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Ajay Gogavale Wiki, Caste, Biography, Family, Wife

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Name Ajay Gogavale l अजय गोगावले

Also known as Ajay Gogavle of Ajay Atul jodi. His full name is Ajay Ashok Gogavale

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 21 August 1976. As of 2024, he is around 48 years old.

Marital Status / Wedding & Marriage / Wife Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Personal Life :

Ajay Gogavale is a music director, and one part of the famous Ajay Atul Jodi, who have found fame in Marathi and Hindi cinema.

Early Life :

Ajay Gogavale was born in Rajguru Nagar in the Pune district of Maharashtra. His full name is Ajay Ashok Gogavale

Though he looks taller and bigger than his brother Atul Gogavale, he is actually the younger brother of the two. He is also the singer amongst the duo and sings many of their music-directed songs.

Ajay’s early childhood education happened in Shirur near Pune. Since his father had a government job, the brothers moved to different cities in their childhood days. In their childhood, they used to follow street band players and started developing a love for music.

During their college days, their father gifted them a super-expensive and latest keyboard on which they started perfecting their musical art.

Career and Professional Life :

After completing their education, Ajay and Atul moved to Mumbai and started working on jingles, making songs for small albums and serials, some of which were never released. During this period, they provided music for the movie Gayab, starring Tushar Kapoor.

One of their very first awards came for the Natak ‘Sahi re Sahi’ directed by Kedar Shinde.

However, one of their biggest hits came with the 2004 movie Aga Bai Arecha which had great songs like Malhar Wari, Mann Udhan Varyache and many others. These songs are still considered classics.

Later in 2008, for the movie Jatra, Ajay-Atul produced one of their signature Marathi songs, Kombdi Palali. This same song was later used with modifications in Hrithik Roshan’s Hindi movie Agneepath.

Surprisingly, despite giving a number of hits, neither Ajay nor Atul have been formally trained in classical music.

In their glorious career, they have provided music to over 25 films, 15+ serials, single albums, and many nataks. Their success in Marathi music pushed them to some great work in the Bollywood industry as well with projects like Singham, PK and Brothers. Some of their most popular works include :

  • Sairat
  • Morya
  • Aga Bai Arechya
  • Agneepath
  • Natrang
  • Fandry

In 2016, Ajay Atul delivered one of the biggest hits of their life – the movie Sairat. The film starring Aakash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru did over 100 crores in business and all the songs became extremely popular.

Ajay’s height is around 5 feet 10 inches. The music Jodi has won more than 30 awards, many of them for music direction and some for singing for Ajay. He has a versatile voice that has provided the right emotion to many of their songs.

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