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John Kilpatrick【 Pastor 】Wiki, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Family, Books

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Name John Kilpatrick

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB July 11, 1950. As of 2020, he is around 70 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Pastor John Kilpatrick is one of the leading pastors in America known, for the Brownsville Revival movement in Pensacola, Florida and his absolute faith in God.
  • Since the revival, Pastor John has not looked back and travels extensively throughout America spreading the word of God.
  • He also has a successful career as an author of books and other literature.
  • As a well-known Senior Pastor, John is a mentor to many Pastors joining the church.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • John keeps a lot of his personal details private and so it is not known when or where John was born.
  • John now lives in Donovan Landing, Baldwin County, Alabama.
  • Now married to his wife Brenda, Pastor John has a son called John Michael.
  • He calls himself an independent when it comes to politics.

Early Life and Education :

  • At the age of 12 John’s father left the family home.
  • Nothing is known of his actual education in the traditional sense.
  • Feeling that he needed discipline in his life, the pastor of his local church approached his mother asking her permission to take John into the church.
  • It was here at the age of 14 that John experienced the love of God and what the church can offer.
  • He was taught the scriptures and then had to teach them to those younger than him.
  • He treated the pastor that mentored him like a father.

John Kilpatrick Sermons, Work & Books :

  • In 1982, John took up the position of Pastor at the Brownville Pentecostal Church.
  • Frustrated by churches falling numbers, not only in his church but throughout America, he asked his congregation to pray for a revival.
  • Trying to increase numbers he changed the way that the services were run on a Sunday evening. He had ‘prayer banners’ so that people could go to an area of the church and pray for what they wanted, before finally coming together for communion.
  • It was 2 ½ years later on 18th June 1995, Fathers Day, that he experienced the revival.
  • He was in church with guest speaker evangelist Steve Hill and it was during Steve’s preaching that he felt the revival happening, he still speaks of it today.
  • From that moment on people flocked to the church; in 5 years 4 million people came through the doors to experience the revival for themselves.
  • In 1996, John Kilpatrick Ministries was formed and it was at this time that he began to travel throughout America to encourage pastors and congregations to pursue revival.
  • John is currently the senior pastor of the Church of his Presence in Daphne, Alabama which he founded.
  • You can hear Pastor John preach on various on-line streaming channels, podcasts and on God TV. He is also a successful author having written many books & you can also follow John on Facebook and Twitter.

Trivia & Fun Facts :

  • Height : Pastor John is 6 feet 3 inches tall.
  • Whilst traveling around the United States, John uses his own motor coach as he values his privacy.
  • On the day of the revival John did not want to go to his church. He was suffering from depression following the passing of his mother 5 weeks previously after nursing her through the last few months of her life. It was only the fact that he had to present a ‘Father of the Year’ award that made him go.
  • The Brownsville church has 122 missionary’s working around the world today.
  • John has recently had a bilateral knee replacement.
Marriage & Wedding / Wife / Spouse / Partner See above for details.

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