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Satish Rajwade Wiki, Wife, Age, Family, Son, Movies, Bio, Contact

satish rajawade
Name Satish Rajwade : सतीश राजवाडे

Also Known as / Real Name Satish Rajvade

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 9th January 1973. As of 2024, he is around 51 years old.

Marital Status / Wife / Spouse Married to Pallavi Rajwade. His family also includes his two children named Yohana Rajwade and Hruditya Rajwade.

Career Span 1996 – Present

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Early Life :

Born and Brought up in Mumbai, Satish Rajwade went to Mithibai College for his education. During his period, he acted in 150 nataks and ekankikas for his college in 3 languages – Marathi, Hindi and English.

Acting Career :

His big break in acting came with the superhit natak All the Best, for which he did close to 900 shows. Later, he played a few cameo roles in a number of Bollywood movies. He also took up editing at BR Chopra for one year, without drawing a salary.

In the Zee Marathi serial Asambhav he played the role of Vikrant Bhosale, a police inspector, which was very popular.

Career as a Director :

Though he started with acting, his passion for directing made him take a role behind the camera. Mrugjal in 2000, was his debut directorial film. With Zee Marathi, he gave one hit serials after other – Duniyadaari, Kinara, Reshimgathi and later Oonpaus and Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta.

His two other serials as a director – Avantika and Agnihotra have achieved cult status.

In 2015, he directed Mumbai Delhi Mumbai and Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2. In 2017, he directed Ti Saddhya Kay Karte with a huge set of actors – Abhiney Berde, Arya Ambekar, Tejashree Pradhan and more.

Most of his movies have done well at the Box Office.

He also had an Orkut group during 2006 – 2011 where he regularly replied to fan queries.

TV Serials / Shows Acted
  • Asambhav
Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Sanngto Aika…! (2014)- Director
  • Popat (2013) – Director
  • Premachi Goshta (2013) – Director
  • Badam Rani Gulam Chor (2012) – Director
  • Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai (2010) – Director
Most Memorable Role Vikrant Bhosle in Asambhav

21 thoughts on “Satish Rajwade Wiki, Wife, Age, Family, Son, Movies, Bio, Contact”

  1. Hi Satish sir
    I am a big fan of your movie’s, resently I watched the movi “ti sadhya kay karte”it was great movi.
    Sir, I am a writter and we met eachother in excle-vission production house…………u suggest me about story resistession…
    Sir, I would like to contact you for a story.
    Sir, I Please contact me.

  2. प्रिय सतीश,
    नुकतेच तुझे ‘परफेकट मर्डर’ नाटक पाहिले. त्या निमित्ताने तुला पत्र लिहिले आहे. कसं पाठवू ते सांग. माझ्याकडे तुझा पत्ता नाही की कॉन्टॅकट.
    एक नाट्यरसिक
    लेखक निवेदक कथाकथनकार

  3. Mala Marathi cinema karayacha ahe. Ashihi banava banavi 2 chi stori tayar keli mi. Tyachasathi tumcha contact pahije.

  4. Hi Satish,

    I am a huge fan of all your work you have done till date (Just watched ‘Ti Sadhya kay karte’ on Youtube and loved it loads). I have not been in India for last one year and I am craving to watch all the episodes of ‘Agnihotra’ again. Unlike ‘Eka LagnacHi Dusri Goshta’ and all other movies, I could not trace Agnihotra series over the internet.

    I humbly request you to shed some light on how could I watch Agnihotra again. Can you, if possible, share your repository (READ ONLY access)? Or even sharing of your personal email id would be overwhelming and welcomed.

    Looking forward to your awesome creations in near future.

    Thanks in advance,
    Gaurav Kulkarni.

  5. You can call me a fan of Rajwade. Saw yesterday ‘Ti Sadhya Kay Karate’ Saw it just because it was Rawade’s movie and an excellent subject. But was disappointed. The real conflict was in adult life which was hardly explored. Instead, the movie dwelled only on school days crush and teenage romance. Almost everybody goes through this phase. So today, how we come to the terms with those conflicts of missed bus was the essence of the subject, at least that’s what the title suggested. But instead, in the end, it was Just a romantic movie. I think, director really missed the focus. Found it too superficial.

  6. Trayamdit Aadyadipane

    @Kalindi Tullu
    @LYUPIN POLITI thanks dude

  7. hey KALU nice choice of serial Even I would loke to watch sequal of Asambhav @Kalindi Tullu
    hey those have left in voting please leave a request note to this team as well to forward our comments to channels. Directors as well

  8. @Kalindi Tullu
    You watched this serial I don’t believe

  9. Follower Of Anand Ingle

    @Kalindi Tullu Kalindi if your comment gets accepted we would go for a long drive on the streets of Goa to Andhra to n fro

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