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Marie Harf Fox News, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wedding, Husband, Salary

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Name Marie Harf

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB June 15, 1981. As of 2023, she is around 42 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Marie Elizabeth Harf is an American political commentator and analyst who is regularly seen on the Fox News network.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Marie was born on June 15, 1981, in Granville, Ohio.
  • Family and Parents : Mother Jane Ax Harf is the director of the University Clean Energy Alliance (A statewide association in Columbus Ohio that supports clean energy research).
  • Her father James E. Harf is a vice president & the director of Center for Global Education at Maryville University in St. Louis. Both her parents are from Granville, Ohio.
  • Education : In 1999, she graduated from the Granville High School.
  • For further studies, she headed to Indiana University Bloomington where she got a BA in political Science with specialization in Jewish Studies, Russian & Eastern European Studies.
  • She later got a Master’s degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

Relationships, Dating and Marriage :

  • Marie married Joshua Lucas on April 14, 2012.
  • The marriage venue was the Vienna Presbyterian Church in Vienna, Virginia. A friend of the couple who is also an Anglican priest performed the ceremony.

Professional Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Marie began her career in 2006 at the “Directorate of Intelligence” at the CIA. There she worked as an analyst focusing on Middle Eastern leadership issues. After a while, she also became the media spokesperson of the CIA.
  • In 2012, she served as campaign spokesperson on national security and foreign policy issues for Barack Obama.
  • In 2013, Marie was appointed the Deputy Spokesperson for the Department of State, where she served as the deputy under Jen Psaki.
  • After working as a spokesperson in 2015, she became the “Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications” to then-Secretary of State John Kerry, where she continued her work leading the Iran nuclear negotiations communications strategy.

Panelist on TV :

  • Till 2019, Marie worked as a political contributor & commentator for the Fox News & Fox Business.
  • The primary areas she focused on were national security & foreign policy analysis.
  • In 2017, she was a part of the TV show Outnumbered as a guest panelist. She also appeared on Media Buzz in February & April 2017 as a panelist.

Interesting Facts and Trivia :

  • Marie’s thesis for her Master’s degree was to evaluate the prospects for ongoing regime stability in Saudi Arabia.
Body Figure / Physical Info

Marie Harf Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Blonde
  • How tall is Marie Harf Height : 5′6″
  • Legs / Feet / Shoe Size : No confirmed information available.
  • Pregnant? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.
Personal / Home Details
  • Marie Harf Married? : Yes
  • Children / No of Kids :
  • Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race : White
  • Nationality : American
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Boyfriend / Engagement Married to Joshua Lucas. Check the full bio for relationship details.

8 thoughts on “Marie Harf Fox News, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wedding, Husband, Salary”

  1. Larry Walter Mcenany

    Marie, I vehmently disagree with you in Biden’s remark, if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black enough. You can put mustard, relish, and ketchup on that remark, and it still a racist remark. The only time the democrats appear to help blacks, is every four years. The Democrats have created the problems the black community, has always had. Staring with pre civil war, to L. B. black pregnant woman money if they removed the man from the household. The Democratic Party has suppressed the black community, and has made them dependent on the government. I understand Democrats doing this. They took the idea from the Native Americans play book. The more you tried to defend Biden’s statement, the worse you looked.

  2. Ms. Harf,

    Clearly, you are a media puppet paid to spin the destructive narrative of the left. Why Fox News is contracting you is quite concerning to millions of Americans, and it’s undermining Fox. Fair and balanced? Balanced for whom – or what purpose?

    C’mon girl…you can’t put lipstick on a pig! Speaking of…coming to the aid of Soros has no place in America – or the world for that matter. This has everything to do with your integrity and values, girl…time for a gut check and checkup from the neck up.

  3. While I respect your passion, you just embarrassed yourself for your ignorant remarks on Outnumbered today,
    June 25, 2020.For you to compare ANY Confederate General to Saddam Hussein is totally inappropriate and
    does NOTHING to enlighten your audience nor add any clarity nor understanding to what we as a nation are facing today. Rather you added to the divisiveness that is hurting America right now.
    Let me humbly suggest to you that you read the History of the Civil War and get to know some of those Civil War
    Generals before you are so quick to deride and shamefully compare them to Saddam Hussein. I regret that
    I bothered to watch Outnumbered today. You ruined it for me.

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