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Lee Ann McAdoo【 Wiki Bio 】Age, Measurements, Boyfriend, Pics

Name Lee Ann McAdoo

Wedding & Marriage / Lee Ann McAdoo Boyfriend / Dating Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biografía / Biography Information

Introduction :

  • Lee Ann Mcadoo is an anchor and writer for InfoWars (dot) com & works alongside famous radio show host, Alex Jones.
  • Self-proclaimed psychic, lion tamer & “ensorcelling muse,” Lee Ann McAdoo is a conservative reporter & host for InfoWars, a controversial right-wing website ran by Alex Jones.
  • She often conducts interviews for the show and occasionally hosts an InfoWars segment called Nightly News.
  • Nicknamed “Wonder Woman” by her co-workers for her dedication & passion, McAdoo has a background in Journalism & Video Production & holds a interest in astrology and conspiracies.
  • Education : Lee Ann holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. She attended the school from 2008-2011.

Lee Ann McAdoo Family and Parents :

  • Lee Ann is the daughter of parents – Mother Kathy Johnson and Father Steve McAdoo.
  • She also has two siblings – Brother Shane McAdoo and sister Jennifer McAdoo.
  • Currently, she owns a Chihuahua named Merlin Jetson.

Political Views :

  • Lee is a Right-Wing Donald Trump Supporter & vehemently Anti-Hillary Clinton.
  • She’s been vocally critical of the traditional media, claiming that “its job is to keep you in a trance,” “to keep you dumb enough to lie down and take it until you’re dead.”
  • She believes her work for the alternative media helped open her eyes to the truth & that the public has finally begun to “break free from the illusion.”

Affair Controversy :

  • McAdoo was involved in a scandal with host Alex Jones back in 2015, when it was speculated that she held an affair with him while Jones was still married to the first wife: Kelly Rebecca Nichols.
  • Due to the rumors, Lee Ann has been pinpointed by fans as the reason behind Alex Jones’s divorce to Nichols.
  • Both have denied the rumors and have since then put the controversy behind them.
lee ann mcadoo yoga

Music Career :

  • McAdoo had worked as a music blogger for LegitArt Entertainment in 2010.
  • She previously worked as a Music Television Host for Balcony TV Austin from 2011-2012
  • Later, she worked alongside direction Jeff Ray on the music video for “Hope Dies” by ZEALE ft. Patricia Lynn.

Height, Body and Interesting Facts :

  • Lee Ann has more than one nephew & one of them is named Joshua.
  • She has confirmed that she’s Irish roots.
  • It was speculated by followers that she once held a relationship with artist Valin Zamarron from ZEALE but that they have long broken up.
  • Played the character of Helen in the TV show The Last Resorts.
  • Owned a chihuahua named Monte that died in 2015 and another chihuahua named Cosmo that died a few months later.
  • Currently, she resides in Austin, TX.
Date of Birth / Lee Ann McAdoo Birthday / Age February 8, 1979. As of 2024, she is around 45 years old.

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