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Shannon Duffy【 Are You the One 】MTV, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Photos

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Name Shannon Duffy

Shannon Duffy Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB 10th May 1995. As of 2024, she is around 29 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Shannon Duffy is an MTV personality, best known for appearing on season 5 ofAre You The One.

Shannon AYTO : Family, Education & Parents :

  • Shannon Mae Duffy born on 10th May 1995 in the Philippines. When she was still a child, her family made the move to the United States.
  • Her mother still cooks a traditional Phillipino meal for the whole family every Sunday, and she has said that the meal is what she misses the most when she is away for work purposes.
  • They settled into Valencia, California, which she to this day calls home.
  • She has said that her humble beginnings in the Philippines have taught her to be extremely grateful for everything she receives in life.

Shannon Duffy AYTO – Are You The One Stint :

  • Shannon Duffy came to public attention for her participation in the show Are You The One in season 5. It aired from 11th January 2017 to 15th March 2017.
  • She went into the show stating that although she was hopefully for love, her previous relationship had hurt her so badly that she may not be able to open up to anyone. Her most famous quote from the show was ‘Your heart can’t be broken if it’s made of ice.’
  • Unfortunately, throughout the season Shannon did not find her perfect match. She claims that she had been taunted by certain castmates about not finding her match, and that they claimed she was too negative to find love.
  • It has been said that as of 2017, she is dating her fellow cast member Tyler O’Brien.
  • The two did appear close throughout the season, but were not found to be perfect matches by MTV standards.
  • She has stated she found that ridiculous, as she believes there’s no one who could be as much of a perfect match for her as he is.

Shannon Duffy Are You the One : Life After

  • After filming ended, Duffy returned home to Valencia, California, to her parents’ house and kept a relatively low profile as per MTV instructions until the show aired.
  • Once the show aired, she hit the promotional trail for the show as per her MTV contract, appearing in mostly shopping centres and nightclubs with her fellow co stars.
  • Having been active in the social media world since 2013, she has now focused on expanding that following. She appears on Instagram under the handle @shannonmaeduffy (where she has 100,000+ followers) and on Snapchat as shannon_mae.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Partner / Dating / Boyfriend Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details.

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