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Annie Brosterhous Age, Basketball, Wikipedia【 Léa & Arsène Wenger 】

arsène wenger annie brosterhous
Name Annie Brosterhous

Husband / Wedding & Marriage / Boyfriend / Dating Was married. Her husband was Arsenal’s football Manager Arsene Wenger

Wikipedia Biografía / Biography Wiki

Introduction :

Annie Brosterhous is a former Olympic athlete who is best known for her marriage to football manager Arsene Wenger.

Annie Brosterhous Basketball & First Marriage :

  • Annie was born in France & showed an interest in sport from a young age.
  • Her family pushed her into basketball, and she began competing nationally for it in her teen years.
  • She went on to compete in the French Olympic team for basketball, and although she was a firm fan favourite, she did not receive any medals.
  • During her time at the Olympics, she met her first husband, George Brosterhous.
  • George was a naturalised-French American and also a basketball star like herself. They became the glamorous couple in the French basketball scene.
  • They reportedly had two children together.
  • Aside from her Olympic career, she has also worked as a Physical Education teacher for various French primary schools.
  • She has said that she loves to share her passion for sport with children and encourage them to live active lives.

Annie Brosterhous Léa Wenger Marriage & Kids :

  • Annie began dating Arsene Wenger in the mid-’90s, who was by then well-known throughout the European football community for his management roles.
  • The relationship began long-distance, with her living in Monaco at the time & him living in London. However, the two fell passionately in love & committed to making it work.
  • In 1997, their daughter Lea Wenger was born & it was at that point they committed to living together in Totteridge, London.
  • At the time, she was asked whether she wanted to marry him & she replied that marriage was not necessary for what they had.
  • In 2010, at what was reportedly the request of their daughter, the two finally married after almost two decades of dating.
  • It was a small, private ceremony, and Annie opted to keep her maiden name ‘Brosterhous.’

Infidelity Claims & Divorce :

  • It was widely reported that her husband had begun romantically pursuing the French rapper Sonia Tatar shortly after the 2010 wedding.
  • Tatar told the media that she was not a ‘good time girl’ & that Wenger had told her the two would marry once he could divorce Brosterhous.
  • The affair reportedly went on for two years.
  • Brosterhous is notorious for maintaining a private life. When she did not comment on the infidelity rumours, it was suggested she was just maintaining her privacy as she had done previously.
  • However, her husband made an announcement stating that he would like everyone to respect their privacy as they dealt with the matter themselves.
  • In 2015, it was announced that after five years of marriage and over two decades together, Brosterhous would be divorcing the former Arsenal manager.
  • As of 2017, she has declined to speak publicly on the matter.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information available on her birth year or the date she was born.

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