Name Brittany Pettibone

Birthday / How old is Brittany Pettibone Age / Date of Birth / DOB 7th October 1992. As of 2019, she is around 27 years old.

Biography Profile / Information

Introduction :

  • Often referring to herself as an “American Nationalist” & playing to the gallery with her alt-right groups, Brittany Pettibone apparently gained importance because of her sublime beauty and also for her outright support for the current American President Donald Trump.

  • She describes herself as a political activist and You Tuber who makes weekly videos dedicated to social and political commentaries.
  • She is also a young adult fiction writer, who holds that Alex Jones and Paul Watson and InfoWars are a reliable source of news.
  • She also co-hosts a monthly podcast with Tara McCarthy called Virtue of the West.

Family & Education :

  • Brittany was born on 7th October 1992. She is the daughter of parents – Father Theodore and Mother Sabrina Pettibone & has seven siblings.
  • She has a twin sister Nicole with whom she co-authored the Hatred Day book series under the pen name T.S. Pettibone.
  • Born in California, she was later brought up in Kansas.
  • As a child, she began writing from the age of 15, unlike her shy sister Nicole who already had a head start over her from the very young age of 13.
  • She was home-schooled along with her twin sister during her junior and senior years of high school which acted as a blessing as she found a lot of time to write.

Books :

  • Though it took 9 long years and hundreds of rejections for her book the Hatred Day to see the light of the day, Brittany writes about the struggle both her sister and she went through to get the perfect final draft.
  • She credits John Truby as her master when it comes to writing and has attended almost 5 of his writing seminars and says she learned the art of hooking the writer in the first five pages from him.
  • She chose to self-publish her books after failing to convince agents to trust two unproven authors.

Fun Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Brittany enjoys the rare chances she gets to be outdoors, taking her dog on a night walk, reading the classics, drinking too much coffee, travelling the world, making friends out of strangers.
  • She enjoys learning new things especially if they are related to architecture, politics, history, geography, foreign languages and cultures, cars, motorcycles, weapons and martial arts.
  • She uses the Scrivener software to outline and build her world but writes her manuscript on Microsoft Word.

  • Chose the penname T.S Pettibone along with her sister as an honor to their parents.

Controversies :

  • Brittany promoted the conspiracy theory called Pizzagate which cropped up during the 2016 American Presidential Elections.
  • The theory which went viral apparently implied that a couple of restaurants in the United States had a role to play along with few of the Democratic Party members in human trafficking and child-sex ring.
  • Both she and her sister have been accused for mining Donald Trump’s posts and passing them of as their own.
  • They have been blamed for not putting forward any new arguments and still scoring followers drooling over their good looks.
  • They were also cornered for playing the feminist card to promote their novel which came across as a feminist fantasy.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Dating / Boyfriend Currently Not Married.