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Frances Swaggart Bio, Age, Ill 2020? Wiki, Net Worth, House Photos

Frances Swaggart Photos
Name Frances Swaggart

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB Born in 1937. As of 2020, she is around 83 years old.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Frances Swaggart is an American Christian member of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. She is also a talk show personality and a dedicated mother and wife.

Family Background & Married Life :

  • Born on August 9, 1937, Frances was born and raised in the United States.
  • Frances is married to Jimmy Swaggart, the famous preacher, Pastor, and Reverend that co-founded the Family Worship Center, a fully integrated Gospel Church located in Louisiana which is the spiritual headquarters of the community and Ministry.
  • Frances and Jimmy have been married since October 10, 1952, thus completing 66 years of marriage in 2018.
  • The couple had only one son – Donni Swaggart (born in 1954). Donnie, too, is a preacher & went on to have three children, Jennifer, Gabriel, and Matthew Swaggart. He also had eight grandchildren – Samantha, Abby, Caroline, Ryder-Presely, Navy Matthew Aaron, Lola, Harper, and Harrison.

Work, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Frances is the Co-Pastor and Co-founder of the Family Worship Center.
  • She is also the Chief Financial Officer of the Worship Center and oversees every ministry aspect, including finances. She is in charge of the personnel record files of all 250+ people employed at the center.
  • She hosts a very popular talk show seen daily on SonLife Broadcasting Network called Frances and Friends. Her program revolves around discussing current issues the church is facing today as well as world events and trying to take a ‘biblical approach’ towards it.
  • The show Frances and Friends normally features guests to discuss certain topics; the first hour is normally focused on debates and answering questions emailed in from the viewers and listeners around the world. The second hour consists of live call-in questions from the audience.
  • Frances’ talk show can be seen every morning from Monday to Friday & often has repeat episodes on the weekend.

Scandal :

  • In 1988, Frances’ husband Jimmy was involved in a sex scandal with a prostitute, which resulted in a suspension from the Ministry, and ultimately being defrocked by the Assemblies of God.
  • Jimmy’s exposure was the result of a retaliatory move from fellow “Assemblies of God” Minister Marvin Gorman when Jimmy accused him of having several affairs.
  • Marvin hired his son Randy and son-in-law Garland to stake out a Travel Inn in Baton Rouge, Florida.
  • They placed a camera draped in black cloth in the window of room 12 in the hotel.
  • A while later, Jimmy arrived with a prostitute and took her to room 7. Garland and Randy let the air out of Jimmy’s tires & immediately called Marvin, who came to the hotel to ask Jimmy what he was doing there.
  • The sex scandal resulted in Jimmy’s infamous ‘I have sinned’ speech where he tearfully confessed what he had done to the Ministry, as well as hundreds of members of the Family Worship Center.
  • In 1991, Jimmy was involved in another sex scandal with another prostitute, and rather than confessing to the congregation again, he decided to take another approach, telling those at the center that “The Lord told me it’s none of your business.”

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Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • While the Family Worship Center hold weekly services, they also host three ‘camp meeting’ sessions a year where thousands of members attend.
  • Frances and Jimmy met when he was playing music with his father in a local church.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Fiance Married. See above for more details.

18 thoughts on “Frances Swaggart Bio, Age, Ill 2020? Wiki, Net Worth, House Photos”

  1. MY DAD WAS BED RIDDEN FOR SIX YEARS. HE FOUND JIMMY Swaggart on TV. and started watching it everyday. an accepted christ as his savior. he is now in heaven. i am now a media member.and support the ministry so others can hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. In the 80’s my two daughters and I watched Jimmy every Sunday and we also went to church. When he sinned my daughters gave up watching him and they both turned against him as they saw him in person and loved him and never could understand how he could do what he did after peaching VERY HARD AGAINST SIN. So years went by and I was checking my Comcast channels and all of a sudden I went to ch.81 and their was Jimmy again, so now I watch him all the time. GOD is his judge and I do not judge him. I love him, but my daughters still will not watch him.. Too bad. I pray daily for them and Jimmy and his ministry as I love watching it. Francis is so young looking, I guess she had a face lift. I am her age and look much older. They are rich and can afford face lifts, beautiful clothes and beautiful houses….May God keep blessing them. Love them in Christ.

    1. i think we should all grow up and realize that we all sin on different levels. we never have the right to judge, only to speculate as to what to do to make things better. it is obvious to me that jimmy, frances, donnie, gabriel, and everyone working for jimmy swaggart are working very hard to serve GOD. they are wonderful in their work! GOD BLESS THEM!

    2. Really? Your daughters plan to go to hell because somebody they idolized failed? They need to listen to what Jimmy Swaggart has learned because of his mistakes. I am a preacher’s daughter who spent most of my life trying to do works to be good enough for church people and God. Now, I know my focus was not the cross of Christ because of his preaching. I was in the same church he was. They still do not clarify that salvation is not competing with the church people but focusing on the Lord.

  3. We must remember we are all human and will make mistakes. But when God gives you a ministry of reaching millions there will be situations where the work you began you will have to step away from the public side of.

    Sin has God’s forgiveness but if the world gets to see you continue after you fall on things you spoke against for many years you cannot expect people to believe you when you say God will not let you fall. you must repent and Leave the public side of GODS WORK. Others if GOD IS WILLING can continue.

    1. God blessed Jimmy Swaggart with an incredible voice, the gift of playing the piano, and a call to preach and teach His word. God did not make him or any of us perfect. I love and admire him and his family for the service they provide to all who choose to listen. As far as I’m concerned the choir and singers are the very best if you love gospel music. What a blessing.

  4. He who has not sinned, cast the 1st stone. We all have skeletons in our closet. When God forgives you, it is over. Please keep up the good work at SBN. I once went to the Family Worship Center. You can feel the power of God when the church service starts.

  5. Gabriel is one of the best preachers I’ve ever heard and is truly annointed. I would love to see him be the head preacher.

  6. I love Jimmy Swaggart and his wife. Their programme is a blessing I was born on the 15 of March 1959…his son Donnie is a powerful preacher and very anointed… May God bless and keep them and expand their ministry.

  7. I have Direct TV satellite and cannot find Sonlife channel in order to watch Francis and Friends or Jimmy Swaggart programming. I do have Roku although technological know how is limited.

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