Name Tiger Lily Hutchence

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1996. As of early 2020, she is around 23 years old.

Bio Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • Tiger Lily Hutchence, a thin young woman with short, dark hair and even darker eyes, is a model and actress living in New York City.

  • Hutchence, whose full name is Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof, is the daughter of glamorous parents – Australian rock legend Michael Hutchence and TV personality Paula Yates.

Tiger’s Parents : A Sad End

Father :

  • Tiger’s father, Michael Hutchence, was an Australian musician that had founded the rock band INXS. The band was among the first rock groups to come out of Australia and become international. Michael died in 1997, hanging in a hotel room.
  • A devoted father, he hated being away from his daughter even for just a day. In his will, he left some money to various charities, half of his estate to his siblings and family members & the other half to his daughter, who will receive it at age 18, 21, and 25.

Mother :

  • Her mother, Paula Yates, was a TV host from the UK, and was known best for The Tube, a music show; and The Big Breakfast, a morning lifestyle show.
  • She was also the author of several books and was a journalist who focused on music.
  • Before she began dating Hutchence, Yates was married to Irish musician Bob Geldof.
  • Just three years after Michael’s death, Yates also died in 2000 from a heroin overdose.

Personal Life, Parents, Relationships & Siblings :

  • Tiger’s parents first met each other when Yates interviewed Michael in 1985 on The Tube.
  • Shortly afterward, Yates pursued Michael, and the two began having an affair.
  • Yates left Geldof in 1995, and divorced him in 1996.
  • She was then born on July 22, 1996, just a year before her father would be found dead.

Siblings :

  • Tiger has several siblings, all older than her.
  • From Yates, she has eldest daughter Fifi Tixibelle Geldof, born 1983; Peaches Geldof, born 1986; and Pixie Geldof, born 1990.
  • Peaches died of a heroin overdose in 2014. Knowing how drugs and fame affected her sister and mother, Fifi became very protective of Tiger, and worked hard to allow her sister to grow up out of the spotlight.

Adoption :

  • Bob Geldof, Yates’s ex-husband, knew of her affair with Michael. Both men hated each other, and neither one wanted each other’s children around each other.
  • After Michael’s death, however, Yates fell even more heavily into drugs, and Geldof sued for full custody of his three biological children. After winning, he began the fight for custody of Tiger.
  • The toddler was eventually found beside her dead mother when Yates overdosed, and brought to Geldof immediately. He was granted custody so that she could grow up beside her siblings.

Current Life :

  • Now in her early twenties, Tiger is just beginning to live apart from her sheltered life under her adoptive father’s rules.
  • Her most recent acting job has been in The Rise of the Krays, where she played Nancy.
  • Tiger is currently attending an undisclosed acting school in New York.
  • She has also done some photoshoots for the House of Khadi store.
  • In Sep 2015, in a rare public appearance, she was spotted at a beach in South of France, enjoying & frolicking in the sea.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Boyfriend Currently Not Married.