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Candace Owens Wikipedia, Husband, Age, Birthday【 Conservative Bio 】

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Name Candace Owens

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1989. As of 2023, she is around 34 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Candace Owens, a young African-American blogger, and YouTuber has garnered a great deal of fame for publicizing her support of the Republican Party. Growing up in Connecticut, Candace attended the Stamford High School.

Democratic Support :

  • Up until 2016, Owens had been an avid supporter of the Democratic party.
  • In its most basic form, the Democratic party promotes liberal values.
  • For most of her life, Owens had supported these values, including ideals such as feminism and racial equality.

Republican Support :

  • During the 2016 Presidential Election campaign, however, Owens began to change her views.
  • She began seeing what she described as a pattern of neglect in the American Black community, where cities like Chicago that have voted for the Democratic party for decades have seen little to no progress.
  • Feeling like there had to be a change, she started researching Republican platforms and trends.
  • In its most basic form, the Republican party promotes traditional, conservative values.
  • Owens now embraces these ideas and believes that the only way to advance the Black community is by switching their support over to the Republican side since, in her opinion, the Democratic side has not done anything for said community.

Publicity, Net worth & Professional Career :

  • To promote her message, Candace began a blog and YouTube channel called Red Pill Black, where she equated changing political parties to taking the red pill in the movie The Matrix.
  • Owens, essentially, believes that the Black community who vote for the Democratic party are taking the blue pill, and it is her duty to help them take the red one.
  • In September 2017, Owens went on Fox News and gave an interview about her blog, citing the above reasons for changing her views.
  • The interview went viral & her YouTube channel exploded, prompting her to create more content.

Youtube Success :

  • Owen’s first YouTube video for her channel, titled Mom, Dad…I’m a Conservative, was released on July 9, 2017. In it, she equated her declaration of support for the Republican party with the struggles that the LGBTQ community have to go through when “coming out” to their friends and family.
  • Since then, she has made few other videos, most of which garner anywhere from 50,000 to million+ views.
  • Her most popular videos have been WTF? Black Lives Matter Has A List of Demands for White People,” “I Don’t Care About Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy, and Dear Celebrities: NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!!

Social Media, Height Fun Facts :

  • While her main platform is YouTube, Owens also spreads her message using other platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • On Twitter, she has over 2 million followers. Most of her tweets include her own videos or highlight the content of other conservative media outlets.
  • On Facebook, over 950,000 people have liked her page, and on Instagram, she has over 600,000 followers.
  • Also quite active on Reddit, she frequents many forums that support the former President Donald Trump.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details.

12 thoughts on “Candace Owens Wikipedia, Husband, Age, Birthday【 Conservative Bio 】”

  1. Thank you, Candace, for being a responsible leader for the Black community! I am a 61 year old white female from the deep South, so of course was raised, registered, and voted as a Democrat. Luckily, it didn’t take me as long to convert, changing my party affiliation when I turned 20 – the same time I became a police officer! Working in the housing projects of New Orleans, I often opined that there were no responsible Black leaders to help guide this forgotten sub-culture; majority of the families therein were matriarchal since most of the men were incarcerated or dead from street violence. I applaud you and all the conservative Black podcasters for helping turn the cycle of perceived victim-hood force fed by the racist Democrats who strive to keep minorities in chains so they don’t ever have to comPete with them! God Bless & Stand Strong, Candace Owens!!! 504 Granny

  2. Candace, I have been watching you grow throughout your change to the Republican Party. I want to welcone you, I can see already the attacks being thrown at you and encourage you to stay strong. I think the black population has been underserved and with your help, and the help of Trump and others, we will see the tide turn to a big red wave. Keep up the good work and God Bless you on your exciting journey. I hope to see you on Fox more often.
    Gerri Dunn, (female) I walked away in 2008 after being a proud, but uneducated, (regarding
    Politics ) democrat all my life. I am a L. M. HC.
    (Licensed Mental Health Counselor).

  3. Candace is extremely wise way beyond her years. This is exactally what this Country needs. Someone of her superior intellect who takes the time to research her political facts and only then presents her views. Takes real guts to change political beliefs. Candace keep up the great work and may God Bless you & your efforts

  4. I love you Candace and keep up the good things you’re doing. I salute you. It’s about time a star is born.

  5. Candace Owens, your intelligent women who tells it like it is. Donald Trump is finally doing what a president should be doing And that’s running a country. We need more people like you to make America great again

  6. Candace, I’ve been watching you make appearance on the talk shows and am very empressed. If I can help you in anyway, please feel free to email me

  7. The View would be intimidated by Candace! Let’s face it; how many have invited her on their show…exactly, no one does their homework like Candace; they just read from a script while Candace does the research of facts and statistics. Enough said.

  8. If she would give me the time of day I’d marry her. She is my kind of gal! VERY Pretty, VERY Smart, VERY Patriotic, and VERY Courageous. She has my full support and our prayers are with her!

  9. Wow, I do love Candace Owens. So refreshing to see a black American stand up for conservative values. I thought the only good looking conservative journalist was Lauren Southern. Candace, like Lauren, has it all. Keep it up, the both of you. Say, btw, when will Candace ever appear on “The View” and ‘get into it with Whoopi and Sunny Hostin? I’ve been waiting for this, but not yet. Even Lauren Southern would be good, Candace would certainly be much better. Hoping I’ll happen someday. If it hasn’t then it’s got to be that they’re real scared of her appearing on the view with conservative values. Well, I can always be hopeful. Would like to know if this has the possibility of ever happening. Reply if you can. Thanks, Dan Zan

  10. Dr. Dyson destroyed you in the debate I witnessed on YouTube because he is too articulate for you. You had to succumb to the undereducated, “You’re using big words” retort.
    my suggestion is (I’m an advanced degreed former ELA teacher) you open a thesaurus and a dictionary and develop a profound vocabulary so you can better verbally compete. You are not ready for the big boys yet. On second thought, you probably never will be. But, you “holler” well. Those lacking in a strong vocabulary foundation usually do.

  11. Wow! Im a mid-age Latino Riased in Salinas Ca. (Google crime stats last 30years) moved to San Jose ( Statuary City) and work in San Francisco!
    I too used to be Democratic but No More!! I voted for Trump and Support Candace. Keep doing what you are doing Candace!!! I admire you and wish you the Best


  12. I admire and respect you, Candace, and you give hope to our country’s future! I live in the Coachella Valley, Ca. Near Palm Springs. I hope you speak in this area one day. Anyway I can help support you in your efforts?

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