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Rachel Rollar Age, Wiki, Wedding, Married Husband, Newsmax Net Worth

Rachel Rollar photos
Personal Details Summary
Name Rachel Rollar
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Dating / Boyfriend Married. See below for more details.
Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB November 16, 1989. As of 2021, she is around 32 years old.
Is Rachel Rollar Married? Yes
Children / No. of Kids
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Biography Profile / Wikipedia Background

Introduction :

  • Rachel Rollar is a reporter, news anchor, and journalist who works for NBC in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Dedicated to her career, Rachel puts all of her efforts into ensuring that she delivers the very best stories to her viewers every single day.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Rollar was born in South Florida & spent most of her early years living there. She is not very vocal about her background and earlier days but has spoken about how her parents would not allow their children to watch local or international news because they felt it was filled with nothing but depressing and negative stories.
  • She is married to a man named Jonathan Stevens, who is a professional chiropractor. Dr. Stevens is also an expert on topics related to nutrition, fitness, and wellness. He is also the founder and current owner of a Charlotte-based health center, HealthMax Center. In addition to being a fitness guru, Dr. Jonathan Stevens is an up-and-coming entrepreneur.
  • Jonathan regularly posts pictures of Rachel, celebrating her achievements & praising her for being such a talented and hard-working journalist and reporter.
  • Rachel also shared a post in 2016, asking for wedding photographers on her Facebook page. They even shared a photo where Jonathan is seen to be kissing Rachel, while she is in a wedding dress.
  • In Feb 2021, Rollar announced that she is pregnant on Twitter. She mentioned that ‘Baby Stevens’ is arriving soon.
  • Education : Rollar attended Florida State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications.

Job, Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Despite growing up in a household where watching news was not actively encouraged, Rollar knew she wanted to pursue a career in the media and news industry and was determined to have fun and cheer people up while doing so.
  • She began her career working for the Seminole Productions team as a news anchor & reporter. She worked in Tallahassee, Florida, for six months from August 2011 to January 2012.
  • Rollar then moved to Tyler, Texas, where she was an anchor and mass media journalist for the KETK NBC news station for eight months. She eventually moved from the station in January 2013 and went on to work with KYLE 28, KMSS, KWKT, and KFXK, which are all part of the Fox News franchise.
  • After over two years working in Texas, Rollar finally settled in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she currently works as a news anchor and reporter for the NBC Charlotte team. When she first joined the team, she immediately got to work covering major national news that included the deadly shooting in Charleston and the shark attacks on the North Carolina coast.
  • Her career has seen her cover many local and international bulletins and over the past few years, she has managed to grow her fan base with many people recognizing her when she is not on TV.

Trivia & Interesting Facts :

  • Rollar is the owner of an adorable dog named Mr. Caldwell.
  • When she is not working, Rachel loves to run outside, do some yoga, and visit local cafes and coffee shops to fuel up before heading to work.
  • She has mentioned that she is not the biggest fan of running on treadmills.
Body & Other Vital Info

Rachel Rollar Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Blonde
  • How tall / Height : No confirmed information available.
  • Feet / Legs / Boots / Shoe Size : No confirmed information available.
  • Pregnant ? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

30 thoughts on “Rachel Rollar Age, Wiki, Wedding, Married Husband, Newsmax Net Worth”

  1. Elizabeth Hedrick

    I love Rachael and she is a wonderful news anchor. I know she will be a wonderful mother. So beautiful and always smiling..

  2. Please come to your senses Rachel and leave the NewsMax channel. Probably the most attractive anchor I’ve seen lately, and way too intelligent to report bogus drivel

      1. I am a big fan. I understand why you want to stay home with family but in my humble opinion, you should stay on one day a week to keep your foot in the door at Newsmax. Just a thought.

        God bless,
        Merry Christmas.

      2. Bogus drivel?! Brad Taylor, don’t tell us that you are still under the spell of CNN, MSNBC, and the other alphabet soup networks!

      3. Rachel is a sweet person. I don’t know her personally, but I would like to be her friend because she seems to me that she would be a great friend. She just has a friendly face, and I am sure her friends say she is just that…a true friend! She will be a great mother to her baby girl, and I can’t wait to see a pic of her newborn baby. Good luck Rachel…hope you have an easy delivery

    1. Rachel Rollar is a blessing to all! I love starting my day watching Rob and her on NewsMax in the morning. They are both the best at their jobs! I am extremely impressed with this team!

      1. The extremely beautiful Rachel Roller, (Wake up America) and Emma Rechenberg, (National Report) both are a joy to watch in the mornings on NewsMax sharing platforms with Rob Finnerty and Shaun Kraisman, they all bring the Truth among lots, of fake news which unfortunately is 90%, or more of the viewing platforms offered to spread twisted lies and hurtful rude commentary, to viewers in America!

        God Bless you Emma, Rachel, Rob, and Shaun for always reporting news with facts and bringing the truth to Americans!

    2. Rachel Rollar is a real asset to Newsmax !

      Personality, Brains, and Beauty for sure!

      She’s definitely a “Keeper”!

      1. That’s the problem with a lot of news people. Their hands go waving all over and it takes away from the conversation.

    3. Mary Ellen Walsh

      I really like her, but think she uses her hands way too much, and she doesn’t seem relaxed. My favorite co-host on Newsmax is Lindsay Keith. And I love, love, love Newsmax.

        1. After seeing her in Charlotte, N.C. Watching on NewsMax makes us feel at home. We love NewsMax finally the Truth.

          Thank You, Rachel.

        2. I know you are on maternity leave but I still miss you, Rachel! Any way hope how soon you RETRUN to Newsmax because you not being there it doesn’t seem the same without you.

          Hope you come back soon. I am sure your Newsmax family misses you too just like your Newsmax audience. Congrats on the new baby and hope to see you back soon

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