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Tara Montpetit Husband, Married, Baby, Wikipedia, Family, Wedding :: Bio

Tara Montpetit New Baby Singer Songs
Name Tara Montpetit

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB May 10, 1981. As of 2022, she is around 41 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Tara Montpetit is one the singers for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Her role is credited as a Soprano, which is the role of the singer with the highest pitch. Besides singing, Tara also does skincare consulting as mentioned on her Facebook business page.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Tara Montpetit was born on May 10, 1981, to parents, Perry (father) and Lollie Pitchlyn (mother).
  • Her father, Perry is an army veteran and has also been an Adjunct Instructor at Kankakee Community College.
  • Originally from Pembroke Township, Illinois, Tara moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in her adult life and started working as a vocalist at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.
  • Jimmy Swaggart is an American Pentecostal evangelist and his ministry includes the Family Worship Center and the SonLife Broadcasting Network.

Married Life & Children :

  • Tara married her husband, Joseph Montpetit in September 2004 while they were already parents to their two oldest kids.
  • Currently, Joe and Tara have four children together. Her oldest, Nicholas who everyone calls Sonny and attended Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and Seminary.
  • Tara’s second child, her daughter Laila often helps her mother with her two youngest siblings, Joie Lee and Luca. Laila calls herself the “second mommy” because of this.
  • According to their family website, Tara’s husband, Joseph, is a student of the “Word and Teacher of His Gospel” and right now works security at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. He has also preached and taught for the Prison Ministry.
  • The family has been living in Louisiana ever since 2013, and Tara and Joseph have both attended World Evangelism Bible College. All their children were homeschooled.
  • No stranger to the public eye, the family even has a website and blog dedicated to their family where Tara talks about her businesses and parenting her four children.

Career, Job, Salary & Net worth :

  • Tara calls herself a “Mompreneur” and is a part of and distributor of multiple businesses. She advertises these ventures on Facebook, Instagram and her own website.
  • The different businesses she works for Mary Kay, First Fitness Nutrition and Young Living.
  • Mary Kay is a private owned American multi-level marketing company that specializes in makeup and skincare.
  • First Fitness Nutrition and Young Living both focus on health products and essential oils. She mentions that all her businesses have the same theme, to take care of her customers inside and out. She also regularly posts about clean eating on her social media.
  • Montpetit is also one of the singers at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and has performed songs like “He’s the Lion and the Lamb,” “What a mighty God We Serve,” “Thank You Lord” and “He Has Made Me Glad.”

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Fun Facts & Trivia :

  • Her son, Nicholas has also worked with Jimmy Swaggart Ministries as a cable puller.
  • One of the songs sung by Tara “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” has over 1 million hits on YouTube.
  • Tara Montpetit Pregnant? : No
  • How tall is Tara Montpetit Height? : 5’ 2”
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. See above for relationship details.

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      1. Amen. Tara is truly a blessing to listen to. She has an anointing voice. I also love to hear BJ , Brian Haney, and Randy Knaps. FWC has some wonderful singers. May God bless each of them.

      1. I love all of the singers, I am a fan of Grace Brumley she inspires me, I am also a fan of Martha Borg.

    1. No matter the difference please Tara, try to put things right because you have the power through Christ Jesus who strengthen us. See yourself in Christ Jesus making the impossible to become possible.
      Love you Tara.

      1. God gave Tara a most beautiful anointed voice. I love hearing her sing, alone and with brian.“Amen” is a favorite song of mine. Thank you, Tara, for using the gift God gave you.

      2. She is simply gorgeous inside and old her Voice is uniquely created as an instrument of Worship
        Her husband is very handsome. They do make a beautiful couple and beautiful children

    2. Mary and Jack Bilberry


      1. I asked the same question about her to all their. I also wondered why Tara quit wearing her wedding rings.?

        1. You guys are thinking about the wrong thing. You shall be praising God not looking for a wedding ring. I am married and don’t wear my ring a lot of the time. Her marriage is fine and blessed.

        2. I haven’t seen her in a while. I don’t know if she passed away. I tried to find out what happen to her.

      2. Just because a person stops wearing their wedding ring, doesn’t mean they are involved in a divorce or in the practice of cheating on their spouse. I imagine that being under those lights and praising the Lord that it gets quite hot.

        I used to do physical labor and I would perspire. I would get sores under my ring band often, and I had to take my wedding ring off. Therefore, put your mind to rest and just enjoy the spirit of the Lord minister to you.

      3. Philip J Wright OAM;JP

        Thank you Tara for been able to express yourself through the gift God gave you in your voice.

        I watch you and all the singers on TV including the message of the Cross on the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Son Life Sunday sessions.

        You have a wonderful voice and the Lord has blessed you abundantly both in your voice and in the Ministry from JSM…

        A Bible verse (2 Corinthians 13:14) that I would like to share with you; “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. ”

        May the lord our God bless as you walk with him and that you are able to reach out to others that are crying out for salvation.

        Justification is a one-time act of God, which makes it complete and finished. Sanctification is a continual process since a believer is not completely freed from sin until the day of resurrection.

        Psalm 136:1: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. ”

        Thank you once again.

        Yours in Christ,

        Philip J Wright OAM; JP
        Grad. Cert. Law

        1. Bob Henderson passed away in January of 2019, almost two years ago. If you see him playing, it’s a repeat.

            1. Correct you are Michael Gold watched him this
              Morning In Sunday Service Dec 20/2020 Jimmy Swaggart Min.

              1. Yes, but I too saw an obituary a year or more ago, after he left JSM.
                There was even condolence to his wife and naming her.
                I was elated to see him on a current program, he is the BEST

                1. The Bob Henderson obituary you read was for a different person with same name. A Nancy Harmon also passed on, but it was not the Nancy Harmon from Texas.

                2. You are right Jessimae, just look at renovated sanctuary while he is playing. I pray for him when he comes to mind. The best saxophonist ever

                3. Bob Henderson is very ill but is not dead. We are praying for the Lord Jesus Christ to heal him.

                  Media member,
                  Carolyn Gross.

                4. Henderson is very much alive playing the sax every Sunday live on SBN. He would have a big write up as he has even played at the Whitehouse and before world leaders.

                5. He’s definitely been live the past month, that was another Bob Henderson who passed in 2019, easy to find on Google…

                  1. Mary Keel from Ga.

                    You are right, He did not die. I think he was out sick for a while, but he is back. I was glad to see him back.

                  2. You are mistaken Dale Burke he is alive and playing his Saxophone at Jimmy Swaggart church this morning…Sunday morning Dec 20/2020.

                    1. You are watching a repeat. You don’t notice during the music sections, the women have on different clothing for different shows? They can splice in various segments from previous shows.

                      1. From Australia – where is Tara?. She is my favourite singer and with covid about I worry about her. Please let me know why she isn’t on tv.

                        1. No Bob did not pass away. He and his family moved to California while his daughter was in college. He is now back in Baton Rouge but is dealing with cancer. Keep him in your prayers

                        2. That is not correct. Bob Henderson is still alive. I saw him at the recent 2021 Resurrection Camp Meeting. He did leave for a while but is back now. I also saw him on today’s am and pm services 4-18-2021.

                        3. Was a different Bob Henderson reported to me by SBN. Haven’t seen him last 2 weeks so don’t know how he is. They Reported he has cancer. So sad.

                        4. Bob Henderson is still alive now in 2021. In fact, he was part of the Praise and Worship this morning on 2nd May 2021.

                        5. Bob is playing in the church today, in the Remodeled Church. There was another man with the same name that died. He had nothing to do with SBN however.

                          1. Bob Henderson DID NOT PASS AWAY! He was gone for a while, but he Is BACK in Baton Rouge and playing again for Family Worship Center. Watch him on Spectrum 830 or 158 LIVE on Sunday at 10:00 AM.

                        6. I love you and I love your singing. I have problems keeping up with my practice of medicine, so that I can see and hear you sing. You are the BEST.Thank God for you you make my day.

                        7. Tara always blessed by your singing. Was just wondering if you possibly have or can get any Journey cologne by Mary Kay? I hate that they discontinued this. Wish I had known that before so I could have bought up some. May God continue to Bless you and your family.

                        8. I would like to know the name of the young man who used to lead. He knows my name with Martha Borg with the FEC singers in 2013. He wore glasses and he was always animated and praising God…he was probably a little bit older than Joseph?

                        9. Greetings!

                          I loved the show and the singers and especially Tara and BJ.

                          I loved the other singers too and they all are beautiful and loved the way the choir are in sync with the outfits.

                          My church does not dress in sync with color at my church but they can sing well too.

                          Keep up the good work and God Bless!


                        10. I love the ministry and the singers Tara is my favorite, but all the singers songs minister to my spirit. Love the preachers, but Donnie is super special I love hearing him answer the questions on Frances and friends all in all SBN is God sent I’m praying other ministers listen and get the truth about the cross so they will be delivered and set free. Keep doing the assignment the Lord anointed y’all for it is a breath of fresh air.

                          1. Mary Keel from Ga.

                            I agree with you, Everyone should learn THE Message of THE CROSS. I love Jimmy Swaggart Ministry. I love your singing, I love all the singers. I am a media church member. I love Donnie preaching, And His love for the History of our country.

                            1. I am sorry to say, you are full of it. All the Swaggarts apparently have to scream and yell to get their point across, unlike genuine ministers, priests, who get their true point across by talking normally, because they are simply telling the truth. The music, though, is fine, the preachers are horrible and just work to get money for their own pockets. Unfortunately, thousands of people are brainwashed by the Swaggarts and take everything they scream about for granted and never realize that they are simply toys for the Swaggarts. Just look at all their hand gestures and movements and you know, who they honor, 666. And let’s not even talk about they reported sexcapades.

                              1. No one is perfect. I have made mistakes and who am I to judge others? Your resentment toward these people is too much. Do you want to be so angry? I will ask Jesus to help you to forgive others so that you may be forgiven for your sins.

                                1. You wouldn’t be happy in heaven. There will be worship and praises, glory to God, hallelujah, around the Throne. By the way who are you to judge? I would be careful talking like that. Go read what God did to Korah and the crowd that murmured against Moses.

                                2. Be ever so careful how you talk about God’s anointed it may come back to bite you. Have you actually listened to what they say because they are right with the word of God? Please take time to listen.

                                  1. Heard one of the Swaggerts say something profound: “People say Jesus never screamed danced, get excited. But those who met Him did! Glory”

                                  2. Win is correct. Jimmy is talented, singing, piano playing, and a preacher. His singing is great. Donnie and Gabriel have no talent and have to dance around and yell like monkeys. They are putting away people’s hard-earned money so that they can retire after Jimmy leaves and Sun Life folds. The ultimate judge will be our Savior.

                                    1. No, Donny and Gabriel may not be talented musicians like Jimmy, but they are both very educated in the Word and are doing their best to fulfil the will of God for their life and continue the work of the church. They don’t have to be musicians. It will be sad when Jimmy goes, but he’s prepared. He has wonderful musicians and singers and has placed them where he wants them. Jimmy Swaggart’s Church will always go on.

                                    2. Kathleen Ann Viens

                                      You’re very wrong. The HOLY SPIRIT works through them and uses them to preach the MESSAGE of the CROSS.

                                    3. I am sure you are not saved or you would not be saying such vile and ugly things. I will sure pray for you, for I care and I want you to be saved.

                                      Pray fully and with Christian love,

                                    4. You are full of it. I’d rather have them get excited about God and be anointed than to sit through a dull lifeless service with no anointing! BTW we are Southern Baptist ministers.

                                      1. Carolyn Anderson

                                        I cannot stand Donnie and Gab’s SCREAMING…I quit watching them as soon as their yelling and screaming starts. They do it on purpose too.

                                      2. I feel sorry for you. Apparently, you do not know God. You need Jesus. The Seaggerts tell the convicting truth. I PRAY YOU WILL GET SAVED.

                                      3. Win,

                                        I am an 83-year-old great grandmother, and as a spectator, I have observed all kinds of people in many different circumstances. It seems to me that whatever people claim as their interest, they get very excited about it. I have attended football games where people scream, yell, dance and to me make a fool out of themselves over a silly game. The same goes for music concerts and all sports events. When I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, I became very excited over what He did for me.

                                        If a Pastor is truly born again, he can’t help but get excited. Yes, we shout, sing, and some even dance just as David danced before the Lord, but I think it makes a lot more sense than screaming over a game. Just saying!!!! Oh, and what are the salaries of these sports figures?

                                        1. Replying to “Ruth”. I believe you wrote the comment about being excited as a pastor and as a Christian. Amen!

                                          Yes we get excited! Yes, we cannot sit still…Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!!

                                          How wonderful it is to be a child of the most-high God…There is nothing better!!!

                                        2. Preaching under the Holy Ghost anointing will cause anyone to shout, jump and praise the Lord. If any church just sits like 50 penguins in a row with lips looking sad, he/she must have no joy. People were born to give praise and worship Him alone.

                                        3. The singers are awesome. If you don’t get blessed by their music your blesser is broke. Just saying.

                                      4. I have been listening to Jimmy Swaggart, for about a month now well I must tell you. I cry every time I listen to him and they anointed singers, my god, they are anointed you might not think or believe that you are touching lives but I’m here to let you know you are.Be bless in the lord and keep singing the gospel.

                                      5. I just started watching JSM and the beautiful tiny female singer in the ladies special group just jumped out to me. Just hearing she and Brian are or were married. I just pray that they are not having marriage problems as some of the above comments have mentioned. They are such a beautiful couple! God Bless them!

                                        1. I finally got this whole Tara Montpetit thing figured out. I just recently started watching JSM music only shows. For some reason Tara (found out her name) jumped out at me. She’s so tiny and pretty. I thought she was married to Brian Haney. Long story short she isn’t, but I think her husband and Brian could be brothers from the pictures I’ve seen. I love Tara and Brian’s musical message. Both have beautiful voices. I’m 81 yrs old and love so many of the JSM musicians and vocals. My favorite new song is (got the cd) of Brians I’ve Found The Lily Of my Valley. Play it first thing every morning. Understand the gentleman that played the Sax and other instruments passed in 2018. So sad, what a musician !

                                          1. hi Joyce…Bob Henderson is very much alive and still plays the Saxophone occasionally at the ministry…I have talked with Bob recently and he is still playing!!! Thank the Lord, Bob will live to play another day!!

                                            1. Amen yes bob is still alive – watching him play his saxophone right now dec -20/2020 Sunday morn jimmy Swaggart church service

                                            1. What? Tara is not married to brian.Also I too have noticed she has not been wearing her wedding ring. Is she divorced? Thanks to anyone who knows. I love her singing especially Jesus Will Lift You Up! Her best song!

                                          2. I’m confused! Did Tara get a divorce from Joseph? As I watched the couple on the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry on TV. Joseph goes by Brian Haney. Your article of Tara of February 2020 shows Tara wearing wedding rings. But since June 2020 she has stopped wearing her wedding ring.

                                            I noted today June 28, 2020… Joseph has also stopped wearing his wedding ring also! Are they a married couple anymore?

                                            1. Wife and I watch the JSM ministry almost every Sunday. We too had some of the same questions. We are interested in the answers to these questions.

                                              1. OMG!!! I pray that Tara and husband are able to work on their differences there is no perfect marriage but if they can just look at the strength in their marriage and individuals and not only the their weaknesses. I believe God can heal their marriage no matter what. You hear people been married for 40 years it was not an easy journey but they where patience and give it to God through tick and thin. The only thing I will not support is an abusive husband who hit their wives and belittle them. Tara let God restore your home don’t allow the devil to win. Please in Jesus name work on your marriage don’t listen to people’s idea give it to God you know what to do go on your knees and refuse your marriage failing. I watch you everyday and saw when you where pregnant and beautiful now no ring on your finger put the devil to shame seek counseling from Jimmy who has walk the journey and still married to Frances. May God bless you my dear.

                                                1. Tara Montpetit is NOT married to Brian Haney her husband is Joseph Montpetit, Do not believe everything the internet says about the people of God. However, her husband does look like Brian a little bit.

                                                  1. He certainly does. I was a little confused and couldn’t work out who her husband is. She is certainly a beautiful lady and always look forward to hearing her sing

                                                  2. Maybe people should stop assuming and gossiping, Assumption is the mother of all stuff-ups. If you assume you make an “ass” out of “you” and “me”. Trust Jesus!

                                                  3. Tara is married to Joseph Montpetit. She was never ever married to Brian Haney and Joseph does not go by the name of Brian Haney… They are two different people. Brian Haney has his own wife and they have 1 daughter, read his Wikipedia, or search for his bio on this site. Tara and Joseph have 4 children.

                                                    Brian Haney and Tara collaborate on some songs at Jimmy Swaggart Ministry. Tara’s husband is not in the limelight and the only thing he and Brian have in common is their bald head!! Funny that people are confusing two people just because they are bald…People get your facts straight before you post.

                                                    1. That’s a lie, Bob is alive. And Tara is not married to Joseph, who keeps up with if she has a ring on or not!

                                                    2. What happened to the guy that sat on the front row? I called him the dancer cause he was really into the music.

                                                    3. Cindy Meria Tucker

                                                      I watch SunLife each day, it is indeed a blessing…I have watched the program for many years… ❤️… My Spirit has been uplifted in times of trouble, it gave me a sense of purpose and direction. Thank you…

                                                    4. I remembered back in 2013 I was expecting my first child -always loved Jimmy Swaggart ‘ Ministries I had come in from work laid across the bed and was scrolling the channels and found the net work- then the group started singing ‘didn’t I put food on your table ‘ oh my Lord / I had stopped going to church because of my situation and when the song was sung a spirit of conviction came over me and I wept like a baby for the night. I cried myself to sleep. It was a blessing. Ever since I’ve been so hooked to that station oh my Lord can’t get enough. My baby knows the names of all the singers and preachers on that TV ministry… God bless you all.

                                                    5. Love all the singers. Love to hear Joseph Larsen sing. Love the saxophone player who sang(God is bigger than any problem.

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