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Kahe Diya Pardes Cast, Actress, Title Song, Story

kahe diya pardes
Name / नाव Kahe Diya Pardes : काहे दिया परदेस

Also known as Kahi Diya Pardesh

Actor & Actress / Star Cast & Show / कलाकार
  • Sayali Sanjeev – Gauri Sawant
  • Rishi Saxena – Shiv
  • Mohan Joshi – Madhusudan Sawant, Gauri che Baba
  • Shubanghi Gokhale – Gauri chi Aai
  • Shubanghi Joshi – Gauri chi Aaji (She also played role of Aka in Abhaalmaya)

Story / Wiki माहिती

Thi TV serial in 2016 replaced the popular running Ka Re Durava for the 9.00 PM time slot on Zee Marathi.

Story Plot :

It is the story of the Maharashtrian Sawant family headed by Mohan Joshi – The younger girl Gauri falls in love and is later married to a North Indian boy named Shiv. The trailer, shot in Varanasi on the banks of the river Ganga shows the lead actress calling up her mother and reliving some memories of Mumbai.

The cast looks young with the introduction of two new actors – Sayali Sanjeev and Rishi Saxena.

It should be interesting to see how audiences accept this differently themed love story between North Indian boy and a Marathi girl, especially with the political scenario of the last few years.

This show is one of the 3 shows launched by Zee after the popular trio of Ka Re Durava, Honar Suun and Julun Yeti Reshimgathi ended in 2016.

Trailer / Title Song / Title Track Click here to watch / क्लिक करून ऐका

Channel Zee Marathi (झी मराठी)

Episodes Running Dates Episode 1 : 28nd March 2016 – Present

Genre Drama

Crew : Director

Directed by Ajay Mayekar
Writer : Jeetendra Gupta

55 thoughts on “Kahe Diya Pardes Cast, Actress, Title Song, Story”

  1. It’s one of the best shows !! I love it so much!! Still binge watching the episodes on Zee5!! Thank you very much team KDP!! Would love to see season 2, of course with same cast!!

  2. We like all cast of KDP but we more like Sarla, s acting. She is very cute. Gauri, s Jethani. Please tell the name of Sarla.

  3. Changli ahe malika. Humma, Nisha ata dokyat jatat. Kahi kara. Ajii, shiv ani gaurichya praytnans yash dya. Nahitar boring hoel. Prakadh ani ptabhu dayal ka safalta NO NO.

  4. Suhangam Mungooshnathe

    Oh god! I haven’t met her since college days. She is on Fb list hasn’t updated her prof Happy

  5. Suhangam Mungoishnatthe

    marriage ceremony was like one in my school friend’s ny way Gauri looks stunning after n between marriage

  6. Varsha Pawaskar Goregaon

    Very Nice. Aaji return back. But what’s going on. Akshatla ka aanle. Shiv Gauri marriage dakhvnar ki nahi. Shiv badaal khup sad vatate. Pls sarva problem lavkar solve kara. Best of luck to Shiv & Gauri.

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