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Garrett Haake Wikipedia, Bio【 MSNBC 】Age, Height, Parents, NBC

Garrett Haake NBC News
Personal Details Summary
Name Garrett Haake
Hometown Colorado, USA
What types of awards did Garrett Haake got? He won two Emmys for his environmental and documentary reporting.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB June 1, 1985. As of 2022, he is around 37 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner / Dating Married. See below for relationship details.
Children / No. of Kids No confirmed information available.
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Garrett Haake is an American journalist and Washington correspondent for MSNBC.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Haake attended Klein High School before going on to Southern Methodist University: Meadows School of the Arts, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) In Journalism.
  • He was a President’s Scholar while in SMU and active in extra-curricular activities, such as being the Sports Editor for The Daily Update and Daily Campus. He was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.
  • While still in college, Hakke interned with NBC Nightly News in 2006. He was hired full-time by the network once he graduated & became an associate producer at NBC Nightly News in New York from 2009-2011.

Job Timeline, Salary & Net worth :

  • In 2011, Haake was chosen to be one of eight embedded reporters for NBC News covering the 2012 Presidential elections. He covered Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign.
  • This proved to be a memorable assignment for Garrett because he met his future wife while covering Romney’s campaign.
  • Later, he went on to be KSHB-TV’s General Assignment Reporter, fill-in anchor guest analyst for PBS’s Kansas City Week in Review. before moving on to WUSA-TV in Washington D.C.
  • After two years at WUSA-TV, Hakke moved to MSNBC as a correspondent, reporting from Capital Hill or where his assignment takes him.
  • Haake won two Emmy Awards for her environmental and documentary reporting.

Sary Murry and Garrett Haake Relationship :

  • Garrett got married to Sara Murray on April 22, 2017. The couple had met in Iowa in 2011 when they both covered Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.
  • They bonded over the long working hours and fast food during the year-long campaign.
  • The couple continued being an item even after Romney’s campaign was over. In 2015, while spending Thanksgiving with Sara at her home in Michigan, Garrett proposed.

Garrett’s and Sarah’s Wedding :

  • Their wedding was held in Austin, Texas. Held at Wild Onion Ranch, the reception was a mixture of rustic and elegance.
  • Guests were able to snap photographs with animals such as rabbits and baby goats while a herd of longhorn cattle roamed the grounds.
  • The guests were treated to a proper Texas menu with a queso bar, barbecue, tacos, and a dessert bar with pies and s’mores.
  • A large bunch of silver foil balloons spelling out ‘Let’s Get Weird’ encouraged the guests to let loose, and dancing was a highlight of the evening, kicked off by Haake’s favorite song ‘Shout.’
  • The newlyweds left for their honeymoon in Australia. However, their plans were almost scuppered because they forgot to apply for a visa.
  • A few tense hours followed before they got their visas, and the couple spent a wonderful honeymoon exploring The Great Barrier Reef and taking photographs with a koala.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Haake is an SMU Mustangs supporter.
  • He also has a soft spot for rescue dogs. His dog, Shiner, was rescued from Kansas City Pet Project, an organization that has a no-kill policy.
  • His Twitter bio also said he is taller than he looks on TV.
  • Garrett ranked #148566 among the Most Man-Crushed-Upon Celebrity Men on the ManCrushes website.
  • Garretts’s wife, Sara, is also a political journalist, reporting for CNN. She came to the limelight when former President Donald Trump singled her out for writing critical and less than flattering coverage about him. President Trump accused her of being a ‘total novice reporter’ and turned the crowd against her. Sara reported her car had been vandalized and keyed by Trump supporters in response to her doing her job.

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  1. I want to know if Garrett Haake has any relatives in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. If so, he might be related to me on my mother’s side. My cousin Robert Haake, sat in front of me in high school.

  2. Dave, correct English is not made up of ideas, it is made up of acknowledged standards.

    Marlene, you are right. “Be” verbs are followed by predicate nominatives, not objects. Therefore, the pronouns should be in nominative case, not objective.

    Raul, I’m with you. More and more people are ending sentences with the superfluous (and wrong) pronoun, as in “Where is he at?” and “Where are they going to?” It drives me nuts.

    The problem is that nonstandard English is so common that standard English sounds wrong. I used to teach my students correct pronoun usage and then tell them that they needed to “read the room”. Would correct usage get them the job or get them beaten up?

    I think Garrett Haake is adorable.

    1. Garrett just pronounced “cache” as “cashay”. I know a lot of military mispronounce it too but it grates on the ear. Easy mnemonic: Cache rhymes with stash, which is the same thing. There is a word pronounced “cashay”, it is cachet which is roughly synonymous with aegis or imprimatur.

  3. I was his neighbor for 2 years in a swanky apartment building in NE DC and NEVER saw his wife. Maybe they’re divorced?

  4. And Rachel Maddox, Anderson Cooper, and so many others saying things like “Where he is at.” using that “at” that’s not needed!

  5. Hake definitely no standout here! Overall, grammar of texts prepared for broadcasters is shockingly poor!!

    1. No standout here, says Bob Sargent.

      Mr. Sargent criticizes Mr. Haake’s grammar while mis-spelling Mr. Haake’s name…even when the spelling was right there. What’s the line…don’t criticize the splinter in another person’s eye while avoiding the beam in your own.

  6. Garrett seems to be falling into the “hard-hitting action reporter’s” bad habit of adding a pronoun to every sentence. To say things like “Susan Chu, she…” is a fourth-grade grammar mistake. Other than that, he usually comes across as well-educated and authoritative.

  7. Weather reporters are the worst offenders against proper usage. For example, they say that a system is to the North and to the West when it is actually to the Northwest. This habit started a few years ago. I have inquired of many authorities without learning the reason for this.

  8. Listened to Garrett Haake today during impeachment hearings, and was a bit startled to hear him twice say, “It was him (Sondland) who gave Ambassador Bolton…..”

    It was HIM?
    Grammar, please.

    1. How can any young people learn grammatically correct English when substandard English is what they hear daily in the media? The thing that really disturbs me is that commercial television is completely scripted. I can understand that with programming, characters need frequently to speak in the vernacular as part of the character development. With commercial scripting however, there should be no excuse for substandard English in broadcasts. You are very correct to point to the lack of understanding regarding subjective and objective pronouns. The worst cases are the ones with compound objects. I routinely hear people during broadcasts say “for you and I.” As for me, I cringe every time I hear somebody incorrectly use the subjective pronoun instead of the objective pronoun. Then I ask myself, just how educated can these people be? Did they sleep though freshman composition? I think that it is time that we demand that the FCC insists that broadcast news and commercials, at least, should comply with grammatically correct standard English. There is no excuse for scripted speech to be grammatically incorrect. Where are the editors?

      1. … And I think it’s time for you you get a hobby or something if you have the time to blather on about using the subjective pronoun and not using YOUR idea of perfect English in tv. You want the FCC to mandate “perfect English” on TV? Ever hear of the first amendment? I believe the English used in that is pretty clear.

      2. So refreshing to read this comment; I thought it was just me being too anal. My mother rolls in my mind’s grave every time I hear such bastardization of English grammar.

        1. Shouldn’t it be ‘…it was just I being too anal.’ Be, am, is, are, was, were, and been never take an object.

        2. Hey David,

          I agree 100% with regard to your post. I must send out 25 texts per week pointing out the numerous errors made in online text. The editor at USAToday knows me by name. As a copy editor/writer for 40 years, I continue to be appalled by the poor grammar and appalling punctuation, not to mention (but I will) the exorbitant number of typos! THE ONLY excuse I read or hear of is that, more than ever, “time” is of the essence. Poor excuse!

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