Name Pam Gallardo

Husband / Wedding & Marriage / Boyfriend / Dating Currently Married. Her husband name is Ian Veneration.

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  • Pam Gallardo is an industrial engineer who is most famous for being the wife of the Philippino personality Ian Veneracion.

Family Background :

  • Pam Gallardo was born in Manilla, in the Philippines, into a middle-class family.
  • She loves to cook, especially to bake, as a means of relaxing.
  • Having grown up as a tomboy, she loves the outdoors and encourages her children to enjoy the outdoors rather than being addicted to technology.

Pam Gallardo Net Worth & Career :

  • A bright student from a young age, Pam received a scholarship to The La Salle University.
  • She also went on to study at the Up Diliman School and Atena. It was at Atena that she received a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.
  • As of 2019, she has worked as an Industrial Engineer for over 20 years, although she has cut back to part-time to spend more time with her children.
  • She has been praised for portraying a strong woman in that industry, as particularly in the Philippines, it is usually a male-dominated field.

Pam Gallardo Wife of Ian Veneracion : Marriage

  • Pam has been married to Ian Veneration since 1994.
  • Ian is a well-known painter, sports person and actor in the Philippines.

  • Together they have 3 children – 2 sons named Tristan Draco and Buccio & a daughter named Diedre.
  • She has revealed that she named her firstborn son after the constellations.
  • Appearing by her husband’s side numerous times throughout his career, she always denies interview requests, as she does not want to be involved in the fame portion of his life.
  • When asked what she thinks about her husband’s popularity, she has reportedly told friends that she just tries to not think of him as famous.
  • Veneracion has told reporters that his wife does not get jealous of his acting job, particularly of the love scenes involved, because she knows it is just a job.
  • He has also stated that he feels somewhat insulted when fans make statements about his wife being an intellect when he could have a model, as he feels she is more beautiful than any model he has ever seen.

Infidelity & Controversy :

  • In early 2016, rumours began circulating of her husband’s infidelity.
  • It was rumoured that he had actually left her so that he could pursue a relationship with FHM model Jessy Mendiola.
  • The rumours became so bad that he was forced to comment on it publicly and state that they were not true.
  • Shortly after those rumours had died down, new ones surfaced that he had also had an affair with Jodie Sta Marie.
  • The tabloids ran stories about how the two met in Iceland for a romantic rendezvous.
  • However it was actually confirmed that the two were holidaying there with their respective families and that the photos the tabloid were using had both of their children just out of frame.
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