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Nanda SaukhyaBhare Cast, Title Song, Story

nanda saukhya bhare zee
Name / नाव Nanda SaukhyaBhare | नांदा सौख्यभरे

Also known as Nanda Saukhya Bhare

Actor & Actress / Star Cast & Show / कलाकार

Channel Zee Marathi

TRP Ratings Hit

Episodes Running Dates Episode 1 : 20th July 2015 – 2016

Story / Wiki

The story appears to be revolving around the relation between Saas – Bahu. But it also focuses on the theme that Truth always triumphs irrespective of all circumstances. The show marks the return of Chinmay to the small screen after Swapnanchya Palikadle.

Genre Family (कौटुंबिक)

Crew : Director / Lyrics

Producer : Soham Enterprises / Suchitra Bandekar
Executive Producer : Suvarna Mantri
Writer : Archana Joshi

60 thoughts on “Nanda SaukhyaBhare Cast, Title Song, Story”

  1. Neel hushar ani Soft. Engineer asunahi to tyachya aaiicha khotepana olakhu shakat naahi he kaahi khare watat naahi.

  2. Satish Sunthankar

    nandasaukybharemadhil nilima hiche naav kay te koni sangu shakel ka?.lahanpanapasun aaiwar kitihi prem aasle tari aaicha swabhav indranilsarkha hushar mulga olakhu shakat nahi he patat nahi?

  3. I was fed up by watching regular Marathi serials with typical drama. But this is a very nice serial, no extra essence added…no extra drama… jst going with d flow… really worth watching… all team is doing good job! keep on doing!!

  4. Timepass serial. Swanandi…sadhyachya kalatli bavlat mulgi. Neel…over acting irritating…tychya baap…bavlat navra…aai…Swanandi che wait kase hoil hya khatatop karasthani…vachhi…khari sutradhar…sampada…vamp havi mhanun……ekandarit. Bakvvas….

  5. I hate this detail now coz when I see this serail…I feel sad and upset as Lalita and that bloody neil tourchers my sweet swandani…I like her very much…I hate sampada too…
    Please show something which will make us happy…

  6. Serial bharkatat chaliye… Swanandi ekdam dumb n radki n VachHi Atya heroine dakhvtayt… Promos showd kharya khotyacha samna betwn Swanandi n Lalita pan actually ekdam veglach dakhvtyt… Bakwaas hot chaliye…

  7. Hello to whoever reads this message!

    First of all I am a regular audience to Zee Marathi only for the sake of few shows!

    One of them is ‘Nanda Saukhya Bhare’ in-spite of the imaginarily perfect ‘Sun’ Swanandi and ‘ the biggest Randolya’ Neil !
    She is so irritating that sometimes I feel like slapping her hard. Actually, nothing is wrong with Sampada, whoever having this kind of so called perfectly irritating sister will be pissed off!

    No need to talk about Neil, many times I feel that he is actually a third gender. He actually is the poorest actor in show after his elder brother. Every time he has to go in the group of ladies and crack some filthy jokes! A hero should be shown little masculine and responsible!

    Only reasons I watch this show is the best story line, Lalita and wachhi!

    Though this daily soap has poor performing and irritating hero and heroine, every other single actor is actually very good including sampada, aaji, Swanandi’s mom n dad and also little Juily!
    I love Swanandi’s dad as an actor, he has same thought process and rules as Swanandi but he never irritates me with his acting (what Swanandi does)!

    Yes the drama is quite slow, but I can understand the speed necessity! Every thing is fine except Swanandi and Neil, tell them to look at Shree and Janavhi’s old episodes to learn how hero and heroine should act!
    I’m not hoping to get these super slaggy and non-sense actors to get replaced, but there should always be a hope for improvement and a corner for feedback!
    Give my special love to Lalita and Swanandi’s dad of course!
    Will be glad if Get any response from your side!

    *ps – If you don’t know what ‘Randolya’ means then please go and ask some Vidarbhiyan around you!

    1. Marathi.TV Editorial Team

      Thank you for your detailed comment.
      Kindly share your thoughts on other serials as well, if any 🙂

      1. I deeply regret captioning neil in last message. I was never meant to hurt anybody’s sentiments, but I am so connected to this serial so expressed my views. Taking my words back. Sorry again.

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