Name Joanna Berryman

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Boyfriend Currently Married. This is her second marriage. See details below.

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2019, she is around 41 years old.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

Joanna Berryman is an interior designer, better known as the ex-wife of Coldplay band member Guy Berryman. They both were sweethearts from school.

Family Background & Personal Life :

  • Berryman was born in Hong Kong & moved to the United Kingdom after her parents divorced.
  • Her mother, Monette, is whom Joanna credits with igniting her passion for travel and fashion. Her mom is of Filipino descent.
  • At age 11, Joanna went to boarding school & remembers that she really enjoyed having other children around.
  • While growing up Joanna discovered her own style as she learned to modify her small bedroom space and develop her fashion identity.
  • Joanna was married to her first husband, Guy Berryman bassist from Coldplay for 3 years from 2004 onwards. They divorced amicably in 2007 and have a daughter named Nico.
  • As a child growing up with divorced parents, Joanna insisted that both (she & Guy) be available and work together, respecting each other’s roles, while raising their daughter.
  • Joanna is newly married to Philip Bergkvist, Encycle CEO. They have a daughter named Romy and a puppy named Dolly.

Early Career in Fashion :

  • Berryman worked at Elle and Elle Girl, and Agent Provocateur’s luxury lingerie, before freelancing and opening her fashion forward shop, Jezebell.
  • Joanna says the fashion world was “dissatisfying” & closed her store soon but credits it with being a great educational experience.

  • Joanna learned about location, audience & her own ability to multi-task because of this failed store. She says she gained insight and perspective into taking care of herself, and is a firm believer in essential oils, yoga & bubble baths.

Interior Design Career & Net Worth :

  • Berryman launched her interior design company from her home with minimal startup costs in 2009.
  • She had received no formal training in either design or fashion. Eventually she setup an office in northwest London with a focus on using reclaimed objects and upcycling.
  • She describes her style as “quintessentially English, but with a quirk.”
  • Berryman is all about upcycling and allowing her client’s passion to ignite during a project. She describes her design style as classic midcentury with a bit of renaissance glamour, all spliced together superbly.

More Details on Store :

  • Joanna’s store, Matrushka, is named after the stacking Russian dolls, and is a twist on giving projects an unexpected juxtaposition or unusual use.
  • She likes pairing old bits of fabric covered furniture with something concrete or metal, just to mix things up. Frequently she travels outside UK for treasures, and finds places like Paris and Brussels have wonderful shops, flea markets, and bargains.
  • Joanna believes interior design is fashion, art, and functionality combined, with a constant push and pull on which realm is more influential.
  • She has worked on a range of commercial and residential properties, public spaces, and with multiple celebrity clients.
  • Berryman now also has her own Matrushka boutique online, a design team, and two home studios located in London and Bath, U.K.
  • Her projects are international, spanning from USA to Asia.
  • She enjoys the freedom of working from her townhouse in Hampstead, but still goes into the old Soho BBC building where her office is several days a week.