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Carli Bybel Age, Net worth, Boyfriend, Break Up, House, Wiki, Height

Carli Bybel Hair Fashion Clothes
Name Carli Bybel

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB October 17, 1990. As of 2021, she is around 31 years old.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Bio

Introduction :

  • Carli Bybel is an American fashion, fitness, and make up guru. Garnering over 6 million subscribers, she is now most famous for her YouTube videos and tutorials.

Family Background & Early Life :

  • Carli Sue Bybel was born on October 17, 1990 in Morganville, New Jersey.
  • She was born into a regular American family, and had one older sister, Amanda Bybel who Carli had often talked about in her YouTube videos.

Carli Bybel Brett Break Up :

  • Currently, Carli resides in New Jersey and seems to be single after splitting with her long-term boyfriend Brett Caprioni (news as of late-2017). Brett is a fellow YouTuber and fitness guru, also born and raised in New Jersey.
  • Oddly enough Carli and Brett had known each other for years, as Brett was in the same school year as Carli’s Sister Amanda. Although they shared a very public relationship on Twitter and Instagram, between 2013 and 2017, their split was very mutual and private.

Early Life & Education :

  • Raised in Morganville, she was educated in the American education system and attended a local high school with a modest level of success.
  • As her parents divorced when she was a teenager and her father (whom she has often described in interviews as her best friend) moved to Florida, Carli too opted to also move to Florida after high school and attended local beauty schools there.

Youtube Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Carli started work as a freelance makeup artist and beautician, both in Florida and when she returned to New Jersey.
  • On the 25th August 2011, Carli produced and uploaded her first YouTube tutorial, Curling Hair With Straighteners to her original YouTube channel Carlibel55, with pretty much immediate success. Although to this day, she has had great success with her original channel, Carli has also started a second YouTube channel called, InnerBeautyBybel, and often hosts special guests in her videos the most notable so far being, American actress Drew Barrymore.
  • Besides her super popular YouTube channels, Bybel also runs a popular blog called The Fashion Bybel, to which she has several thousand visitors daily.
  • Due to her huge popularity, she has also had devised her own cosmetics range, which is available worldwide, and has a very popular clothing line with Missguided, which came out in 2016 and sold out very quickly.

Trivia, Surgery, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • Like many celebrities of her age and ilk, Carli is very keen on exercise and keeping fit, suggesting that Yoga is one of her favorite ways of working out.
  • A strict Vegan, she loves to devise new vegan recipes to cook and eat.
  • In her downtime, Carli likes nothing more than to sit and enjoy a box set television binge, quoting Game of Thrones as a particular favorite.
  • She is also a huge country and western music fan, an obsession that she initially gained through listening to the music of Taylor Swift, but now she suggests that her tastes are far-reaching in the genre.
  • Anyone who follows Carli on her social media accounts will know that she is a lover of the natural world and especially the creatures that live in it. In interviews, she has often spoken of her love for penguins and was overjoyed when her boyfriend at the time, Brett Capioli bought her a full day’s experience looking after the penguins at a local zoo.
  • She has a number of Tattoos – One is the Hindu sign ‘Om ॐ,’ which she got in 2016. She has also many finger tattoos – One is ‘LOVE’ which she did in 2012, the other is one of open hearts.
  • Carli Bybel Ethnicity / Race : Mixed
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