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José Bastón Wikipedia: net worth, children【 Televisa Biografía 】age

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Name José Bastón

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / Edad April 13, 1968. As of 2022, he is around 54 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

José Bastón is a Mexican businessman, ex-president of the media company Televisa, and is more well-known for being Desperate Housewives fame actress Eva Longoria’s husband.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • José “Pepe” Bastón was born on April 13, 1968, in Mexico City, Mexico. His parents are Gloria Patiño and, the now deceased, Ricardo Alfredo Bastón Talamantes.
  • Pepe became the head of the family at a tender age because his father died when he was still very young.
  • In 1995, Baston married the Mexican actress Natalia Esperón.
  • Their marriage lasted 10 years, and together they had four children together – Eldest daughter Natalia was followed by the triplets Mariana Baston, Jose Antonio Baston and Sebastián. Unfortunately, Sebastian passed away when he was still a baby, in November 2003.
  • Currently, Jose is the husband of the popular American actress Eva Longoria. Prior to this, Eva had a long marriage with NBA player Tony Parker.
  • Eva confirmed her pregnancy in 2018. The couple will have a baby boy, but they admitted they have not chosen the name yet.

Relations & Marriage :

  • Apparently, the divorce from José’s first wife, Natalia Esperón, was due to the depression she faced after their son Sebastián died. The distance between both grew bigger until they couldn’t keep the relationship going.
  • Post this, he had a relationship with Paola Saad, a model and fashion designer from Mexico, which lasted seven years.
  • It was said that after his emotional divorce from Esperón, Bastón was not ready for commitment, and that is the reason for the break up with Saad.

Life as Eva Longoria Husband :

  • Bastón and Longoria started dating in 2013, causing great commotion within the Mexican society, as the businessman is well-known because of Televisa. The actress has defined José as a “very private man” but confessed she loves to brag about their relationship “because he is an honest man with clear ideas.”
  • In 2017, the Mexican and his wife, Longoria, bought a house in Los Angeles that cost more than 10 million dollars. It is in the exclusive town of Bel-Air Crest, where other celebrities live, such as Kim Kardashian and John Legend.

Education, Career, Salary & Net worth :

  • Baston arrived at Televisa company in 1989, as a Marketing Account Executive of Channel 12 of Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Subsequently, he held other positions in key areas, such as programming, acquisitions, planning and content development. In 2008, he was appointed President of Televisión y Contenidos de Televisa.
  • Near the end of 2017, he left his position in the firm and remained only a management member.
  • He is also a member of the boards of Cablevisión, SKY and Univision Communications.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • It has been a mystery why he left Televisa. The company released a statement thanking him for the years he spent as a President and for staying as a Management member. The businessman seemingly left on good terms, but the company had been facing financial issues, and some think it might be the reason for Bastón’s departure.
  • José is a fashion enthusiast and has been praised by the American media for his elegance. His wife, Eva, has told reporters that he “likes fashion more than she does,” and his friends often call him “Mr. Smarty Pants,” for he is always wearing suits.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Engaged / Novia Married twice. See above for relationship details.

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