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Julie Montagu Net worth, Wiki, Age, First Marriage, Husband, Daughter

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Name Julie Montagu

Date of Birth / Birthday / Age / How old is Julie Montagu February 17, 1974. As of 2021, she is around 47 years old.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Boyfriend / Dating Married to Luke Montagu. They have four children. See below for details.

Wikipedia Information / Julie Montagu Biography

Family, Marriage & Husband Details :

  • Julie Montagu (maiden name Julie Jean Fisher) was born on February 17, 1974, in Sugar Grove, Illinois, USA.
  • Julie is married to his husband, Luke Montagu. He is also known by his formal name of “Viscount Hinchingbrooke.”
  • She met Luke at a party. Back then, he was a scholar at Columbia University in New York City & the President of a firm Wide Learning.
  • Luke has worked for “Slingshot Productions Ltd” & “Met Film and TV as a Non- Executive Director & for “Metropolitan Film School” as a Director.
  • Additionally, he serves on the Skill Set Film Communications Advisory Committee.
  • He was the foremost film scholar at Columbia University to deliver an assignment digitally.
  • Possessing an outstanding business skill-set has helped him start many successful organizations.
  • Julie & Luke are now parents to four kids.

Career, Interesting Facts & Height :

  • Julie is a trained yoga professional & is one of the most popular yoga instructors in London.
  • One of her close friends introduced her to Power Vinyasa, which made her inclined towards yoga.
  • She also appeared on the BRAVO show Ladies of London.
  • The Flexi Foodie Academy, an online nutrition course is her brainchild & has received huge appreciation from the people and industry folks.
  • She is also a developer of her own range of energy appetizers that are one of most sold snacks in the UK.
  • Julie has also written a few books based on the science of nutrition.

Julie Montagu Net Worth & House : A Huge Manor

  • Julie’s husband inherited a house at Mapperton in Dorset termed by Country Life as “The supreme mansion house in England.”
  • Julie along with her family goes during the school holidays of her kids.
  • Generally, they visit during Christmas holidays, summer breaks and Easter holidays including the shooting season, which happens from October – January every year.
  • Her kids love the mansion. They play a lot of games such as hide and seek & often go on a long walk for hours around the pond in the estate.
  • The pond has a small island in the middle that can be reached by a small paddleboat.
  • The estate also has small height hills that are very beautiful.
  • Tourists visit the estate every year for its beauty and architecture.

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