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Amy Allan Wiki Bio, Tattoos, Wikipedia, Husband Married, Age (Dead Files)

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Personal Details Summary
Name Amy Allan (Also known as : Amy Allen)
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in May 1973. As of 2024, she is around 51 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner Check the full bio for relationship details.
Children / No. of Kids None
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Are Amy Allan and Matt Anderson married? Following her divorce from Matthew Anderson, Amy Allen is now married to Rob Traegler.
Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Amy Allan is an American TV personality who is most well-known for working as a ‘medium’ and a paranormal researcher on multiple television shows.
  • Allan has been a medium all her life and only became a public figure on television later when she began working on the sci-fi reality television series The Dead Files.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Amy Allan was born on May 31, 1973, in Colorado to spiritually-oriented parents. Her father was a physical medium while her mother was telepathic.
  • The family first lived in Arvada, Colorado, before moving to Denver.
  • As a child, Allan had several imaginary friends and communicated with spirits at an early age, which was a talent she inherited from her grandmother as well as her parents.
  • When she was 12 years old, Allan and her family moved to New York. This was a difficult period in her life because she could not embrace her talents or fit in with her high school classmates.
  • Later in life, Allan got married to Matt Anderson, who was her co-star on The Dead Files. The couple got divorced in 2013.
  • After their divorce, Allan revealed that she had been secretly seeing director Rob Traegler, with whom she had started a relationship. When a fan asked a query on Twitter (now called X) about their marriage date, Amy had replied it is going to October 2018. This proved to be true as Rob & Amy tied the knot at The Inn of the 7th Ray in Topanga, CA, on October 31st, 2018.

Early Life and Education :

  • Allan decided to support her talent with scientific studies on the subject, leading her to study Psychology at the University of Arizona.
  • At the university, Amy received mentorship from a popular para-psychologist named William Roll. After her studies, she became his apprentice.
  • Besides studying psychology, Allen studied sociology and specifically looked into sleeping disorders and different religious belief systems.
  • She is also educated in alternative medicines, having learned about eastern and western medicines, as well as acupuncture and other forms of healing.

Career : Book, Amy Allan Net Worth and Salary

  • After studying, Allan began using her abilities professionally, first by giving people private readings and later working up to aiding detectives and police officers on official cases.
  • Recognized as a physical medium, she truly rose to fame when she began working on the sci-fi reality television series The Dead Files in 2011.
  • Allan co-hosts the show with Steve DiSchiavi, together with whom she investigates hauntings across America. So far, they have completed fourteen seasons of the show.
  • She has since worked on other shows such as Ghost Adventures (hosted by Zak Bagans) and also on other networks, where she has served as a consultant as well as an on-air personality.

Fun Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • As a child, Allan claimed to see “shadow people” whom she considered her friends before learning they might have malignant intent.
  • Allan’s methodology is to combine scientific and spiritual facts to understand the situations she investigates. Her work has led her to aid detectives during police work.
  • Besides her work, Amy has also spent some time in Yugoslavia and Serbia helping refugees.
  • Walking around at night isn’t important for Amy’s job; however, they like to conduct it that way for filming.
  • Amy Allan Illness / Sick : She has no major illness or sickness to date and seems to be in good health.

46 thoughts on “Amy Allan Wiki Bio, Tattoos, Wikipedia, Husband Married, Age (Dead Files)”

  1. My wife discovered this show early in 2019 and we’ve watched EVERY episode we could get, even re-runs! But we’re beginning to worry earlier this year when right after announcing the new season starting date. That was until Super Bowl Sunday when my ongoing search alerted me about a new start to the season on a different day. We have been watching and enjoying our binge and are super glad about the new season.

    Amy is really great…we’ve often wondered why some of the so-called “Ghost Hunters” haven’t brought her in to verify, or correctly identify whether or not there are really ANY entities in the location and with Steve’s historic detective work…the “Truth” WILL be known with incontrovertible evidence, either side of the veil the truth IS here, not just “Out There”.

  2. I am an empath and didn’t believe in this at the beginning. I didn’t know why I was so sad or scared about certain people. We have had poltergeists where I have lived, in three houses. At first, I thought they followed me around to these homes but not my apartments so I live in apartments now. My first feeling of loss came through my daughter…and that seemed to follow through for most of them.

    All the symptoms of children I saw dead were happening through her. I was away from her both of these particular times. Once was a case of meningitis that happened to a child down the street from us who was her age. She was with my mother. I did not know it was meningitis I only knew it was high fever and death. My mom called me and left a message and I nearly fainted. The next time she was in school and once again I was away. My daughter would walk home to a friend’s where my mom would pick her up. I was out of town and suddenly became ill and faint. I told my friend something bad was going to happen. She took me to a phone but within 15 minutes I didn’t need to call. I said she was OK. She was surprised. But when I got home my neighbor’s grandson had been hit by a car and died on his way home from school. Those two are the most significant traumas I have felt but by no means the only ones.

    I saw just on Friday my friend dropped her plate of food before she ever picked it up in the kitchen. It is those types of things that are so weird I couldn’t walk through a room the way Amy does.

  3. Watching her show tonight, I noticed a small scar on her throat. Does she have thyroid cancer or is this scar from a trachiotomy? I hope it is not an undiagnosed health issue?

  4. Hi Amy,

    Love the show, actually, I started to watch it about a month ago. So, today is a binge-watching day. I am glad you are helping people. Where do you order your holistic products? God bless and have a great day.

  5. It is a TV show that was created for her abilities. Mediums appear on other sites as a helpful guest. I wish her many years of happiness and can’t wait for the new season. It’s okay not to believe. You will if something happens to you.

  6. I love Dead Files. Amy is amazing how she see things and can have them drawn. I believe there are spirit and there are good and bad. She can help them move on. I would love to meet her. Keep up the good work.

  7. I’ve loved Amy Allan since I first saw her on the Dead Files, back when it began in 2011. I think she is incredibly gifted, and emphatic. She cares about not only the living, but for the dead. I would love to meet her. someday. It would be such an honor.

  8. Love Amy Allen! Heard psychic abilities run in families and both her parents had abilities.

    Her photographer seems to be in a different world. The questions he asks are always the same and it seems to me to he has little understanding of what Amy does.

    She feels all the feelings she talks about which often involve pain and sadness. A really hard job.

  9. If Amy is born in 1973, she is 46, not 36. Please correct this if you would. Thanks for the rest of the info!

    1. Hey Beth,
      I don’t see anywhere in the article it saying she is 36 years old. Check under birthday/Age/DOB. It says, “Born in 1973.As of 2019, she is 46 years old. ”

    2. They did correct their typographical error…in fact, the article reads that as of the current date (February 26, 2022) she is 48 years old which is correct as she won’t turn 49 until May 31, of this year.

      Great catch but you could have sounded a little less condescending and phrased it as a question, that would have given them a chance to catch the error, correct it, and apologize for the error. All would be happy and people would have possibly been a little kinder with their remarks about you and your post.

      Have you ever considered being a proofreader? I know that after contacting a few publishers about errors, I was offered a position with a couple of authors about proofreading early prints of their work. But at the current age of 71, I don’t read enough to qualify for the position, especially since the books I currently enjoy are all audiobooks since actual reading for any time at all leaves me with headaches.

  10. Yeah you people need to read sites better before you comment. You act as if because you didn’t see something it didn’t exist! Sort of like ghosts…

  11. I love this show, but the only thing that desturbs me is that she see all the time bad things, my proffesional also is unconventional medicine and also have abilities, but I saw a lot of good things, rarely see bad things because I don’t allow negative energies to come close to me because it is dangerous, it might be true what she see, I don’t judge her, but I have a hard time to see she experienced negative energies, it is important to work with the positive energies or the light, whatever you choose.
    but still I like this show 🙂

    1. The people who call her to perform her works have negative phenomena occurring around them. This is why her walk-through is usually filled with demonic and negative entities.

    2. It’s not right to make judgements on others gifts. For this show of course she’s going to only see negative spirits. She does other work and I’m sure she sees more positive than negative. This show is only about 5% of her life. So maybe you could focus on being more positive for her.

    3. Hey Vega, I do not believe that you have any education to speak of since you cannot spell, or complete a proper sentence. Sorry, but you do not seem credible.

      1. Maybe English is not Vega’s first language. That could explain her mistakes. Maybe we could cut her some slack, huh?

  12. OMG you closed minded people. This women has incredible talents. I myself love her and would love to have a chance to meet her and listen to her story. I have followed her for years. Why would you doubt her? I guess you just don’t believe in something bigger and more spiritual then yourself. Do you believe in GOD in the parts of life you can’t see or explain. Amy and Lorraine Warren are two of my favorite people, and would love to reach out to !

    1. I totally agree with how you feel. Amy is also one of my most admired personalities on TV. I believe whole- heartedly in what she does. Lorraine Warren is truly remarkable in this field. They are the bravest women to encounter what they do and meet this evil without fear. That power comes from our holy father. God bless them both

    2. ANNIE, I AGREE WITH U 100%! I THINK THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ARE IGNORANT ON THIS SUBJECT. So many people don’t know anything else exists outside their immediate world! I just can’t believe in this day & age someone would doubt psychic abilities…They have been scientifically studied by the Military, the Government, MAJOR Universities & independent Scientists, Psychologists & Parapsychologists. People need to do their research before making conclusions!

  13. These folks need to realize this a TV SHOW! Please know that many of these people have been cast members been on many other shows if you watch carefully, you will recognize them. Hair color changes, etc, Now that everybody is really mad at me, LISTEN UP! I do agree they provide some excellent historical info other info and a sense of being legitimate by bringing Steve (we all love Steve!) he brings a legitimacy to the TV SHOW! I do believe that Amy did educate herself well for this kind of job! And I LOVE this TV show! Amy and Steve make the show believable, but……..Think about this.

    1. You should think about this…Amy Allan is the real deal. She was mentored by a famous Parapsychologist, Dr William Roll (who formally worked at Duke University’s Lab for Psychic research). She also worked with law enforcement. Fake psychics don’t usually get past the front door when they’re dealing with detectives! Don’t group the MANY FAKERS in this field with the truly gifted.

      Amy HAS appeared on another show (as a guest psychic medium) & she shared her opinions. There was NO FRAUD OF ANY KIND. It’s the same as another well known Psychic Medium, Chip Coffey. He has appeared on several different shows…always as himself…a psychic medium there to share his insights. The fact is there is more to reality than what we can see…much more.

      Of course, it’s ok to be sceptical but when you do the work & learn that there have been YEARS & YEARS of documented studies of paranormal events, as well as the SCIENTIFIC TESTS, ADMINISTERED TO PSYCHICS, u must come to accept that this is actually possible…either that OR EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CLAIMS TO HAVE SEEN/HEARD/WITNESSED ANYTHING OUT OF OUR “ACCEPTED REALITY” IS LYING.

  14. The Dead Files is an awesome show. Amy and her partner really help these people. I wish she could come to my brother’s farm and investigate. Take care everyone.

  15. I still love this show….not sure if it’s fake or real, but I love all the history Steve digs up…That’s the best part of the whole show !

  16. Janie…agreed. I am confused as to where Beth read Amy’s age. I saw only her birth year. Perhaps Beth read the article, made her comment, and the error was corrected prior to our reading it? Whatever is the reason for Beth’s comment…I do wish Amy’s height was listed as promised (I am always curious about a person’s height, because I am so petite).

  17. Omg if you seen her on the street as a HUMAN BEING you wouldn’t even give her a second look!! Get a life!

  18. As believed, it is only what some people think. Have family that says they have seen ghosts. I have watched many times and hours with no results. It is left to each individual to where he/she will be led by others.

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