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Melia McEnery Bio, Age, Wiki, Parents【 Eric Clapton Wife 】Photos

Melia McEnery Pics
Name Melia McEnery

Date of Birth / Birthday / How old / Age / DOB February 1st, 1976. As of 2021, she is around 45 years old.

Biography Information / Wikipedia Profile

Introduction :

Melia McEnery, who has previously worked as an assistant for Armani, is more well-known as the wife of legendary musician Eric Clapton.

Family & Personal Life :

  • Melia was born on February 1, 1976, in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Melia McEnery Parents : She was an only child with a father who worked in construction & a stay-at-home mother. As of 2018, her parents continue to live in Ohio.
  • Her high school teachers went on to enter her into many state-level art competitions, which she mostly won, but her father was hesitant as to how she would make a living out of this talent. Her mother, however, encouraged her to pursue it.
  • Her mother is of Korean-Irish heritage, while her father is of Scottish-English heritage, giving Melia her distinct look.

Early Career & Education :

  • After graduating from University with a Bachelor’s degree in art, Melia left Ohio & headed to California.
  • She worked odd jobs in the design industry for around two years before landing an assistant job in the design department for Armani.
  • Her duties included planning and hosting events, couriering designs to work sites & general administration jobs.
  • As of 2019, she sits on the board of many children’s charities and works as a Senior Clinical Advisor for Crossroads Centre Antigua. Crossroads is a treatment center that was founded by her husband & treats both drugs and alcohol issues. It operates on a semi-private island in West Indies.

Eric Clapton and Melia Mcenery Dating :

  • The couple met in 1999 when Clapton attended a party that McEnery had planned for her bosses at Armani. She was under strict instructions that night not to interact with the guests. However, she couldn’t resist asking Clapton for an autograph for her uncle.
  • Clapton, who had a reputation as a womanizer, has said that from the first moment he met her – there was something about her that made him want to act like a gentleman.
  • The two went on a date shortly after and then began dating.
  • They were happy together for a year, but they reportedly broke up on their one-year anniversary due to the stresses of Clapton’s career.

Marriage & Children :

  • In late 2000, it was announced that not only were the couple back together but that they were expecting a baby!
  • On New Year’s Day of 2002, they invited friends and family to partake in the baptism of daughter Sophie Rose, at the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene in Ridley, England.
  • Right when the guests believed the baptism to be finished, Clapton and McEnery stepped forward and announced that they would also be getting married on that same day.
  • As of 2018, they have three children together: Julie Rose Clapton (born in 2001) ; Ella May Clapton (born in 2003) & Sophie Belle Clapton (born in 2005)
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Boyfriend / Dating Married to music legend Eric Clapton. There is a 31-year age gap between the two.

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