Name James Braxton

Date of Birth / Birthday / Age / How old is He Born in August 1963. His age as of early 2020 is around 55 years.

Wiki Information / Bio Profile

Introduction :

  • James Braxton is an antique expert, auctioneer and television personality known best for his appearances on the BBC shows Antiques Road Trip and Bargain Hunt.

  • Smart, passionate and committed to his career, James is always looking for new ways to expand his business as well as his professional success.

Personal Life : Education & Family :

  • James is married to his wife Joanna Victoria Braxton. The exact details of their relationship or marriage are not known but the couple does have two sons named Ned and Charlie, who are both in their mid twenties (as of 2018). for her part, Joanna enjoys keeping a relatively low profile and is not seen much in public with her husband.
  • James is not a very expressive person when it comes to discussing matters about his early life or upbringing, he chooses to remain tightlipped. As such there is little known about his formative years, parents or siblings.

James Braxton Net Worth : Business & Store

Early Career :

  • Ever since he was young, James was always interested in the world of antiques and he knew that one-day he would pursue a career in the industry.
  • In 1991, Braxton purchased an auctioning company called Edgar Horns, which marked his first of several action firm purchases. He then obtained controlling interest in another auction room called Brackett’s in 1995 and has since continued to work with various auction companies around the UK.
  • He then decided to found the Fine Art Auction Group where he currently serves as the Director. The company is responsible for running 5 auction rooms that specialize in the sale of antiques. 2 of the auction rooms are located in the South West of England while the other 3 are located in the South East region.

Professional Progress & TV Work :

  • In 1999, James teamed up with 7 of his partners to create an E-commerce business called iBrax (dot) com. The business was an auction site that worked similarly to popular platform eBay. The partners eventually decided to return to focusing on the Fine Art Auction Group.
  • Braxton is also a co-founder of another auction agency called Dreweatts. He has spent over 2 decades working in the auction industry and specializing in antiques and art.
  • James is one of the principal owners of an inn called The Lamb Inn that is headed by his children.
  • Braxton started becoming more of a public figure when he started appearing on television giving his expertise on shows like Bargain Hunt, Flog It and Antiques Road Trip.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • When he is not working, James enjoys playing tennis, fishing, rollerblading, reading and travelling to places like Scotland. He is also quite the family man and enjoys spending as much time with his kids and wife as possible.
  • When asked to mention a list of things he dislikes in life, he listed bad manners, rain in the winter, tardiness and unnecessary shouting.
  • Braxton loves classic cars and enjoys collecting as many as he can. He is also a fan of his liquor and particularly enjoys Blood Mary drinks.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Single / Partner / Spouse Currently Married. See above for details.