Name Zora Asberry

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • Zora Asberry is an American news reporter & journalist whose career spans across both television and radio. Currently, she is based in Texas.

Personal & Family Background :

  • Ethel Zora Asberry was born in Austin, Texas and has seven siblings.
  • Her mother is Argentinian, growing up in Buenos Aires, and her father is from San Diego, USA.
  • However, Asberry considers herself to be a native Texan.

Early Life & Education :

  • Asberry went to Austin Community College, from which she graduated in 2009.
  • She then attended The University of Texas at San Antonio, where she received a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in technical communications and attaining a minor in business administration.
  • Zora graduated in 2014. At university, she also worked for The Paisano, an independent student newspaper where she gained her first experiences as a writer and editor.
  • During her studies she worked as an intern at Meals on Wheels, where she worked on their hour-long LIVE feed which they perform each year on Thanksgiving.
  • She also did an internship at Fox, where she gained TV experience before beginning her career in broadcasting.

Job, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Throughout her career in broadcasting and media, Zora has held almost every position possible on a newsroom broadcasting set. From being a photographer to a news anchor, she’s done it! She has also reported on a variety of topics, from weather to traffic to breaking news.
  • Asberry’s first job in broadcasting came in 2014, at KWES-TV, where she was a general assignments reporter=;
  • In 2015, she secured the position as news anchor at NewsWest9, in Odessa, Texas. At NewsWest9 she was an anchor & co-producer of their morning news show, Sunrise.
  • Zora has also reported across various radio stations across West Texas for the media company Townsquare Media.
  • In 2017, she signed on with LOPED modeling agency, where she hopes to inspire women, who do not fit modeling standards, to feel beautiful. She is currently working on her brand as a public figure and online influencer.
  • Her current position is at News4 San Antonio, where she works as a traffic reporter.

Trivia, Height & Fun Facts :

  • Asberry is a big Beyoncé fan, singing her songs, going to her concerts and dressing up as the pop star every Halloween. However, her love for music does not stop there. She sings herself, and even landed the opportunity of singing the National Anthem at the San Antonio Raceway.
  • A self-proclaimed foodie, Zora loves to travel and also writes a blog where she writes about her professional challenges as a reporter along with more personal stories stemming from her daily life.
  • One of her heroes is Martin Luther King.
  • In 2019, she ran for ‘Women of the Year’, as a bid to raise money for those suffering with blood cancer.
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