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Loren Larson Family, Wife, Hand, Wikipedia, Age, Ministries, Net worth

Loren Larson Pictures Story
Personal Details Summary
Name Loren Larson
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB May 27, 1959. As of 2022, he is around 63 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner Married. See below for relationship details.
How did Joseph Larson lose his hand? Larson was working in a textile factory when he experienced a machine malfunction.
Children / No. of Kids 4
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Loren Larson is an influential American pastor. He is a teacher and professor at the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and Seminary.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Loren Larson was born on May 27, 1959, in Missoula, Montana.
  • He graduated in 1977 from Hellgate High School in Missoula, Montana.
  • Surprisingly, Loren used to be a drug addict and drug dealer in his youth, but being exposed to the teachings of Jimmy Swaggart changed his life for the better, and he left those things behind.
  • In 1986, Loren found himself casually opening a Bible within his reach, and reading it was the last push he needed to get clean. At the end of that same year, after getting clean, he found his way to church and remained there and clean ever since.

Marriage and Kids :

  • Loren is married to Hannah Thomas Larson. The couple wed on May 20, 1989.
  • Together, they have four children – Joy, Grace, Joseph, and Rachel Larson, who are all also very involved with the church.
  • Loren has over 10 grandchildren (amongst which are Wyatt, Silas, Jude, Jane, Caleb, Rylee, and Avery)!
  • Hannah & Loren’s son Joseph Larson is a renowned and accomplished Christian singer, and so are his daughters, Grace Larson Brumley and Rachel Larson Ford. The three siblings also sang together as a trio, ministering through song on many occasions and in many locations.
  • The couple’s eldest daughter, Joy, lives in Tampa, Florida, while the rest of their children are still in Louisiana. Joy and her husband, Stephen, work with the youth in the context of a Floridian church. Loren also ministers in their church whenever he can get to Florida.

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Work, Career, Salary & Net worth :

  • Loren is a visiting pastor, evangelist, and teacher, attending many churches and seminars and spreading the word via sermons and teachings. He attends gatherings and sermons both in the USA and internationally across its borders.
  • He became a part of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in 1989.
  • Loren was appointed president of the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and Seminary in 1997, where he is a teacher, professor, administrator, and general member of the faculty.
  • Currently, Larson has a role as associate pastor at the Family Worship Center, and has featured as a panelist on The Message of the Cross and A Study in the Word, which are staples of the SonLife Broadcasting Network. He also has his own radio show on SonLife.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Loren preaches and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He frequently ministers the gospel at the Family Worship Center, which is also simultaneously broadcast on the SonLife Broadcasting Network, as well as over the Internet.
  • He is also frequently invited to be a Camp meeting speaker, a huge event on the Evangelical calendar, dating back to Protestant English and Scottish roots.
  • Loren frequently visits his mother in Montana when he yearns for the region he grew up in.

50 thoughts on “Loren Larson Family, Wife, Hand, Wikipedia, Age, Ministries, Net worth”

  1. Charlotte Carpenter

    Loren Larson brings great balance and authenticity to God’s Word. I am always challenged and blessed by his ministry. His tone is not critical but correct and there is a big difference between the two. My gratitude to God for raising him up to share in such a profound way the eternal truths of God’s Word.

  2. I have been so BLESSED listening to Message of the Cross Francis and Friends. Love to hear Brother Swaggart sing and pray and preach also Brother Donnie. Gabe and Lauren. May God’s Blessing be upon you all. You are all such a Blessing to me.

  3. Suzanne R. Crossen

    I am an 83 yr. Old pent. A. Of g. P.K. FWC is my church now and I love everyone on the program…joined as a media member yrs ago. Watch it all day & am blessed…Hallelujah

  4. Suzanne R. Crossen

    I am an 83 yr. Old pent. A. Of g. P.K. FWC is my church now and I love everyone on the program…joined as a media member yrs ago. Watch it all day & am blessed…Hallelujah

  5. SBN is awesome I watch it every night from the singing to the preaching. Praise God for this Holy Sprit Ministering. The Cross is the answer to everything. Thanks again May God continue to bless all in The SNN. Network.

  6. I’ve just stumbled upon a sermon by Loren Larson on youtube and enjoyed it very much. His teachings are so real and truthful. I’ll continue to tune in to his sermon. Hope to be connected to his ministry and receive his newsletter.

  7. I love the study in the word session before the church service. I have been so blessed by it all watching and getting such blessings my heart is overflowed by it all. I always feel like I have really been to church each week. I belong to a local church…such a wonderful church but due to COVID, I have stayed in. I was so fortunate to find such a blessed television. I will keep you all in my prayers always and will tape your services when I go back to my church.

    Love you all.

  8. I watch SBN every morning. I enjoy every program they have in the morning and afternoon. Their study in the Word is awesome and I’ve learned a lot. I also love the Insight program. All of their programs are inspiring. And the praise and worship take me to the presence of God.

  9. I am an 88 yr. old widow and watch the show every morning until noon every day and I love all of the music (love to watch jimmy play piano and sing) I also favor joseph and his voice and I must add that I also love Rosensterns…John and Josh. They are so highly informed and as messianic jews so great to watch. Wonderful father and son.

  10. I watched the Wednesday evening study on Revelation chapter 10. Jimmy Swaggert that this angel is Christ.

    No one challenged him. Please do not be afraid to correct the leader. You do a disservice to God and to the ministry!

    Please respond. God Bless You!

  11. I love to watch message of the cross, very inspirational and interesting, all the pastors are very knowledgeable and explain the scriptures that you can understand Amen!

  12. I have never seen Donnie Swaggerts wife ever sitting with him at church. Or seen her there period. Any one got an answer?

  13. I feel very blessed by SBN. Jimmy Swaggart is glowing with the Lords anointing. Matter of fact his whole family Francis Donnie Gabriel and Jill along with everyone in the worship team are all gifted by God. I live in Ca and if there was a church around here with God living people like them I would be in that church all the time. People are very blessed who can attend their church. God Bless them all.

  14. I have so blessed watching your broadcast on Tv, the songs minister life to me. I hope to visit the church by God’s grace. God bless you all…

  15. God bless you all at sbn. I love The teaching on The Cross, The Cross The Cross. That’s all we need. Jesus Christ and Him crucified. All I need is found in Jesus. Thank you Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

    1. The message of the Cross is taught by most mainline denominations. Jimmy claims to have received a new revelation from God. He did not! When Jesus died on the Cross for our sins, the Bible says “it is finished”. Nothing new. I have heard the message of the cross in every church I have ever attended. I am a senior. My problem with them is they attack others in the Body of Christ. The scripture says we are to “make disciples of all nations”. The Swaggarts spend most of their time finding fault with just about every part of the Body of Christ.

  16. We watch SBN, Francis & Friends, Message of the Cross The Youth Group. We love this family. They’re all such a blessing. We’ve been so blessed with Francis & Friends. Their complete panel of Godly & anointed Pastors as well as Francis.

    We watch all of Pastor Swaggart’s, Donnie’s & Gab’s anointed preaching of the Cross. Everyone that brings such an anointed and inspiring word that preached on SBN. They will never know the many lives they’ve touched through their television ministry. God blesses this ministry exceeding abundantly.

    Francis & Friends show is our Bible study; it’s very knowledgeable, uplifting and, encouraging. Every word they teach is straight from the word of God. We love this family.

  17. I love to watch you guys you’re wonderful. I have a boyfriend here he loves you too we keep watching some things over and over. Grace is beautiful Joel is in some and I don’t know the others as well God bless you you’re quite a dad I haven’t seen your wife Hanna.
    May the Lord bless you and JIMmy SWAGGERT who is quite an inspiration to me he’s been a blessed man and I know God loves him and what he’s been through is very hard to be able to face the whole world I bless him.

  18. I watch their show every night. They are such an inspiration to me and my family. GOD BLESS. LARRY THOMAS

    1. No, they have it right.

      Showing the audience shows people watching the effect the singing ministry has. It is seen in the people’s faces and in their tears. Therefore it is as it should be.

  19. I’ve learned so much from watching sbn. The cross is where life truly lives. Jesus Christ! His sacrifice saves us all who ask amen. Thank you all for standing up for Jesus.
    Ps, I’ve tried to get the newsletter sent to me can’t ever reach anyone by phone.

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