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Coleen Christie Age, Bio Wikipedia, Married Husband | Global News CTV

Coleen Christie photos
Name Coleen Christie (Also known as : Colleen Christie)

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Dating / Partner / Boyfriend Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details. She does not have any children.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Coleen Christie is an award-winning Canadian Newscaster, Emcee, and Public Speaker based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Christie was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia & raised in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Education : She attended the University of Victoria, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, History and Art History.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Coleen is single & a self-described “foodie,” but she maintains a healthy diet and mostly eats a can sardines and some vegetables for lunch everyday.
  • Her love of food extended to her creating a food blog “Coleen’s Dish” where she shared her amazing food recipes.
  • She enjoys working out and in particular yoga and has been quoted as saying “yoga brings [a] peace to her physical and mental health.”
  • She also works out with a trainer once a week and actually walks to work.
  • Christie loves animals of all kinds & has been known to sing a little karaoke under the right “circumstances.”
  • Coleen also regularly shares her work with fans all over the world through her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

TV Career : Job, Salary and Net worth

  • Coleen has worked for CTV News Vancouver for over 20 years where she was the Principal Anchor.
  • She started her career in journalism with CHEK-TV. In 1997, she moved to what was then called VTV Vancouver & since 2001 hosted the 5 p.m. news.
  • Later, she was a regular fill-in anchor in other time spots.
  • After ending her stint with CTV in January 2017, she can now be found hosting on Global Television Network. She joined the network in April 2017.
  • In addition to her career as a news anchor, Coleen has also served as producer/creative director in television promotion & marketing.
  • She has anchored some of the news events including the Boston Marathon Bombing and national coverage of the verdict in the murder trial of Canada’s most notorious serial killer, Robert Pickton.

Key Work, Salary, Projects and Net worth :

  • In 2010, Coleen served as a key member of the CTV Olympic broadcast team, where she co-anchored an unprecedented, unscripted, 9-hour national broadcast of the final day of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, through the city on the opening day of The Games.
  • Coleen is also a TEDx Vancouver alum where she spoke on modern news consumption.
  • A key part of the CTV team, she was awarded the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for overall excellence.
  • Coleen plays an active role in the community and is involved with many charitable organizations in & around Vancouver.
  • She has been a past Board Member for The Rare Disease Foundation.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information on how old she is. However, she had graduated from college around 1995, when people usually are 22-23 years old. Considering that, as of 2022, she might be around 48-49 years old.

14 thoughts on “Coleen Christie Age, Bio Wikipedia, Married Husband | Global News CTV”

  1. I have noticed Coleen Christie sc*#w up reading the teleprompter Every Single Time She Broadcasts! She is only marginally better than Trudope with his ums, ers and ahs.

  2. Have you ever noticed that Coleen messes up her lines at least once EVERY broadcast, without fail? It’s like she can’t read a teleprompter for some reason. Scr*%s up every day. For an award-winning newsperson, she is not very professional.

  3. Coleen,

    You are always a pleasure to watch on the news. Great smile. Very knowledgeable on current affairs. You are my secret crush, lol. God bless. How tall are you? Just asking for a friend 🙂

  4. Coleen comes across as a polite and kind-hearted professional. Having been born in Halifax and raised in Victoria, however, one would expect Coleen to reflect traditional Canadian pronunciations, as opposed to parroting Americanisms by saying “zee” instead of “zed”, pronouncing missile as “miss-el” instead of “miss-isle”. At one level it does not seem like a big deal, but news personalities are on the air in people’s homes with young ones and new Canadians listening and being influenced.

    Canada is gradually becoming a place where people are becoming cultural Americans subconsciously, one small turn of the screw at a time. The loss of a tangible Canadian identity will lead to where it leads…and it is a bit sad, eh?…or should I say “huh?”…

    I wish Coleen happiness and success in her career and all endeavours, and that perhaps she reflects on her Canadianism.

  5. I presume the reason Ms. Christie is not married is that she does not want to be married at this time – or married at any time! I would be shocked to hear that she hasn’t had many opportunities to get married, but has chosen to live a private single life. For all we know, she might have a partner but doesn’t feel the need to advertise the fact.

  6. Coleen Christie is the consummate professional like a news anchor.

    She also has a very uplifting personality that makes a very attractive and fun person. WONDERFUL!

  7. A beautiful woman with an exotic and playful smile.
    An amazing sense of humor and a love for animals.
    She’s a dream……

  8. I like watching the news essentially when you are the anchor keep that great smile and professionalism going…just as a foot note I’m really sorry to hear that deb hope has Alzheimer’s….my wife is in the same state as she is…..thank goodness for care homes….

  9. Don’t no why she is not married very pretty and has a nice smile when she is on TV! Very professional at her job keep up the good work.

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