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Saba Naqvi Wiki, Husband, Married, Family, Parents, Age, Education, Bio

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Name Saba Naqvi

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Introduction :

  • Saba Naqvi is a renowned Indian journalist, political analyst, TV commentator, with a primary focus on Indian government and politics.
  • Saba wishes every human to be healthy and happy, and wants to inspire the next generation to have compassion and not feel the need to conform for society’s sake.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Saba is the daughter of Saeed Naqvi, a first-generation English school graduate and a senior journalist, television commentator, and interviewer.
  • For her education, Saba attended Princeton, while her father was a fellow at the University. She has also attended the Modern School in Delhi, and St. Stephen’s College.
  • She is married to Sanjay Bhowmick, in a civil marriage that they say is proof that love can overcome religious issues – Saba is a Shia Muslim and Sanjay is a Bengali Hindu; she states that personal marriage laws can diminish women and is in favour of civil marriages.

Career, Job, Salary & Net worth :

  • Saba started her career with the weekly magazine Outlook, and was hailed as a bright, eloquent, and expressive yet neutral commentator.
  • As of 2021, she has over three decades of experience as a political journalist, both in the studio and during live primetime debates.
  • Saaed’s work abroad and within India, include being editor of World Report, writer for BBC News, The Sunday Observer, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, The Citizen, and Outlook.
  • At times, many colleagues have made personal and career shots at her. Nevertheless, she is often credited for being an objective journalist.
  • Saba has authored a series of articles outlining the decision to shut out reporters from the PMO and how reporters are not part of the Indian Prime Minister’s entourage during international trips.
  • Her three decades of journalism experience are included in her recent book, Shades of Saffron, and pinpoints how an ex-PM had disagreements with the finance minister nominations, the RSS, and the hostility and power struggle that ensued.
  • Saba left Outlook magazine in 2015 and is now a frequent guest speaker and freelance author, stating she is “enjoying writing what she wants to and speaking when she feels it’s appropriate.”

Recent Work & Challenges :

  • Naqvi has followed the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) for two decades, watching how they have promoted capable women into power positions and claims her Indian-Muslim identity has never been an issue.
  • Still, she admits to being called out and has received threats on social media, been physically accosted by two men, and refuses to consider herself a victim.
  • With thousands of people under the patriarchy, caste, and gender prejudices in her country, she says she has a platform and a voice and feels she is on Earth to cover other people’s stories and not tell her own.
  • Despite the various challenges, the virtue and legacy with which Saba has continued her work is astounding.
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  1. I want to attend a lecture by Saba Naqvi. I stay in Kolkata. Please do inform me your lecture date in Kolkata.

    N R Kabra.

  2. Saba is such an intelligent smart woman. I mostly agree with her views and thoughts. Sometimes, however, feels as if is she influenced. All best wishes to Saba.

  3. Saba is clear and level-headed in her assertions. A forthright, no-nonsense journalist without undue aggression. A great human being. It is a pleasure to listen to her exposition of the subject.

  4. Saba is great Indian media person. I admire her as a fearless & objective Indian journalist. Her TV debates are great to watch.

  5. Seen you many times on TV debates, esp. Republic TV.

    You talk sense. Wish others echo the same sentiments.

    Said Hello 2 ur Dad today when we came across each other.

  6. Message from a Retd defence service officer: To Ms. Saba Naqui…Delighted to read your article on late Shri Arun Jaitely in TOI Look forward to reading your book Saffron! May I add whether “human values” enter the calculations of politicians at all? Bestwishes…Viswanath, Bangalore.

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