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Linda Keith Wikipedia Biografía ( Jimi Hendrix Girlfriend Wiki ) Today Now

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Name Linda Keith

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Dating / Partner / Boyfriend See all details below on her various relationships.

Biography Information / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Linda Keith was an iconic English assistant-turned-model for Vogue. She has posed mostly for hats and was frequently photographed by David Bailey.
  • She is also best known as former girlfriend of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Linda was born in 1946 and is originally from West Hampstead, London.
  • She was one of two children of parents – Alan Keith (originally Alexander Kossoff) and Pearl Rubeck.
  • She lived with her parents at “81 Cholmley Gardens” since 1951 till her father’s passing in 2003.
  • Her elder brother is Sir Brian Keith who is a High Court judge of England and Wales since 2001.
  • Her paternal grandparents were Russian-Jewish immigrants.
  • She has an uncle (David Kossoff) who is an actor, known for his role in The Young Lovers (1954) in which he won a BAFTA.
  • Her cousin Paul Kossoff is a member of English rock band Free, and was hailed as one of ‘100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time’ in Rolling Stones 51st magazine.
  • She is currently married to English music producer, John Porter.

Relationships :

  • Linda was allegedly the first girlfriend of Keith Richards.
  • They first met at a party, where she was encouraged by her best friend, Sheila Klein, to approach a rather quiet Keith Richards. They began dating in 1964.
  • Apparently, at the same time, she was also seeing another guy by the name of Paul Ernest, but the encounter was brief. He was a contributor to the column of West Hampstead Life article on Linda Keith.
  • It was revealed that she was involved in an accident in the midsummer dawn of 1964, where she was thrown out of a Mini belonging to Neil Winterbottom. The incident strengthened the bond between them.
  • Keith was one of the first people in her life to introduce her to drugs, which led her to an addiction to acid and cocaine.
  • Richards contacted Linda’s father, who flew from London to New York to bring her home and made her a ward of court.
  • Her persistent use of drugs strained her relationship with Keith, and by 1966 they broke up.
  • She later dated Brian Jones, founder and original leader of the Rolling Stones for a short period of time.
  • Linda made the news in 1968 over a drug overdose incident at Brian’s apartment, which resulted in Brian’s loss of residency at the apartment.

Influence on Jimi Hendrix :

  • Linda was on tour with the Rolling Stones in New York when she first met Jimi at the Cheetah Club in May of 1966.
  • Jimi Hendrix was known as Jimmy James and the Blue Flames at the time. He is noted for his unique technique of playing a right-handed guitar with his left hand and strumming backwards.
  • Linda invited Jimi to her apartment in New York and lend him a white Fender Stratocaster belonging to Keith.
  • She invited Sheila and her boyfriend Andrew Oldham to listen to him play one evening, but it did not go well.
  • Linda tried again with Chas Chandler, bassist of the Animals, and invited him to Café Wha? to watch him perform.
  • Jimi’s performance of Hey Joe blew Chas’ mind, at which he brought him to London, where Jimi gained popularity and made a name for himself.
  • A movie documentary titled All Is By My Side was made to pay tribute to the life of Jimi Hendrix.

Music & Songs about Linda :

  • Keith & Brian co-wrote a song called Ruby Tuesday about their relationship with her and her use of drugs.
  • Jimi recorded a song called Send My Love to Linda to express his gratitude for her turning his life around.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1946. As of 2023, she is around 77 years old.

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  1. Carl Alexander Freeman

    Can you tell me how can I contact Linda Keith now and John Porter? I can’t seem to find any way online anything about them. My intentions are I would like to send both of them an email or a letter thanking them for their contributions to my life. Thank you very much if you could do that. My name is Carl!

  2. You are incorrect in saying Keith Richards introduced her to drugs. She was doing hard drugs before Keith, who at the time was just smoking pot and taking uppers. It’s pretty ironic that Keith was so worried about the drug use that he actually squealed at her to her parents. A couple of years after they broke up Keith would become the drug-taking king. It’s all in Richard’s fantastic book LIFE.

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