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Karen Straughan Wiki 2024, Age, Books, Wikipedia Bio, Husband Married

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Name Karen Straughan

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1971. As of 2024, she is around 53 years old.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner / Boyfriend Was married, but later separated. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Karen Straughan is a Canadian spokesperson for Men’s Rights and was a cast member of the controversial film The Red Pill.

Education, Parents and Family :

  • Karen was born in an Edmonton hospital, but grew up in Sherwood Park, just outside of Edmonton. She lived there until the age of 19.
  • Born into the family as the 3rd child, she is the youngest. She two older sisters and no brothers.
  • Her views on feminism were primarily shaped by the respectful and equitable, team-oriented relationship between her parents, and between her maternal grandparents.
  • She has three children (2 sons & 1 daughter) from a previous marriage.
  • In 2017, she confirmed that she is dating a new man that she describes as a big, burly, lumberjack fellow. She and her children moved in with him in Edmonton, into the house that he grew up in.
  • She also worked as a waitress in the past, which she states is more to counteract her introverted nature and force her out of the house than it is for financial gain.

Social Media Presence : YouTube & Feminism

  • In 2011, Karen created her YouTube channel What Girls Write & has used it to post her views of feminism.
  • One of her more prominent beliefs is that the feminist idea of ‘victim-blaming’ in assault cases, is outrageous and wrong.
  • Feminists believe that doing things to protect oneself, such as not walking alone at night or taking a self-defense class, is ‘victim-blaming’ and girls should not have to do things like that to protect themselves. Karen argues that doing those things is common sense, and she would give the same advice to men as well.
  • Currently, she has over 210,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, and her videos have received close to 20 million views. However, she has not posted a video after October 2019.
  • Some of her more popular video titles include “Feminism & The Disposable Man” & “Look Out! It’s a Nice Guy! Destroy Him!.”
  • Karen Straughan 2020 Update : Karen mentioned that she had a crazy 2019 and 2020 as a result of which she got a bit burnt out. She also added that she doesn’t have anything new to preach to the choir, so she has been discussing her subjects to new audiences on various US-based talk radio shows. Her final aim is to change minds who’ve never been exposed to this information.

Karen Straughan Red Pill :

  • In late 2014, she became involved in the project The Red Pill. Karen was featured in it doing an interview.
  • The Red Pill is a documentary film that follows a skeptical feminist, who investigates feminism and comes to believe it is more of a hate movement in the modern age.
  • The film was initially supposed to be released in March of 2016, but this was moved back to May 2016 due to public outcry. It was then banned from most cinemas in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.
  • Karen has publicly condemned those who have banned it, saying that it’s the work of a few select feminists running the countries who are afraid of being challenged on their way of thinking.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • When Karen dissolved the marriage with her ex, the court didn’t let her treat him as fairly as she would have liked. She wanted to formally waive off child support, but no judge would agree to that.

9 thoughts on “Karen Straughan Wiki 2024, Age, Books, Wikipedia Bio, Husband Married”

  1. “I’m not like other girls” in overdrive. What a faker. The self-hatred is strong with this one. Watching the Netflix special Karen comes across as a terrible, hateful person who blames women. What a sad, pathetic little person who can only get attention by blaming women. How delusional. She takes no responsibility for the hatred she encourages. She doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand what she is doing. She only serves to intentionally insult women and reduce them to body parts. Self-hatred served up to get internet clicks.

  2. Melody Hart-Shaughnessy Hart-Shaughnessy

    I have been a Karen Straughan “Girl Writes What” fan for long time. I also love the Red Pill Documentary and the likes of similar “men’s rights” men/women advocates, am now focused on the Honey Badgers’ perspectives on the whole gender-trauma drama in which we are collectively engaged. Many thanks, Karen for your exemplary contribution to the whole gender reconciliation alternative to the icky-sticky gender-status quo.

  3. I’ve been a Jordan fan for months and had not heard if this MGTOW thing until three days ago, and now am flooded with girls defending our corner. I still cling on as editor of the Hong Kong Shipping Gazette at the age of 74, where I despise the people – mostly girls who have no interest in what they are doing – though I love the work. Shipping is such an adventure from the South China Seas. I started with the Montreal Gazette in 1968 and I have travelled the world since, though I love Hong Kong. I loved your remark about not meeting in the middle, Quite right justice does not reside at the mid point of two opposing side. Outside of Ireland, my first name Christy is a female name and I have often mistaken for one and know first hand how differently men and women are treated. Looks like I am running out of space. Anyway, must return to work,

  4. She was born in 1983, and as of 2018, is in her “mid forties”?…Calculator needed perhaps? Ha…Otherwise, quite interesting, Thank you. I just watched The Red Pill, and have seen some of her YouTube stuff. I’m impressed.

  5. I would love to get in touch with Karen too learn more about being a honey badger and what her beliefs are.

  6. I would like to get Karen’s email address so she could hook me up with a good group or groups in my area to join for men’s rights. I felt so alone until I found her on YouTube and she has been a very instrumental person in helping me to heal and have some measure of hope again.

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