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Patsy Lynn Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Peggy Lynn :: Bio

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Name Patsy Lynn

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB August 6, 1964. As of 2020, she is around 56 years old.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Patsy Lynn, also known as Patsy Lynn Russell, is an American country singer from a family of country music royalty. She has also performed as a TV actress in several shows.

Early Life & Family Background :

  • Patsy Eileen Lynn was born on August 6, 1964, in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, alongside her identical twin sister Peggy Lynn, to parents Loretta Lynn and Oliver Vanetta ‘Doolittle’ Lynn.
  • She was named after one of her mother’s greatest friends, music legend Patsy Cline!
  • The twins were the youngest of six children. The other family siblings are Betty Sue Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn, Cissie Lynn, and Ernest Ray Lynn.
  • She is also related to yet another country music icon, her aunt, Crystal Gayle.
  • Patsy grew up on her mother’s ranch in Hurricane Mills. She attended public school and worked on the ranch while growing up.
  • She also joined her mother on the road growing up, spending around 300 days on tour and getting to see exactly the amount of work that career entailed.

Marriage & Children :

  • Patsy got married for the first time at the age of 16.
  • By the time she was 30, she had divorced twice and already had three children: Darren, 35, Megan, 33, and Anthony, 31 (ages as of 2020). Since then, she went on to have two more children.
  • Her third marriage was to Phillip Russell on February 14, 1998. Luckily, this has been her most long-lasting one, carrying on to the present. The couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in 2018.

Music Career & Net Worth :

  • Patsy embarked on a solo singing career in the 1980s, crediting artist Patty Loveless and her own family’s craft as the inspirations that led her onto that path.
  • Later, in the early 1990s, she started singing along with her twin Peggy on their mother’s tour.
  • The twins then decided to form a band together in 1996, and they started working in Nashville.
  • Initially known as the Honk-A-Billies to preserve their anonymity, the sisters started performing at the iconic Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.
  • They then had a meeting with Warner Brothers Records, and were signed by them to produce two albums, now as The Lynns.
  • They reached the top 20 with their song ‘Woman to Woman,’ which they co-wrote, and were also nominated for the CMA Awards in 1998 and 1999 under the category of Vocal Duo of the Year.
  • Patsy then followed her passion offstage and delved fully into the world of production, stating that she much prefers being in the studio to performing.
  • She has since produced over a hundred of Loretta Lynn’s songs, as well as co-producing her latest album, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Great.’

Fun Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Patsy loves going to the Bahamas for holidays.
  • She still resides in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, sharing a house with her husband & her dogs.
  • She enjoys the Netflix show House of Cards.
  • Patsy has also participated in a documentary on her mother’s life, ‘American Masters: Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl.’
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Partner See above for details.

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