Name Adarsh Shinde : आदर्श शिंदे

Also Known as Son of Anand Shinde

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age 7th March 1988. His age as of 2018 is around 30 years.

Marital Status / Marriage & Wedding / Husband His wife name / Is currently married to Neha Lele. The marriage was done as per Buddhist traditions in 2015. The couple also has a young daughter named Antara Shinde.

Biodata Profile Details / Wikipedia Information

Childhood and Personal Life :

Adarsh Shinde comes from a family rich in music and singing tradition. His father is the famous Playback singer Anand Shinde and his grand-father is Pralhad Shinde, also known as Swar Samrat.

Adarsh started learning singing at the young age of 10 and has sung more than 1500 songs in his career so far in both Marathi as well as Hindi languages.

His training in classical music was completed under the guidance of renowned singer Suresh Wadkar. His debut song was for the album Sapna, along with his father, around the age of 12.

Other members of his family include :

  • Mother Vijaya Shinde
  • Brothers Harshad and Utkarsh Shinde
  • Uncles Dinkar and Milind Shinde

In 2014, for the first time in Marathi music industry, the “Shinde” family sang together for the film Priyatama.

Some of his favorite and most popular songs are :

  • Sunya Sunya
  • DJ Song
  • Jeev Ha Sang Na
  • Gaan Vaju Dya
  • Ambe Krupa Kari
  • Deva Tujhya Gabharyala
  • Gazal Khari Kay
  • Sumbarana Gaa
  • Chimani
  • Moharle He
  • Morya
  • Shabay Shabay
  • Jagadgant
  • Full Too Fataka
  • Jagdamb
  • Aye Sanam
  • Aala Aala Re Baji
  • Awaaz Vadhav Dj
  • Baji O Baji
  • Yedpaat Gaav
  • Aala Re Raja
  • Kafirana
  • Dhin Tang
  • Mee Swapna Pahate Tujhe
  • Ata Ladhayche
  • Uthe Kallola Kallola
  • Matter Zala
  • Deva Tujhya Gaabharyala
  • Gajya Ra Gajya
  • Jeeva Ekata
  • Sanshyacha Kida
  • Daji Damana

He is an admirer of Babasaheb Ambedkar and his teachings in his personal life. He has sung a number of Bhim Geete and released a few albums appreciating Babasaheb.

His height is around 5 feet 9 inches.

Movies Sang For
  • Priyatama
  • Poshter airl
  • Duniyadari
  • Taalim
  • Baji
  • Dagdi Chawl
  • YZ
  • Halal
  • Ringan