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Amalija Knavs Wiki, Age, Bio, Trump【 Melania Trump Mother 】

Name Amalija Knavs (Amalija Knauss)

Husband / Spouse / Wedding / Marriage / Boyfriend Married to Victor Knavs.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Amalija Knavs is the mother of the American First Lady, Melania Trump, and is also a former textile worker.

Early Life & Family :

  • Amalija was born on July 9, 1945, in Judendorf, Austria, as Amalija Ulcnik.
  • She goes by the nickname of Malci, and is known for being the mother of Melania Trump.
  • She met her and married her husband, Victor Knavs, in 1966.
  • The two went on to have two children together, Ines and Melania. She also has a stepson from a relationship that Victor had prior to meeting her, however, the child’s mother wished for Victor to relinquish parental rights.
  • During her time raising her daughters in Slovenia, their neighbors described her as always being impeccable dressed.
  • She also reportedly received a more comfortable life when her husband began selling cars, but she was so used to living with lesser means, that she continued to make all her daughters and her own clothing.
  • After traveling to America in 2004 for the first time, in which she gave Donald Trump her blessing to propose to her daughter, she decided to move her family base to the United States.

Career & Life in Europe :

  • After moving from Austria to Slovenia as a teenager, she worked on her family farms harvesting red onions.
  • She reportedly complained about this to her family frequently, as she did not like to work outdoors, but she understood that the work needed to be done.
  • At the time of meeting her husband, Amalija was working as a pattern maker in a children’s clothing factory, a job she took after cousins of hers had moved to Slovenia and taken her place at the family farms.
  • She was reportedly extremely talented at her role, and after working full days would come home and use the patterns she had memorized to make clothes for daughters as well so as to save money.
  • The factory she worked at was the Jutranga Textile Factory, and she retired from there in 1997 after having worked there for 33 years.

Life in the USA :

  • Amalija and husband moved into Melania’s apartment in the Trump Tower in New York City in 2005.
  • They reportedly played a big part in helping her raise son Barron, as she did not enlist the help of a nanny.
  • Daughter Ines Knauss also lives in the same building, in a separate apartment.
  • She is a big fan of fashion, after her many years working with textiles, and is often seen front row at New York Fashion Week with daughter Melania.

Latest News & Updates :

  • It was reported that she would move to Washington due to her son in law being elected President, and it was thought that footage of her landing at the White House in 2017 was her moving in.
  • It was later clarified that she was simply helping to settle her daughter into the White House, and would later be returning to New York with her husband.
Birthday / Date of Birth / Amalija Knavs Age July 9, 1945. As of 2022, she is around 77 years old.

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