Name Laurie Jennings

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Partner Currently Married. See details below.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Laurie Jennings, a woman with dark hair and a sweet, distinct smile, is a reporter and co-anchor for WPLG Local 10 News, an ABC-affiliate station based in South Florida.

  • Jennings has been active in the South Florida community for quite some time, and continues to do volunteer work whenever she can.
  • She has covered many notable events, and is proud to call South Florida her home.

Personal Life & Trivia :

  • Laurie moved to South Florida in 1998, and continues to live there with her husband and two young twin boys, Luke and Jake.
  • Her boys, which were born in 2006 as “microbabies,” meaning extremely premature, weighed no more than a pound each at birth.
  • Their survivals were a miracle, and Jennings became involved with the organization March of Dimes afterward. She continues to host annual charity events each year.
  • Aside from March of Dimes, she also volunteers with the Community Partnership for Homeless and local children’s hospitals, including Holtz Children’s Hospital and Baptist Children’s Hospital.
  • Laurie also has a sister, who is a science major.

Family Background :

  • Jennings had always felt well educated about her family’s past, but it wasn’t until they completed a genealogy tree that she realized her true ancestry.
  • She came to know that she is 60 percent British, 16 percent Scandinavian and only 13 percent Irish. The Scandinavian part was a surprise for her!
  • The Jennings family can be traced all the way back to Britain in the 1300s. Her relatives were part of the second successful colony in what is now the US, and that old colonial home—one of the first wooden buildings in the US—is still standing.

Education & College :

Bachelors :

  • High school had passed easily for Jennings, who was a bright student and knew how to study. Her academic efforts got her into Cornell University, an Ivy League college with great business and communications programs.
  • She eventually graduated from Cornell with a political science degree and high honors.

Masters :

  • She continued her education immediately by attending Northwestern University. There, she graduated from the Medill School of Journalism with her master’s degree.

Career, Salary & Net Worth :

Awards & Main Stories :

  • Jennings’s news career has been quite successful. Over the years, she has earned three Emmys for her work, and has reported on stories such as John F. Kennedy Jr.’s memorial service and the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on Ground Zero.

Professional Timeline :

  • Jennings began her career in Youngstown, Ohio, where she worked as an anchor and reporter for WKBN-TV, a local news station in the area.
  • She then moved to Cleveland, Ohio to work for WJW-TV. There, Jennings was an anchor and specials unit reporter, meaning she reported on priority topics.
  • After 5 years of working for WJW-TV, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts and was a morning anchor and general reporter for WHDH-TV.
  • Eventually, she made her way down to Florida, where she took a co-anchor position in Miami for WSVN-TV.
  • After 5 years in Miami, Laurie anchored at the network level for MSNBC, then eventually moved back down to Florida to take her current position at Local 10 News.
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