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Millie Mackintosh Engaged, Wedding, Age (Wikipedia) Height, Family, Diet

Millie Mackintosh Clothes Dresses
Personal Information Summary
Name Millie Mackintosh
Mother / Mom Georgina Mackintosh
Sister Alice Mackintosh
Eyebrows She uses a mixture of different brands. Her eyebrows were very thin.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 26th July 1989. As of 2023, she is around 34 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Fiance / Partner No confirmed information available.
Does Millie Mackintosh have a tattoo? Her lower back is covered with a butterfly tattoo. In addition to the three stars on her upper left shoulder, Millie has another tattoo which she has yet to reveal.
Children / No. of Kids No confirmed information available.
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality British
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Millie Mackintosh is a British television star, fashion, beauty and makeup expert and also a successful entrepreneur.

  • Beautiful, passionate and tenacious, Millie stays true to her hard-working spirit and despite coming across difficult times in recent years, she has managed to stay positive and focused on her future.

Personal Life, Dating & Boyfriends :

  • Camilla Millie Mackintosh was born in Wiltshire, United Kingdom on 26th July 1989 to parents – Nigel (father) and Georgina Mackintosh (mother).
  • She revealed in an interview that her ancestors were the creators and brains behind the popular chocolate brand Quality Street as well as Toffee Crisp and Caramac.
  • When Millie appeared on the cover of FHM magazine, she caught the eye of English rapper, Stephen Manderson a.k.a. Professor Green. He soon secured her contact information & the two began dating.
  • They were in a relationship for two years before Green asked her to marry him while on a romantic trip to Paris. They tied the knot at the Babington House in September 2013 but soon filed for divorce in 2016.
  • Millie is currently in a romantic relationship with Hugo Taylor.

Fame & Reality TV Career :

  • In 2011, Millie joined the cast of the award-winning series, Made in Chelsea and became a series regular until her departure 5 seasons later.
  • Fans fell in love with Mackintosh’s style and honest nature and even after she left the show, people still continued to follow her on social media and other entertainment platforms.
  • After her stint on Made in Chelsea she decided to build her own personal brand as a beauty, fashion and fitness icon.

Net Worth & Business Career :

  • Millie started out by posting her makeup looks, fashion and fitness routines online and capitalized on her television fame to grow her own brand. Posting on a regular basis helped her grow her online presence and she now has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and over 1 million fans on Twitter.
  • She launched a personal blog that serves as a platform for her to post her work and to reach out to fans looking to embrace trendier wardrobes, makeup and fitness routines. Millie also started an online clothing shop but soon shut down due to financial problems.
  • Despite being forced to close down her store, Millie has a successful range of fake eyelashes that she has named after different regions in London.

Trivia, Makeup and Fun Facts :

  • Millie has spoken very openly about her struggles as the awkward girl in school.
  • She revealed in an interview that people called her “Sparrow Legs” because she was very skinny and they made fun of the fact that she wore braces and glasses. Millie was bullied so much that she eventually refused to attend school.
  • Mackintosh has 3 tattoos and joked that she got them done during her life phase as a “bad girl.” She has spoken about two of her tattoos but chose to keep the location and style of the third one a secret.

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