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Aggabai Sasubai Cast, Wiki, Title Track, Story, Actress : अग्गंबाई सासूबाई

Aggabai Sasubai Marathi Serial
Name / नाव Aggabai Sasubai (अग्गोबाई सासुबाई)

Show Time Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast /कलाकार
  • Tejashree Pradhan – Shubhra (तेजश्री प्रधान)
  • Nivedita Saraf – Asawari (निवेदिता सराफ)
  • Ashutosh Patki – Soham / Babdya (आशुतोष पत्की)
  • Girish Oak – Abhijeet (गिरीश ओक)
  • Ravi Patwardhan – Aajoba (रवी पटवर्धन)

Genre Family (कौटुंबिक)

Storyline / Wiki

‘Aggabai Sasubai’ is a story that focuses on the life of a woman “Asawari” (played by actress Nivedita Saraf). Asawari becomes a widow within a couple of years of her marriage. In the next few years, Asawari takes care of her family and faces all her life issues & challenges with a smiling face.

A family-oriented woman, Asawari, has raised her son “Soham” (played by actor Ashutosh Patki) and also taken care of her father-in-law “Aajoba” (played by actor Ravi Patwardhan). She has forgotten to take care of herself while doing all this and has devoted herself entirely to the service of her family.

However, somewhere after many years of living life as a widow, Asawari is alone & has the right to lead a happy life again.

Now many years later, the show focuses on how Asawari’s daughter-in-law ‘Shubhra’ (played by Tejashree Pradhan), who aims to bring a little joy to her life. After the marriage of Soham and Shubra, the family celebrates their big day in celebrity chef Abhijeet Raje’s restaurant.

There, chef Abhijeet (played by actor Girish Oak) notices Asawari and falls in love with her. In order to get closer to her, Abhijeet gets Asawari’s number from the feedback form that she leaves behind at the eating place and calls her. However, Asawari mistakes Abhijeet for some harasser and shoots him down. Abhijit, however, doesn’t give up and sends over his signature dish “Creme brûlée” to woo her.

After the show went on-air in July 2019, within a week, it broke into the top 5 TRP shows in Marathi serials.

The chemistry between Nivedita Saraf (who essays the character of the mother-in-law) & popular TV actress Tejashri Pradhan (who is seen as her daughter-in-law) is said to be one of the reasons of the show’s success.

It replaced the hit show Tula Pahate Re for the 8:30 PM spot. The show is produced by Shweta Shinde, a renowned actress herself.

Channel Zee Marathi (झी मराठी)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Since First Episode : – 22 July 2019


Story & Director : Ajay Mayekar (अजय मयेकर)
Producer : Shweta Shinde & Sanjay Khambe (श्वेता शिंदे & संजय खंबे)
Production House : Someel Creations

17 thoughts on “Aggabai Sasubai Cast, Wiki, Title Track, Story, Actress : अग्गंबाई सासूबाई”

  1. सीमा फाटक

    इस सीरियल में दिखाया जा रहे आशावरी और सोहम के किरदार से हम आने वाली पीढ़ी को करता दिखाना चाहते हैं…बहुत ही बकवास सीरियल है…कृपया इसमें सुधार करें या बंद करें। सोहम जैसे किरदार हमारे पीढ़ी को भ्रमित कर रहे हैं। समाज को दूषित ना करें कृपया।

  2. Gyanesh shendye्

    I m regular viewer of this serial, ABHIJIT M CHARACTER IS HOPELESS…आज पर्यत ईतका मूर्ख सेल्फ मेड व्यक्ति नाही बघितला!

  3. अतिशय फालतू सिरिअल आहे ताबडतोब बंद करण्यात यावी आणि अशा सिरिअल दाखवू पण नये.

  4. Deshpande Sham Shivajirao

    This serial is now showing the height of utter nonsense. Don’t forget that viewers are carrying some what head on their shoulder. It may contain brain inside. Don’t forget that we are now in computer age, now even house wives are much eligible to show the loop holes in poor story line

  5. This is the most hopeless n boring serial so far. it has crossed the madness limits of even the serial majhya navryachi bayko.

    Asavaricha character karun Nivedita swatacha fan following ghalavty. itka andhala prem konti aai nahi karat. Ata thambva he nonsense babdya prakaran.

    pls upkar kara prakashaman ver. Zee Marathi la vinanti ahe purvi cha serials nastil anayla jamat tar ha murkha pana thambva Z Marathi

    1. Most horrible serial ever seen. Started watching with a good hope looking at star cast but totally disappointed. Limit of stupidity by the director. Changali story karata yet nasel tar karu naka serial. 2020 madhil na aai, vadil murkha aahet na bayako. Mala watate exception is writer and director

  6. I am a regular observer of the Marathi serial Agabai Sasubai” and would like to very seriously give my honest feedback.
    The behaviour of Babdya is being too stretched and now becoming nontolerable by the viewers.

    Enough of this negative portrayal and now the producers should either show some positivity in Babdya’s behaviour or now the popularity of the serial would go slowly down.

    These are my honest views and I can maybe give suggestions for the betterment. Kindly don’t take the same negatively.

  7. mandar Patwardhan

    काल त्या विश्वास ्चा हात भाजवला, आज सोहम वर त्याला दमदाटी करतोय, नक्कीच दिग्दर्शकाचा उद्देश दूषित आहे,
    अन्याय करणारे नेहमीच साध्या सरळ मार्गी लोकांची पिळवणूक करतात आणि त्यांना मयेकरांच्या सारख्या लोकांची फुस असते.
    या मयेकर दिग्दर्शकाला एकदा उकळत्या बादलीभर पाण्यात बुडवले पाहिजे. म्हंजे पुढच्या वेळी असं काही दाखवायची जुर्रत करणार नाही.

    1. Sir, you are right

      the title does not suit. As the only upper hand is taken by Soham. Dr. Girish Oak, is a character not shown to teach life long lesson. Dr. Girish Oak is seen taking care of Aaaswari. ut his prime duties, to put jail to Soham. Install CCTV in Abhi ‘s kitchen and Soham’s house. So his bad deeds can be shown to him.

  8. Mandar Patwardhan

    Zee च्या सगळ्या मालिकांमध्ये सामान्य सरळमार्गी लोकांवर अतोनात अन्याय होताना दाखवला जातो, मात्र अन्यायग्रस्त लोक कधी आपल्या अन्यायाचा दस पट बदला घेताना दाखवत नाहीत, हे सगळे दिग्दर्शक एकत्र अन्यायाचे पुरस्कर्ते असावेत किंवा भ्याड बूळे असावेत. या सर्व मालिका बंद करून टॉम and जेरी लावावेत, हे बरे. काय म्हणता?!

  9. Mandar Patwardhan

    Indeed a hopeless serial, the director is mentally sick. He showed today the character Soham hurting poor Vishvas by pouring hot fluid over Vishwas’s hands… That is evidence of the sickness of the director.

    If he is indeed a man, he should show Soham getting 10 times hurt the same way… Maybe his face burns off while cooking and then nobody takes care of him while he is hurt!

  10. जेवढं शक्य होईल—-stop this hopeless and meaningless track —-the audience is much bored.

  11. Varsha Durgavale

    A fabulous serial. With a great message about what women do for their family. And she has the right to get all the things that she wants.

    LOVED the character of Asawari (Nivedita Saraf) has done fabulous work

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