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Kahe Diya Pardes Cast, Actress, Title Song, Story

kahe diya pardes
Name / नाव Kahe Diya Pardes : काहे दिया परदेस

Also known as Kahi Diya Pardesh

Actor & Actress / Star Cast & Show / कलाकार
  • Sayali Sanjeev – Gauri Sawant
  • Rishi Saxena – Shiv
  • Mohan Joshi – Madhusudan Sawant, Gauri che Baba
  • Shubanghi Gokhale – Gauri chi Aai
  • Shubanghi Joshi – Gauri chi Aaji (She also played role of Aka in Abhaalmaya)

Story / Wiki माहिती

Thi TV serial in 2016 replaced the popular running Ka Re Durava for the 9.00 PM time slot on Zee Marathi.

Story Plot :

It is the story of the Maharashtrian Sawant family headed by Mohan Joshi – The younger girl Gauri falls in love and is later married to a North Indian boy named Shiv. The trailer, shot in Varanasi on the banks of the river Ganga shows the lead actress calling up her mother and reliving some memories of Mumbai.

The cast looks young with the introduction of two new actors – Sayali Sanjeev and Rishi Saxena.

It should be interesting to see how audiences accept this differently themed love story between North Indian boy and a Marathi girl, especially with the political scenario of the last few years.

This show is one of the 3 shows launched by Zee after the popular trio of Ka Re Durava, Honar Suun and Julun Yeti Reshimgathi ended in 2016.

Trailer / Title Song / Title Track Click here to watch / क्लिक करून ऐका

Channel Zee Marathi (झी मराठी)

Episodes Running Since Episode 1 : 28nd March 2016 – Present

Genre Drama

Crew : Director

Directed by Ajay Mayekar
Writer : Jeetendra Gupta

58 thoughts on “Kahe Diya Pardes Cast, Actress, Title Song, Story”

  1. Kahe diya pardes is really good serial
    All actors and actresses r doing there job nicely
    Mohan Joshi, Shubhangi Gokhale madam you are Acting is Beyond Words
    Really Superb
    Lady who is Doing Aji ' s role is SUPERB
    Fantastic Roles you guys are doing
    Best of luck from all the Viewers

  2. Actually I was also wants to know that, is she daughter nivedita Joshi, but I got my answer already… But I want to tel you that maximum Marathi viewer's having same question…… Anyways gsuri and shiv both r looking cute and innocent

  3. Gauri urf sayli sanjeev is so cute, Her expressions are simply great. She looks like nivedita Joshi saraf. or neetu singh.

  4. Khup Diwasani 'sasu-soon' chya baherchi malika. Pan sasu-jawai bapuche khatke ekdum must astat. Chhan malika.

  5. Purva Ghewari...

    Atishay sundar Malika aahe… Sayli ani Rishi navin asle tri tyancha Abhinay khuup sundar zalay…. Ani Mohan Joshi ani Aaji cha nata khuup chan dakhavlay……. Best wishes for all team…

  6. subash chandra Maurya

    very nice serial …
    I love this serial and it’s actors such as rishi, shayli and aaji and gauris parents

  7. Ramakant Gangapurkar

    पूर्ण सावंत कुटुंब आपलं वाटतं . खास आजी . छान सायली ,हिंन्दी रिषी,टपोरी विकी,कठोर पण कुटुंबवत्सल सावंत काका सारंच सुरेख जमून आलंय .
    सर्वांचं -मालिका दिग्दर्शक मयेकरजी ,सारे कलाकार -मनापासून
    कौतुक आणि अभिनंदन .
    अभिमानास्पद दमदार मालिका .
    शुभास्ते पंथाना : ।

  8. काहे दिया परदेस खुप सुंदर मालिका आहे. नविन काहीतरी…त्याच त्याच विषयापेक्षा वेगळ काहीतरी……कलाकार पण खुप छान आहे.

  9. I love watching this serial

    Relates to my relation

    A new subject to watch out for

    A bit slow story…need to gear up

    Over all 4 star I would rate for the same.

  10. this serial is awesome
    Nice actors Rishi & Sayalis and Hope it doesn’t merge into saas bahu drama ajji is also best

  11. Devidas Kumarwar

    Atishay sundar aani apratim marathi malika. The characters plyed in this serial are very cute and nice acting by them.

  12. Nice story in serial
    Rishi is best acting
    aaji is best comedy
    Viki is tapori lutaru
    Gauri beautiful
    Gaurichi aai is most valuble acting in the serial
    ##best TV serial kahe diya pardes##
    Nice story

  13. It is similar to my story. Start looks good. Hope it doesn’t merge into saas bahu drama and yes never judge people on basis of caste religion region n race

  14. even I have been asking the same question — looks very similar to nivedita Joshi… Though fronm what I know – Ashok saraf has only one son… will keep checking though

  15. Bhaiya lokana vait ka mantat yachi karne khup lokanchya manat vegvegli ahet mala hi kahi sangayachay pn msg ne sangane kathin ahe mazyasathi pn ya varun ya serial cha mala kiti Tiraskar ahe he tar kalal ch asel tumhala…….

  16. Manjusha Purandare

    Is Gauri in this serial I. e. Sayali Sanjeev, daughter of Nivedita Saraf and Ashok Saraf, Marathi actors?

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