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Martha Borg Age, Wiki, Husband, Weight Loss Diet, Wikipedia, Family

Martha Borg Weight Loss
Name Martha Borg

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Partner Married. See below for more details.

Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Martha Borg (maiden name unknown) is an American Christian music singer who performs within the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries (JSM).

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Martha Borg is married to FWC Associate Pastor David Borg, who has also been associated with Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Together they have three children.
  • She lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • Borg often performs special services together with her husband David.

Singing Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Martha is an accomplished Christian music singer, and frequently performs as part of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the Family Worship Centre (FWC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • She frequently sings along with other JSM members of renown such as Joseph Larson and Grace Larson Brumley.
  • She regularly accompanies her husband David Borg on his ministries, and usually sings during them.
  • One of her performances at the Family Worship Center was recorded and released under the “Sonlife Radio” label as a full album, available in CD and mp3 formats.
  • Martha also performs solo concerts during services, and has been invited to events all over the USA.

Best Songs :

The most popular songs she has performed include :

  • Holy Ground
  • I Give You Jesus
  • Unworthy of the Blood
  • I Call Him Lord
  • Try Jesus
  • You’re Still Lord, He’s As Close As the Mention of His Name
  • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  • God Leads Us Along
  • Joy In The Morning (A fan favorite!)

Trivia & Interesting Facts :

  • Martha added her vocals to Jimmy Swaggart’s 1997 gospel album, I Met The Master.
  • Her daughter Sissy Borg also works for the Sonlife Broadcasting Network.
  • Martha also sings as part of the Family Worship Center Ladies Ensemble, together with Jill Swaggart, Grace Larson, and Donna Carline. She has also performed at The Brooklyn Tabernacle.
Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB No confirmed information is available.

31 thoughts on “Martha Borg Age, Wiki, Husband, Weight Loss Diet, Wikipedia, Family”

  1. My husband and I just love to watch and hear Martha sing! I love the song she sings, not sure of the title but something about ‘Sometimes it takes a mountain, sometimes a troubled sea’…I just love that song. She sings it like an Angel…I always feel the Holy Spirit when she sings it! I wish we knew the next time Martha and her husband are going to be in Ohio. What a treat that would be! God bless ALL there at FWC/SBN.

  2. Martha is an anointed singer. She’s beautiful and you can tell that she walks with God. I love the SBN program.

  3. Martha Borg is my favorite singer. I stop whatever I am doing to watch Martha sing she is beautiful. Her husband David is a great preacher. Love to hear his sermons.

    God Bless you both.

  4. CoCynthia Hinson

    Would be happy when I can hear the son ‘how many more miracles must I do for you’….I enjoy all the other repeats but hardly hear this powerful song by Ms Caroline

    1. I love to hear her power when she sings, she sounds really neat the deep red head lady also and Grace is so graceful.

      1. And also greatly blessed in music ministry. I am greatly blessed by both of them. I understand they are aunt and niece…also aunt to Gracie’s brother Joseph Larson.

    2. I love SBN Jimmy Swaggart is my favorite preacher I still watches him preach in a chair may GOD continue to bless JSM
      Flynn Bodden
      From the bay islands of Honduras

    3. The most beautiful singer and personality worth it all. You sing with such an anointing! I am a piano player and would love to play for you, maybe in heaven. For now, you have one of the most talented accompanist I’ve ever heard. I’ve watched you for a year now last Easter and my t.v.Is tuned in to you blessed people most of the day! Being old Jimmy Swaggart fans from in the 80s, of course there is nothing better! We enjoy the shareathons immensely. So exciting to see that money coming in each month for the unsaved and saved as well! I’m sure people all around the world are as excited each month to give and watch as we are! You’re voice is beautiful! By the way, being a music lover I am amazed at the harmony you people have attained, it is purely heavenly! Love in Jesus,

    4. Thomas P. Mosley

      I fell in love with Grace Larson the first time. I saw and heard her magic voice. What a talent! I would walk on broken glass just to hold her hand. Have I made my point? Nothing like the truth….

      1. Lorraine Elliott

        Mary, I want to lose some weight. I have had Open heart surgery. I walk and have cut down on using a lot of things, but I can’t seem to lose the weight. Can I find out Martha’s secret? Won’t publish it. Thanks

      1. An amazing woman who is an servant of our Lord. I been watching FWC for years and the Larson family has been an faithful servant to our Lord and Savior. This family is an River of Living Water!! God bless you all. Peace and Blessing

        1. I want to see more of David BorgI think he is the best preacher/teacher of the ministry… Why don’t they allow him to preach?? I am tired of seeing Gabriel. He has no depth or anointing, , , Please let David preach…I am 85 years old and have been watching Jimmy for years//Please pass this on to whoever has the power there…Jesus is Lord… Love Joann Primamore@ Verizon .net

          1. Gabe is a wonderful minister and God uses him every day. We are blessed to have this family and ministry. All the ministers are wonderful or they wouldn’t be anointed so and full of God’s word.I appreciate them all. Since they are all anoited, be careful what you say about God’s people.

          2. Larry W Alexander

            I believe that Martha Borg is truly called of God. She has the voice of an Angel and is truly anointed in her singing! If I had to pick a favorite among the ladies at SBN Network, I would be hard-pressed to do so. While I am blessed each time that I hear Martha Borg sing, I would have to consider it a toss-up among Martha, Kim Coleman, and Grace Larson. These ladies do an amazing job and I cannot take anything from them. I am very thankful to have access to SBN. Martha’s husband David is one outstanding preacher and I am always blessed when he speaks!!

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