a constant student of the sport.
  • In 2009, Gracie was severely criticized for eating dog food on air. She was trying to prove that the dog food was like any other food people eat.
  • During a QVC segment in 2012, host Cassie Slane fainted live on air as she patted her chest and looked dizzy. Carolyn replaced Slane and finished the segment.
  • In 2015, Carolyn announced that she had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy, followed by reconstructive surgery. She told this after she had the surgery when she was in the recovery process. She managed to hide it even from her co-workers who found out about her health problem only when she told them she was going on sick leave to have the surgery.
  • In 2018, Carolyn had a medical issue that caused her heartbeat to race. She went to the doctor, and they quickly figured out what was wrong and fixed the problem.

Social Media Presence :

  • Carolyn has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Very popular on Facebook, where she has 125,000+ followers.
  • On Twitter & Instagram, she has more than 5000 followers. She uses them regularly and shares information mainly related to animals.

Health Update :

  • Carolyn Gracie Illness / Sick : In 2015, she was diagnosed with DCIS, an early-stage, noninvasive form of breast cancer.
  • She underwent a mastectomy on both breasts.
Body Figure / Physical Info

Carolyn Gracie Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Blonde. She refers to her hairstyle as “The Carolyn”. It is a shorter style with a very, very long top, so it does not have that traditional short look.
  • How tall / Height : No confirmed information available.
  • Carolyn Gracie Feet / Legs / Shoe Size : 6.5
  • Pregnant? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.
  • Carolyn Gracie Weight Loss : There were a few queries on Google regarding this. A few teleshopping forums have commented on her weight loss over the years. However, the Facebook post we could find was back in 2012, when Carolyn had shared her experience in detail.

Carolyn Gracie Weight Loss Gain

49 thoughts on “Carolyn Gracie QVC, Wiki, Married Husband, Bio, Net worth, Age, Surgery”

  1. Carolyn loves to tease Gary, but it comes off as hostile passive-aggressiveness. I love her smooth “radio” voice, but that squirrel schtick has got to go. I actually think she is sick of it herself but has sort of boxed herself into a corner with the whole routine, and, to save face has to double down on the routine.

    Many viewers will remember her on-air giving a raspberry (a Bronx cheer) to viewers who had the temerity to write and ask Carolyn to tone down the squirrels. She obviously was upset and took it out on them. Not a nice woman.

  2. I was always a size small until I quit smoking and immediately gained 20 pounds. I feel so negative about being 66 and overweight, but having a host like Carolyn who isn’t tiny but is clearly confident in her appearance, gives me hope. Like many others, I like her down-to-earth personality, which most of the QVC hosts don’t have.

  3. Carolyn,

    I think you are the greatest person for QVC. You know how to explain everything you do on the product. David Venable is next in line!!!

  4. Alberti seems to work better alone. Amy just steamrolls all over him. Rachel and Alberti are a much better fit together. I enjoy watching all of the hosts and think they all do a wonderful job. My favorite host is, however, Carolyn Gracie.

  5. As an actual former TV and print model and an on-air personality almost 50 years ago, it seems what I learned half a century ago still holds true. Unhappy, and perhaps jealous in some way people, are usually the ones who make nasty comments. Do you “ladies” want Carolyn’s job maybe? Are you size XXS with hairdressers and makeup people available whenever you want? Since you feel you have the right to criticize, could you please upload a current photo where these people who left nicer comments can view it? I have pulled a lot of punches with this epistle. But, I can only say how very sad it is that someone was probably unkind to you. Please don’t perpetuate that behavior.

  6. I have been a QVC customer since the 1990s.

    I purchase everything from them. They stand behind their products and have great items. Leah & Carolyn, Mary Ann & David are my favorites of the older crew.

    Alberti & Amy from the younger group both do a great job. They are fun to watch. Shawn is too much of a name-dropper social climber to be in the group. It’s a negative distraction from the show.

  7. Love watching Carolyn and Gary. Love Jayne and Pat, Leah, Alberti, and Amy. They’re great. Love David and Dan, as well. Been shopping at the Q since 2010. It started when we had a big snowstorm. One thing I will request for all vendors to perhaps incorporate bust darts in the tops for a more polished fit. Thanks much!

  8. I really think Carolyn is a sweet person with a personality to match. She is genuine and it shows through. Love watching you and Gary. Keep going strong and don’t ever change.

  9. I love Tuesday mornings. I get up early to watch Carolyn and Gary on Denim and Co. They both work well together. Gary reminds me of my brother-in-law whose name is Gary also. You guys simply rock!

  10. Agree…and every other word is uh, so uh so. I’m embarrassed for her…tight clothes. She insists on stuffing herself into a size clothing way too small and it looks terrible.

  11. I love Carolyn Gracie…she is a very good host.

    Love it when she hosts very kind and understanding to the callers that phone in. Definitely not a phony like so many are. Some of you people are so mean and rude if you don’t have something nice to say don’t do anything at all. There’s enough meanness in this world.

  12. Carolyn Gracie is the “BEST”…down to earth and honest. Some of the hosts are so ridiculous and full of themselves, that I won’t buy what they are selling. Give us more hosts like Carolyn!

  13. Kirsten Lindquist: stop the stealing of products
    While on-air and all the time. Your house is an absolute
    Disaster as are the habits and disgusting Poe’s of
    You and the children unruly, but you know that is
    Because mama is too busy being s*xy whatever.
    You don’t have it, girl. You just don’t have it.
    Your dog has been treated with abuse how sad it is
    Obvious and very sad.

  14. I enjoy Carolyn but the most obnoxious host ever is Rachel Boesing. That person is loud, abrupt, no manners, and very insecure.

    Another is Shawn. Wow! She appears to be high and drunk most times on TV, but so does Courtney k. Another whatever, young, foolish gal, who needs to get sober. So many people comment on the caliber of these hosts but please Respect Carolyn she has quality.

    Thank you.

  15. Carolyn is an exceptional host. It would be great if she could open her mind to a whole new hairdo. She needs an uplifting style as that hair is like a helmet on her head, coming completely downward as all the bulk at the crown is so heavy.

    Wonder why a stylist on the show van guides her into a nice new uplifting hairdo. It is just not attractive it squashes her face and covers up more than half to get a new hairstyle!!! Less bulk on top! How does she stand it?

  16. I so enjoy Carolyn & Gary. I’m 87 & I don’t buy a lot of things, but I enjoy keeping up with what is going on in clothing. I enjoy watching the other hosts also. I especially love to watch Alberti, Jayne & Pat.

  17. my favorites are Carolyn and Leah. David Venable is great too, they have such great personalities and explain everything well so you know if the product is for you. They are so honest as well

    1. I refuse to watch her!. She comes off as snobbish and makes constant references about her large property. A couple of years ago she made a denigrating comment about people who have chain-link fences while she was presenting a faux ivy attachment for fences.

  18. Carolyn is one of my favorite host at the Q!!! Others include Leah, Gabrielle, Amy, Jayne, Pat, David, Rachel, Jane and Rick. Loved Jill also. I miss her so much. Keep up the good work Carolyn. Love you

  19. I love Carolyn Gracie!!! She is so genuine and sweet. She explains items presented thoroughly. She is interesting and lovable. She seems to have a great love for people and animals. Love her tips on gardening! Carolyn is one of my favorite QVC host, Others include Leah, Gabrielle, Amy, Jayne, Pat, David, Rachel, Jane and Rick. Jill was also one o my favorites. Miss her.

  20. Carolyn luv u. We’re in a sister hood of breast cancer survivors.2015 was both of our findings. Here’s to good health!

  21. I so look forward to Tuesday’s when Gary and Carolyn host Denim & Co. No matter what’s going on in my life, I can count on having a relaxing hour with them. Love you both. Keep up the good work. Sandee

  22. I just love Carolyn. She does such a great job explaining everything we want or need to know about the products she is showing. I am sorry, but I totally disagree with Doris. I love it when she shares her life with us!! Wish others did the same.

  23. I have been watching Carolyn! Carolyn is an excellent host very sincere and friendly! So she talks about her belongings, there’s no harm being done, I believe she just feels comfortable with her viewers and tries to connect on a personal level! Keep up the good job Carolyn and denim company has really flourished under your hostessness!

  24. I just love Carolyn Gracie, she started me on Denim and Co. The only time I buy Denim and Co is when it is the Garolyn show, no other host will due for me. The two of them just make my day, I look forward to them on Tuesday’s. I hope Gary and Carolyn read this, you are the best team and probably sell the most. Keep the humor

  25. I love tuning in to all of Carolyn’s episodes. She is professional, comfortable, and realistic. And her new hairdo (March 2018) rocks!

  26. A great host on QVC. Watching your show with Mr. Beams motion sensor spotlights…I had the same problem with my outdoor coach lights on my garage going out every few weeks—until I replaced the candleabra bulbs with LED lights. I have not had an issue for 5 months with my New replacement. Thought you might enjoy giving your lights a try with LEDs…

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