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Pudhcha Paaul Cast, Serial Title Song, Track, Actress, Wiki

puddhcha paul Star Pravah Marathi serial
Name / नाव Pudhcha Paaul (पूढच पाऊल)

Also known as Puddhcha Paul / Pudhache Paul

Episodes Dates First Episode : 2011 – 2017

Actors / Actress / Star & Show Cast / कलाकार

  • Harshada Khanvilkar – Akkasaheb Sardeshmukh (हर्षदा खानविलकर – अक्कासाहेब सरदेशमुख)
  • Jui Gadkari – Kalyani (जुई गडकरी – कल्यानी)
  • Sharmila Shinde – Rupali sardeshmukh (शरमीला शिंदे – रूपाली सरदेशमुख)
  • Astad Kale – Soham Sardeshmukh (आस्तद काळे – सोहम सरदेशमुख)
  • Swapnali Patil – Swapnali Soham SarDeshmukh (स्वप्नाली पाटील – स्वप्नाली सोहम सरदेशमुख)
  • Supriya Pathare – Kanchanmala (सुप्रिया पातारे – कांचनमाला)
  • Pradeep Velankar (प्रदीप वेलणकर)
Channel Star Pravah (स्टार प्रवाह)

TRP Ratings Hit (हिट)

Genre Family (कौटुंबिक)

Crew Director : Harshad Paranjape and Kedar Vaidya

5 thoughts on “Pudhcha Paaul Cast, Serial Title Song, Track, Actress, Wiki”

  1. Absurdity, and use of provocative and instigating words should have some limits. I wonder, how the serial is being viewed by ladies. The Lead Role Player is from Maharashtra and Maharashtra has a history of honoring women whether be in daily life or on screen.

  2. The serial going on for more than 6 years.
    There are many inconsistencies in the events
    of the serial. The additional events are still
    added just to prolong the story. It is difficult
    to come to the conclusion of the theme of
    story. The title "Pudhache Paaul" I.e.Next
    Step is correctly given as there is no references
    to the back steps except repeated marriges
    took places up till now. No body can guess
    how many repeated are still to be included
    in the future and how many deaths are still
    remaining in the residual story.

  3. Have been watching Pudhcha paul right from episode one. I just have one request to make about the latest episodes about the stolen kidney. Please please don’t show that the doctor is also involved in this thing. It creates a negative image about doctors who really are more than GOD. I won’t even say, god. They are lifesavers and we have lots of respect for them. So don’t involve the doctor. If it is a plan between Akka Saheb and the doctor then it is okay. But please do not show the negative image of doctors. It is not good…

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