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Gigi Graham Tchividjian Foreman Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Married, Husband

Gigi Graham Photos
Personal Details Summary
Name Gigi Graham
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB September 21, 1945. As of 2024, she is around 79 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Fiance / Partner Married thrice. Check the full bio for relationship details.
Children / No. of Kids 7
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Where does Gigi Graham live? Gigi has lived in Israel and Switzerland as well as different states here in the U.S.
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Gigi Graham is a published author & book writer. However, she is better recognized as the daughter of the famous preacher Billy Graham.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Gigi was born on September 21, 1945, in Montreat, North Carolina, to parents Billy and Ruth Graham.
  • Her father, Billy Graham, an American evangelist, was highly popular and revered during his lifetime.
  • Her mother, Ruth Bell Graham, passed away in 2007, while Billy passed away in 2018. The couple was married for an astonishing 60+ years.
  • Gigi has two brothers and two sisters, all of whom decided to follow their father’s work.

Personal Relationships :

  • Gigi got married to a Swiss-Armenian guy Stephan Tchividjian in Switzerland when she was just 17 years old. After a couple of years, the two of them decided to move back to the US, where they went on to have 7 children. Some years later, they decided to divorce.
  • One of her children, son Tullian Tchividjian was a former pastor at Presbyterian Church in America. Gigi’s daughter Jerushah Armfield is often seen on the panels of CNN news.
  • Post her divorce with Stephan, Gigi decided to get married again, but this time she settled down with a private investigator. However, the marriage did not last long, and they got divorced.
  • In 2012, she fell in love again and decided to marry her old childhood friend Jim Wilson.

Book Writing & Works as an Author :

  • Gigi has published a number of books such as Mothers Together together with her mother in 1998, Coffee and Conversation With Ruth Bell Graham and Gigi Graham Tchividjian in 1997, A Quiet Knowing in 2001 and Diapers and Dishes or Pinstripes and Pumps: Christian Women in a Changing World.
  • She also published Prodigals and Those Who Love Them: Words of Encouragement for Those Who Wait in 2008.
  • Some of her other published books include A Search for Serenity: Encouragement for Your Weary Days and Weatherproof Your Heart.
  • Since 2014, she works as a family representative of “The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,” a center of conferences that belongs to her father.

Other Trivia :

  • Gigi had the chance to live not only in numerous US states but also in places like Israel and Switzerland.
  • She really admires her parents, but she never felt any pressure to follow their steps. She says they never judged people and always supported Gigi & her siblings through their lives.

5 thoughts on “Gigi Graham Tchividjian Foreman Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Married, Husband”

  1. Does anyone have Gigi’s book, “Thank you Lord for my home”? I would like to read Prayer Is….on page 109. I was reading through old notes and found this one from 1983. I no longer have the book. Thank you for your help.

  2. Which book speaks about Gigi’s 2 divorces? I, too, have been through two divorces and wondered how Gigi managed it. Thank you and God bless!

  3. Gigi is admirable. I just read her devotional on ‘weariness’. Her personal life is real and open. Hope to meet her one of these days.

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