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Ratris Khel Chale Story, Cast, Title Song, Actress, Zee

ratris khel chale actress
Name / नाव Ratris Khel Chale : रात्रीस खेळ चाले

Also known as Ratrich Khel Chale

Channel Zee Marathi (झी मराठी)

Trailer / Title Song / Title Track Watch it here / क्लिक करून ऐका

Actor & Actress / Star Cast & Show / कलाकार
  • Madhav – Played by Mangesh Salvi
  • Nilima – Played by Prachi Sukhathankar
  • Archie – Played by Adish Vaidya
  • Dattaram – Played by Suhash Sirsat
  • Sarita – Played by Ashwini Mukadam
  • Ganesh – Played by Abhishek Gavan
  • Purva – Played by Pooja Gore
  • Abhiram – Played by Sainkeet Kamat
  • Aji – Played by Shakuntala Nare
  • Pandu – Played by Pralhad Kudtarkar
  • Devika – Played by Nupur Chitale
  • Sushma – Played by Rutuja Dharmadhikari
  • Natha – Played by Vikas Thorat
  • Gurav – Played by Anil Gawde
  • Natha chi Bayko – Played by Pratibha Vale
  • Chhaya – Played by Namrata Pavasakar
  • Vakil – Played by Dilip Bapat

Story / Plot Wiki / माहिती

The TV serial ‘Ratris Khel Chale’ replaced the youth oriented TV show Dil Dosti Duniyadari for the 10.30PM slot in 2016.

It was based in the supernatural / horror genre, which is unique, as very few shows are in that genre. What is more interesting is the use of the Malvani language and the shooting based in a village in Konkan.

Story in Short :

The background of this show is of the Naik family from Sawantwadi in Kokan. Anna Naik is the head patriarch of a big family living in their old Wada in Konkan along with his wife. The family comprises of his three sons and a daughter.

Madhav : A scientist by profession, he lives with his wife Neelima and his son. His wife is also very career oriented and prefers believing in science, rather than ghosts. His son is a college-going student named Archies.

Dutta : The middle son, Dutta stays with Anna and looks out for the family estate and their businesses. His wife name is Sarita. They have a young daughter.

Abhiram : The youngest, he is planning to be wed and start his own family.

Chhaya : Anna’s daughter. She is widowed.

Story Begins :

The story begins when the family meets up for Abhi’s engagement celebration in their native place. On this day, unfortunately, Anna dies BUT…he has made a will, which distributes his property among 6 people. It should have been only 5 – the wife and the four children.

Who is the sixth person? Do ghosts and supernatural people and their powers really exist or are they just superstition?

Ratris Khel Chale is unique in the fact that none of the actors have done any big roles previously on television. After its release, the reviews have been mixed – Some characters like Pandu have been praised a lot, but the use of wrong Malvani at some places has been criticized.

TRP Ratings Hit

Episodes Running Dates Episode 1 : 22nd Feb 2016 – Oct 2016

Genre Horror and Suspense

Crew : Director Story : Santosh Ayachit, Ashutosh Parandkar
Director : Raju Sawant
Music: Pankaj Padghan
Singer: Sayali Pankaj
Costumes: Pooja Kamat
Producers : Santosh Ayachit, Sunil Bhosale

165 thoughts on “Ratris Khel Chale Story, Cast, Title Song, Actress, Zee”

  1. Marathitvserialsviewer

    @Manjula@Anshuli Hello you can read my earlier comments I don’t think Abhiram has done anything I think Anna’s illusions which Aai is getting has given her some hint to get among family members a genuine one whom she can identify as innocent

  2. @Manjula you are late here for this serial I should say because n you might have noticed trailer of new serial This serial is getting replaced may be

  3. Hey have watched this serial from day one Its interesting Although earlier it seemed like a ghost story in trailer but later on I mean now a days they r getting into another track that all is being done for ancestors’ property but yet its interesting to watch the confusion that is being placed before camera It’s very gracefully done

  4. @Nhanu
    Panduk jaucha asa aata
    Kal cho episode baghitlas
    Break made dakavlyan nvo serial yeucha asa
    Panducha kay hotala aata
    Panduchya gharcho konak nay kalucha
    Serial band karuk challyati channel

  5. Follower Of Anand Ingle

    @Marathitvserialsviewer Well done dude I was about to ask the team samething You won Any way Its important to get our conversations personalised, but I am thinking about what is gonna happen here after serial ends We will just end our conversation by saying good bye n very sad n will miss you n something like that n this site will end as it is editorial team Can we have entire serial video here NOT LIKE YOUTUBE because YouTube is such a lenthy n time consuming SO MUCH BUFFERING AND ALL So Please consider our request Can we get authorisation from channels to have the CD online available here to watch as a registered for the same

  6. Marathiserialsviewer Editorial Team Team pls allow us to delete our comments by logging in n also privacy to our comments by not displaying it in public as we come here by a group we would like to have one log in id so that all of us will come chatting in the same log in n also we can delete our comments and select any comment which we would like to come under public’s eye for that poll only.

    And we are comfortable with the team’s moderation

    1. Marathi.Tv Editorial Team

      We will edit the system where users can like other comments and edit / delete their own comments shortly.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  7. Suhangam Mungooshnathe

    @Tevat Even I saw last night dude Oh God why they r doing this to us Its such nice serial n I love it Now they r gonna end the serial by giving such a short reason I thought they would reveal the truth episode by episode targetting one by one’s personal motive Actually, they should have started doing the same but unfortunately somethung unexpected is happening by god

  8. Dear Mr. Director,

    As has been pointed out rightly by one of the audiences, do not get pressurized by the petty challenges posed by anybody. Contrary to the expectations, the serial is being liked by almost everyone. It has increased the anticipation of the people and many of them have flocked to your shooting set very recently. I too had gone to visit the shooting place, expecting to meet your artistes in the month of April end. Especially, we wanted to see Pandu and Datta. Your shooting site is becoming more of a tourist site. I am glad that you are showing some facets of Konkan area which seemed to be neglected till now. Will appreciate if you try to show some scenic spots too. Keep it up and do not loose track of the serial.
    Good luck to all of you.

  9. “या सिरियलचा शेवट जर दबावाखाली ‘गावातील लोकच नाईकांविरुध्द काहीतरी करत होते असा दाखवला तर गंमत निघून जाईल. ”

    I too agree with you

  10. Serial is going nice. But let it remain ghost story only. At end don’t give surprises as there was no ghost and everything was done for estate.

  11. Who is actual owner of that property n how much he received from production house In that case we hv a beautiful house in my village n even good income will always be welcomed

  12. It’s great show focused on kokani vahivat which would be distributed into the whole family. It’s amazing to listen malvani on TV with the melodious tune. All actors are great especially Sushma and pandu datta nilima and gurav all. Love you all

  13. Very nice and gripping serial after Asambhav
    However now story is going helter skelter with no direction. Many episodes are not connected and appears all characters have no other business but think of supernatural except Nilima. She is the saving grace of the serial. All others are gullible characters with no logical thinking.
    Director has to weave the story properly to make it more gripping and mysterious.
    Overall a nice serial to keep you tied for half an hour.
    keep it up.

  14. Too much interesting serial. Thanks to all the team members!!!
    Please show it during the day time as well. Please show the cast names also. All have done really wonderful job !!!

  15. Ratris Khel Chale Naik Vadyavarti
    Talgharat jyachya hadache sapale sapadti
    Vihirit pahilela annanchya bayakoni
    Sushlya tarangat vhata panyavarati
    Sagla khota vhata hya Kay nay kalya shevati
    Kay punha yetali hyi mandali
    Tyach Bhutachya Naik Vadyavarati

  16. Dattak kititari vela baghitlyan vhata chitrapatat pan side hero aslyan kadi najaret nhay rhavla pan hya serial nantr MarathiTalkies var lay ghari ghari chitrapat laglat don divsat DattaBhau Kay sangta jara list tari deva hay aamka mage bagtalo

  17. Ratris Khel Chale ya malikecha shevat ekdam short madhech dakhavali. ya serial madhil barech prashna pending rahile. 1)Pandune thevalele zadakhali lapvun paise and sone tyache kay zale. 2) Chhaya che pudhe kay zale. 3) Panduche saty kay 4) Devika chya maheri milalelya bahuliche saty kay 5) Nilima ne lagechach kabul kase kele. 6) Nene vakil ani Ajay la kase marle gele. 7) talgharatil dead body magil rahasya kay. 8) aai la je Anna disayache /bolayache tyache rahasya kay. 9) gharat thevalele dagine ani tyavaril sap yanche kay zale. 10) ani aai la vish kase ani kone dile yavar kahich savistar dakhavile nahi. Shevati serial tharavik (gadbaditach) bhagatach sampavali yache karan kay. Second part yenar ahe ka ya serial cha ?

  18. Suhangam Mungoosthe

    Hey admin can we get Marathi radio channels program updates as well I am shure there must be many private Marathi channels as well but pl include Aakaashwani

  19. are tumhala sangaych kay ahe tumchya shoe madhun ani mee maxya gharchya sobt 2 mahinya pasun serial bhagtoy tr itka panchat haa serial vat toy ki kay sangu ani haa serial itka “”boring “” ahe kii tumala editing karayla pan time asel ani please lokanchya bhavneshi khelu naka
    ani story badalaycha parayant kara

  20. When the positive story is going to start? We never want questions only, but eager to know the answers also.

  21. Maze pati Saubhacyavati hi serial band karavi. Actors changle asoonahee ekdam bandal serial. Vaibhav mangle tritiya panthee vattat.

  22. malika tasi khup chhan aahe pan konkanatil gavrahati hi kuthali parmpara nahi ki andhshraddha nahi tithlya mansacha vishvas aahe jo phakt ekta ya ek vishya bhovti firto
    aasha evdich aahe ki lokAnna jya gosti purvichya mansanni sarvun sangitya tyamagch satya kalav
    kivha janun ghyacha pryant karava
    jas aai lahan mulala bhiti ghalun zopyachi tasach khar karan he gavrahatichya jankaranach mahit aahe

    kokanat bhut nahi tar nisargacha chamtkar chalto nirsagachi Puja keli jate nirsgala dev mahnun pahnyachi rit aahe

    mi ek kokni manus

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