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Janna Ryan Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wedding, Paul Ryan Wife

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Name Janna Ryan

Date of Birth / Birthday / How old / Age / DOB Born in 1969. As of 2021, she is around 52 years old.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse Married to US Congressman Paul Ryan. See below for more details.

Wikipedia Information / Biography Profile

Introduction :

Janna Little Ryan is a housewife who became well-known due to her husband Paul Ryan being the speaker of the US House of Representatives. She could have become the USA’s second lady if Mitt Romney had won the 2012 US presidential elections. Her name before marriage was Janna Little.

Personal Life : Parents, Family & Education

  • Janna Christine Little was born in 1969 in a political family. She grew up in Madill in central Oklahoma.
  • As a child, she had a lot of friends. She even sang in the church choir and enjoyed reading. She loved animals, which resulted in her joining the 4-H Club.
  • Her father, Dan Little, came from a prominent family in Oklahoma,
  • Her mother, Prudence Mae Little, died from cancer in 2010. She was left with $1 – $5 million as inheritance.
  • Janna Ryan has two sisters Dana and Molly, both of whom have already started their own families.
  • Dana Jackson is closer to Janna and even helps Ryan on public affairs. For instance, she assisted in keeping Romney’s choice of Ryan a secret. It was she who stated, “She’s (Janna) going to bloom where she’s planted.”
  • Education : Janna followed in her mother’s footsteps and went to a prestigious women’s college at Wellesley in Massachusetts.
  • She eventually became a lawyer after graduating from George Washington University. Studying at college, she was a congressional aide on Capitol Hill.
  • Before marriage, she used to live in Washington. In 2000, she moved to Janesville to start a family.

Relationships & Paul Ryan Marriage :

  • Janna Ryan (maiden name Janna Christine Little) got married to Paul Davis Ryan in December 2000.
  • Ryan is 1 year younger than Janna.
  • Janna Ryan is a happy mom of three children Elizabeth born on February 2, 2002; Charles, born in 2003 and Samuel born on November 26, 2004.

Career : Job, Salary & Net Worth

  • After graduating from George Washington University, she continued her legal career in Washington. She represented some of the biggest names, mostly in the pharmaceutical, gas, and oil industries.
  • For almost ten years, Janna was a successful Washington tax attorney and lobbyist by the time she was 30 (when she met Paul).
  • She gave up her great job for first becoming a housewife & later a stay-at-home mother.

Interesting Facts :

  • The Ryans have a big extended family that supports them.
  • Janna likes living in Janesville and taking care of the kids.
  • She keeps away from giving too many interviews and doesn’t seem to show active interest in politics.
  • Some of Paul Ryan’s biggest political views were replacing Obamacare and Planned Parent Hood.
  • She had a chance to become a second lady when Romney had chosen Ryan for his vice-president in 2012 Presidential campaign.

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