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Taylor Dowd Simpson ( Webb Simpson Wife ) Age, Family, Wiki, Bio

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Name Taylor Dowd Simpson

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Taylor was probably born in 1984-85, but there is no specific information about her birth year. This information is based on her being a college senior to Webb who was born in 1985.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Taylor Dowd Simpson is the wife of well-known American golfer Webb Simpson & is popularly known as Dowd Simpson.
  • She is blessed with one of the most beautiful faces & was named as one of the most ‘Beautiful Golf Wives’ on the 2014 tour.
  • Simpson, a resident of Charlotte, now walks golfing circuits thanks to her husband who is a true sports champion.

Meeting Her husband :

  • Webb & Dowd met each other at Wake Forest University where both were enrolled and ran into each other at a party hosted by a mutual friend.
  • Their love story has a magical ring to it as they didn’t immediately start off as lovers. They became friends initially and then started dating each other.
  • However, they had to work around their busy schedules as he was busy with his golf career, and she had her own acting rehearsals.

Married Life, Kids and Family :

  • Taylor Dowd Simpson is married to American golfer James Frederick Webb Simpson since January 2010.
  • Together, they have four children: James, Willow Grace Simpson, Wyndham Rose, and Mercy Dowd and reside in Charlotte, N.C.
  • The family is quite close and vocal about their Christian roots. They keep themselves engaged through regular outings and actively participating in community activities.
  • Reading the Bible is a primary activity for the family and reportedly helps them remain grounded.

Education, Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Dowd studied communication and theatre, participated in the University Theatre and the Lilting Banshees comedy group. She graduated cum-laude with the class of 2007.
  • She has also been an actress, and her IMDb bio gives some credits to independent films and TV shows that, unfortunately, were not very popular.
  • After her marriage though her career only played second fiddle to her role of a golf wife. She makes it a point to accompany her husband on his many tours. Dowd, when 7½ months pregnant, had walked all 72 holes on a hilly golf course with Webb!
  • Webb too gives her full credit and calls her his ‘greatest supporter’!

Interests :

  • Dowd Simpson is quite active in the field of social service and has been working for underprivileged children. She was the VP of membership for the PGA Tour Wives Association.
  • She is a fashion icon and has a quirky hobby of collecting wigs.

Interesting Facts and Trivia :

  • One interesting fact about the couple is that both Dowd and Webb prefer to go by their middle names.
  • Most of Dowd’s family attended Wake Forest University, including her parents – father Greg and mother India. And also her siblings – brother Graeme and sister Tanner!
  • Dowd was a senior to her husband in college; when he was a freshman she was a sophomore!
  • The reason for the couple meeting is Maggie Simmons, who is Dowd’s best friend. Anecdotes state that when Maggie heard that Webb Simpson will be joining Dowd’s university, she actually teased her best friend by saying her “future husband” was coming.
  • There are also reports that Webb’s father Sam played wingman for his son and offered $100 to Dowd for taking his son out on a date. She responded with an equal jest that she would be happy to go out with him if he was half as cute as his father.
  • The couple eventually did use the money given by his father to buy themselves a steak dinner at Ryan’s which they claim is their favorite restaurant.
  • Interestingly it wasn’t all like a fairy tale as the couple broke up after college for a whole year and then reconnected with each other and ended up marrying.
  • Dowd & Webb’s wedding reception at the Quail Hollow Club.
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