Name Jinkee Pacquiao

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age 12th January 1979. Her age as of 2019, is around 40 years.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Jinkee Capeña Pacquiao is the wife of the famed boxer Manny Pacquiao, who has also served a term as Vice Governor in the Philippines.

Family :

  • Jinkee was born on January 12, 1979 in the General Santos area of the Philippines.
  • She has a twin sister named Janet Pacquiao, who was reportedly born 2 minutes before her.
  • Parents – Her father, Nestor Jamora, and mother, Rosalina Capena, came from conservative backgrounds. They raised their girls to be active in the church community as well as to maintain a sense of modesty.

Education :

  • After graduating from high school, Jinkee attended Notre Dame in Kiamba, where she studied business management.
  • From there she went on to the AMA Computer University to further studies.
  • During her studies, she worked as a mall cosmetologist to support herself. She has said that it was that job that got her interested in makeup and fashion.

Jenny & Manny Pacquiao Marriage & Children :

  • During her studies and work at the mall, her uncle began working for the famed boxer turn politician Manny Pacquiao.
  • He brought Manny to the mall one day for an appearance and introduced him to his niece.
  • At the time, Manny was engaged to another woman, but he fell in love with Jinkee instantly & subsequently ended the other relationship.

  • After 7 months of dating they were married on 10 May 2000.
  • As of 2019, they have five children together. They have two daughters, named Mary Divine Grace Pacquiao and Queen Elizabeth Pacquiao, as well as three sons named Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr, Michael Pacquiao and Israel Pacquiao.
  • They have said a large part of their relationship came from their united devotion to religion, and are both extremely active with their evangelical protestant faith.

Jinkee Pacquiao Business Career & Politics :

  • From 30 June 2013 to 30 June 2016, Jinkee served as the Vice Governor for the Sarangani area. She was preceded by Steven Solon and succeeded by Elmer Peralta.
  • She has said she was inspired to run for that position after her husband had difficulty with deciding who to vote for. She retired from it in 2016 to focus on her family and their businesses.
  • One of those businesses is the Peoples Champ Movement, which is an offshoot of the national Democratic Party which was founded by her husband in 2008.
  • As of 2017, she is working as the President of the Peoples Champ Movement, and also contributes to the United Nationalist Alliance.

Jinkee Pacquiao Net Worth & Other Work :

  • Prior to her career in politics, her work was a little varied as she preferred to be home with her children.
  • In 2008, she was the executive producer of the movie ‘Anak ng Kumander’ which also starred her husband.
  • Known as a fashion icon around the world, she is particularly praised for remaining modest while wearing the latest dresses, bags and shoes.
  • Her Instagram account, @jinkeepacquiao, is used predominantly to share her faith, and as of 2019, she has over a million followers for her account.

Jinkee Pacquiao Died & Death News Hoax :

  • In Jan & Feb 2017, there was a hoax that Jinkee was dead. This was quickly proved to be false.
Wedding / Husband / Marriage / Dating / Engaged Currently Married to Boxer Manny Pacquiao