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Gamble Breaux Age【 Wiki Bio 】Net Worth, Husband, Surgery

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Name Gamble Breaux

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Boyfriend Married. See below for more details.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • Gamble Breaux is an Australian singer/songwriter, entrepreneur and reality television star.
  • She is most commonly known for her role on the Real Housewives of Melbourne (RHOM), which she joined in its second season.

Family Background & Married Life :

  • Gamble was born in Sydney on September 28, 1971. She has lived in different countries throughout her life but spent most of her childhood in Sydney – including school holidays in Palm Beach with her paternal grandparents, Albert and Gladys.
  • The fine arts have always been a part of Gamble’s life. Her father is artist Barry Donohoo (deceased) who is best known for his statue of Duke Kahanamoku – the Hawaiian surfer who introduced the sport to Australia. Her mother, Jeniffer Anne Gibbens, had an eclectic record collection that Gamble attributes to her own love of music.
  • She has two siblings: brother, Trent; and sister Vanaye, who goes by her middle name, Tempest.
  • In 2016, Gamble married Rick Wolfe – a highly respected eye surgeon in Melbourne. Rick has three children from previous marriages, one of whom (Luke) lives with the couple on the Mornington Peninsula.
  • Although she has no biological children, she has two Pomeranian “fur babies” named Cash and Wicket.

Early Life and Education :

  • Before the age of 20, Gamble was signed to Warner Chapel Music as a singer/songwriter but had to step away from music after suffering from otosclerosis.
  • She attended the Victorian College of Arts Secondary school.
  • Later, considering a career in real estate, Gamble received her license from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria in 2014.

Job, Salary & Net Worth :

  • After much encouragement from her husband, Gamble relaunched her music career in 2017. She secretly took singing lessons with the former lead of Taxiride, Jason Singh, who also wrote her single “My Time.” She debuted the song in a private performance for her husband on their anniversary.
  • Staying true to her artistic roots, she launched the Seaside Collection in 2016, featuring soy candles, handbags, jewelry, women’s clothing, and a product called Stick-It-Glue which is used to stick dresses to skin.
  • Along with her dad’s widow, Lesley McCusker, Breaux has begun cataloging some of her father’s art from their private family collection. Some pieces have been put up for sale on her website and range in price from the hundreds to the thousands.
  • Previously, she has worked as a model; an art collector and consultant for the Charles Billich Gallery; a handbag designer under the name iGambol; and a columnist, and manager of sales and marketing at Arrives + Departures magazine (no longer in print).

Fun Facts, Height & Interesting Trivia :

  • Although she says her favorite drink is an espresso martini, Gamble has been spotted on several occasions drinking Corona.
  • She met her husband on the website eHarmony after claiming to be a doctor on her profile.
  • Gamble is an accredited minister of the Universal Life Church. Before same-sex marriage was legalized in Australia, she officiated a friend’s commitment ceremony at the Diversity Expo in Melbourne.
  • Wicket (Gamble’s dog) is named after an ewok in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • Keen about politics, she regularly attends Australian budget announcements.
Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2020, she is around 37-38 years old.

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