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Elie Honig【 Wikipedia Biography 】Wife, Spouse, Age, CNN, Background

Elie Honig Rutgers Net Worth
Name Elie Honig

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB March 4, 1975. As of 2022, he is around 47 years old.

Wiki Bio / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Elie Honig is a dynamic former federal & state Prosecutor and a Legal Analyst on CNN. He also has his own show ‘Cross Exam with Elie Honig.’
  • Once nicknamed ‘Hotshot Honig,’ Elie is an Assistant Attorney General for the South District of New York and has been called organized crime’s “worst nightmare.”
  • Honig was also the Director of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice and has handled over 900 cases.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Born on March 4, 1975, in Camden, New Jersey, Elie spent his young childhood in Voorhees and then Cherry Hill, where he graduated from Cherry Hill East with the class of 1992.
  • His mother was a social worker, and his father still has his own law firm in Cherry Hill. He grew up knowing firsthand how taxing the legal profession can be, especially on a family.
  • Both of Elie’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors & came to the USA from Poland in 1949. After coming to the US, his grandparents settled in Passaic, a city in the north of Newark, New Jersey. Soon thereafter, Elie’s dad was born, in 1950.
  • Benjamin Gary Honig, also known as Ben Honig, is Elie’s younger brother. Dana Ovadia is Ben’s wife.
  • Elie Honig is now married to his wife, Rachael Honig, & together, they have two children – a young son and daughter. Elie’s daughter is around 13 years old (age as of 2021).
  • Rachael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and literature from the University of Chicago. During the year 2021, she served as the acting United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey. She was only the second woman to hold this position in the Office’s 230-year history.
  • Due to the nature of Elie’s profession, he tries to keep most of his life as private as possible.

Career, Job, Salary & Net worth :

  • Elie graduated from Rutgers University in 1997, then in 2000, graduated with honors in a Doctor in Law degree from Harvard University.
  • After graduating from Harvard, Elie became an Associate for Covington & Burling LLP; his first case became as interesting as his career; an open and close gun possession case turned into an attempted robbery of a notable drug dealer law suite which lasted just over a month.
  • In April 2004, he was appointed the Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. In his time here, he prosecuted Angelo Prisco, a captain of the Genovese organized crime family, and took down more than 100 mobsters as a federal prosecutor of New York.
  • The New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice appointed Honig as the Assistant Attorney General in September 2012. He continued to prosecute the biggest names in organized crime until May 2018.
  • Mobster John Gotti was what Honig said was his’ biggest disappointment’; after his office failed three times to prosecute and convict John Gotti Jr, in 2009 successfully, Honig lost the case again to a hung jury.
  • In 2018, Elie Honig made some career changes leaving the world of federal courts behind, joining Lewenstein Sandler LLP as Special Counsel. He also became the Executive Director at Rutgers Institute for Secure Communities.
  • In October 2018, he started as a Legal Analyst for CNN, analyzing some of the biggest cases across America.

Fun Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Honig is a Philadelphia man and his favorite teams are the Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Flyers, and the Phillie Eagles.
  • Elie is named after his paternal grandfather, a Polish Jew who survived the horrible Holocaust concentration camps. The name ‘Elie’ caused some issues, as it was confused to be a girl’s name…he even received a girl’s soccer trophy and was assigned to a girl’s bunk at summer camp!
  • The Gotti family has nicknamed Elie as ‘Hotshot Honig.’
  • He was raised Jewish and plays a role in the Jewish community of New Jersey. He made a trip to Israel a few years ago & shared anecdotes of his journey in a podcast.
  • Elie Honig Eyes / Eye Injury / Blind : A few people have commented on Elie’s eyes and have commented if he ever had surgery or injury to his eyes. However, there is no information in the public domain regarding this.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. See above for relationship details.

21 thoughts on “Elie Honig【 Wikipedia Biography 】Wife, Spouse, Age, CNN, Background”

  1. Elie is much fun to listen to. Smart, disciplined, knows his stuff. Great speaker, very passionate!

  2. Eli, I think you are handsome, brilliant and a nice person. I LOVE the way you discuss the transgressions of Trump! Your legal expertise is awesome. I am a true fan!

  3. Congratulations, President-elect Joe Biden…I continue to pursue Justice and Jesus rather than tears and blood.

    The abuse and tyranny have denied me and my family. Amazing how the laws were blatantly abused with eyes wide open. The court system denied the basic constitutional rights were ignored. I need your help in Jesus’s name.

    Timothy Williams

  4. Recently, I had strabismus surgery on my right eye. You appear to have the same concern. Surgery made a world of difference for me.

  5. Just watched this hack explain how Bill Barr was horribly wrong to drop a case against an American Citizen who admitted to a reduced malicious charge in order to protect his family. No mention of government misdeeds, government lying or evil players. Nothing but outrage for a dropped charge that he was set up for. This is a great example how messed up main street media is.

  6. I like Honig…a no-nonsense type of Prosecutor and I like His Insight on Television. With the current ONGOING Corruption and cover-Ups from the Trumptards, They need to be scrutinized with Every action they take. We need More aggressive Prosecutors that are not aligned with an Agenda like William Barr is as AG.

    1. This is called ‘ bait and switch’. The dens in congress have been accusing Trump ( and now bill Barr) of doing exactly what they themselves are doing. Especially TODAY. They will sling out anything to see what sticks to distract the fact that currently, AG Garland is doing the bidding of the White House.

      Chris Wray looks awfully uncomfortable in front of Congress the other day. Trying to walk the fine line between partial truth and outright lying. ‘ Lying by omission.’

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